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Auto Glass Repair: Beyond the Windshield

glass repair

Laminated safety glass has been used in vehicles since 1927. It is created by fusing clear plastic film between layers of glass. This film holds onto broken glass, making it safer for the car’s occupants.

Unfortunately, many modern cars aren’t using laminated glass for things like sunroofs or side windows. Instead, they used tempered glass.

Tempered side windows are installed to make it easier to escape in case of an accident. The downside is, when tempered glass is broken by thieves or a natural cause, it makes a dangerous mess. A mess you need to take care of immediately.

To make the repair process easier on you, we’ve put together a quick guide to show how the glass repair process works.

Repairing a Shattered Sunroof

Spontaneous sunroof explosions are on the rise. Since 2011, reports of this problem have increased steadily due to panoramic sunroofs made with tempered glass.

If your car’s sunroof breaks, here six steps to fix it:

  1. Get somewhere safe – Shock from the ordeal can impair your judgment. Pull over or park in a safe location. Check yourself and passengers for injuries. If necessary, call for paramedics.
  2. Move the car – If you are lucky, you can safely drive to an auto glass repair show or your house. On the chance your car isn’t safe to drive, call in a tow truck to take it to the repair shop.
  3. Clean up the glass – Wearing thick gloves, carefully pick up the large pieces of glass. After it is removed, vacuum up the remaining glass.
  4. Cover the opening – If you’re at home, temporarily cover the opening until you can drive to a repair shop.
  5. Contact your insurance – Some policies cover all glass damage. Make sure you check so you know ahead of time how much the repair will cost.
  6. Schedule the repair – Contact a trusted repair shop to schedule an appointment.

Side Window Replacement

Side windows are a favorite target for thieves because they’re easy to break. Unfortunately for you, that means spending valuable time reporting what was stolen and getting the damaged window repaired.

What is the process to install a new side window? Here’s what you should expect when the technician shows up to repair the damage.

  • Inspection of the damage to make sure the window is the only broken part
  • Removal of the door panel to get to the remaining glass
  • Vacuuming up the broken glass in the door
  • Installation of a new window
  • Testing the new window to make sure it works
  • Re-install the door panel
  • Clean up of the glass inside your car

Let Us Help You With All Your Auto Glass Repair Needs

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