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Hi, I’m Robert. I co-started Complete Auto Glass several years ago with one of the best technician’s in town, Alfonso. Since then, we have far exceeded our initial goals and expectations. From our growing family here at Complete Auto Glass, Thank you for trusting your business to us. Also, a huge Thank you to all of our loyal accounts who have allowed us to be a part of their business. When we first partnered with our shops and dealers, we were viewed as just another glass company. I am very pleased and proud to let you know that now; we are the only glass company they choose to use!

Allow me to share some of the other feedback we have received about Complete Auto Glass: We have been told that we are always there when needed, that we deliver quality work, that our pricing is great and that our technicians’ attitudes and customer service are loved.

Nothing makes our Complete Auto Glass family feel better than to hear all these wonderful comments. For all these reasons, we will remain in business and will always strive to serve you, the customer.

Thank You.

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We have over 15 years of experience in the Auto Glass and Automotive Industry. All of our installations, customer service, and pricing situations have helped us become aware of what you, the consumer, needs and want. All of these experiences have allowed us to put together an Auto Glass Company for You. We want to make it fun, affordable and convenient without any hassles. We’ve found that our low prices and premium products have helped save you money and time while giving us many referrals and repeat customers.

This is a word of mouth industry. We appreciate any comments and reviews you could give us to help even more. (Where can you post a review? Easy! In the same search engine you found us on, log on to it and click: write review)

What you get with Complete Auto Glass:

When allowing us to install your auto glass, we give you a Complete Lifetime Warranty as well as Complete Free Mobile Service to your home or work. In addition, your first chip repair is on us when you purchase premium glass!

Why Premium Auto Glass:

Some consumers may think that glass is just glass when actually there are different types of glass. At Complete Auto Glass, we offer premium and aftermarket brands. With premium glass, you do get better (OEM) glass quality and at a great price. Premium glass seems able to withstand more rock impacts and lasts longer with fewer issues such as distortions or defects. This helps avoid the need of having to go out and replace or fix any issues you may have with an aftermarket piece of glass. And you’ll be happier with the longevity of it.

Why use the Mobile Service?

At Complete Auto Glass we offer the Complete Free Mobile service to your home or work. This is available only in the Denver Metro Area. Mobile service is more convenient to you because most installations take about 45 minutes to one hour in addition to the time you will need to allow for the urethane (glue) to safely cure. So if you are at home or work, you could take care of other pending items in your life without worrying about having to wait at a shop.

The urethane (glue) we use has a one hour safe drive time, but we still want you to allow it sit for at least two to three hours. Driving your vehicle right after the installation is unsafe and it can cause air pockets, air, and/or water leaks.

Where does Complete Auto Glass provide service?

We focus our mobile windshield repair service in Thornton, Westminster, Denver and surrounding areas. Clear bra services are provided in-house, so our focus is to serve those within our general vicinity, focussing mostly on Thornton, Federal Heights, Westminster, and Denver.