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Avoid the Stress of Driving with a Broken Rear Windshield


white car rear wipersDamage to your rear windshield can happen in a matter of just a few seconds and leave you with the stress of wondering what the next steps are in order to replace your window. Here at Complete Auto we are able to take care of your rear window placement needs. Your window replacement can ultimately be a simple, quick fix with the help of a qualified professional. Don’t stress or think that a back window replacement is costly or time consuming because it is not!

By choosing a rear window replacement immediately after the incident and damage, you will be eliminating the danger that comes with driving your vehicle in bad condition. Even a small crack can result in a larger problem when it spreads across the rest of the window. This creates a number of problems including loss of visibility and the chance that it could break out or completely shatter. When it comes time, don’t hesitate to do your research before choosing the right certified and insured auto technician to do the work.

What to Expect with a Rear Window Replacement

When receiving a rear window replacement your technician will first inspect the damage thoroughly in order to determine the best way to replace the glass on your specific car model. They will then remove the broken or damaged glass, clean the area to make sure there are no glass and debris on the car floor, and install your new rear window. Once the installation is complete your hired technician will make sure that all window functions work properly such as rear windshield wipers and defrost settings. To top it off, most companies will also do a cleaning of all the glass on your vehicle. 

What are the Benefits?

Safety should be your number one priority when driving on the road and scheduling your rear window replacement as soon as possible will ensure that you remain safe. Not only is getting your rear window replaced as easy as making a phone call, it’s also fast. Usually it can be repaired in just a few hours and some businesses may even come to you. The best benefit of hiring a professional to repair your window is that you will be receiving quality service that is insured to last. At Complete Auto, we make sure your window is installed correctly the first time. No worries or wondering if we did a satisfactory job because we always do the job right and take pride in that!

We’re Not Too Far Away

If you’re in a stressful situation where your safety is at risk and you need a rear window replacement, give us a call today to set up an appointment. We provide great customer service and repairs that are made to last. You will not be disappointed with our vast knowledge of auto repairs and our willingness to help you. Our technicians at Complete Auto are waiting to help you today!