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Different Windshields and Auto Glass Available in Colorado

technician replacing windshield

Windshields shelter occupants from wind and flying debris like dust, insects, and pebbles and provide aerodynamically shaped front glass. UV coatings can be used to protect against damaging ultraviolet rays. In the beginning, windshields were constructed of standard window glass, which resulted in catastrophic injuries after collisions. To prevent such dreadful injuries, stronger windshields were developed.


Modern, glued-in windshields contribute to the vehicle’s stiffness and capacity to avoid harm from sharp glass pieces. This has always been the driving force behind the improvements obtained throughout history. Almost all countries now require windshields to remain intact even if they are damaged or punctured by a substantial force.


A strip of black specks called a frit around the edge of the windshield protects the urethane sealant from UV in the sunshine—the darker edge transitions to a clear windshield with tiny dots to reduce thermal stress during production.


Now that we know a bit about the history of windshields, let us dive a bit deeper into what types of windshields and auto glasses are in the market and their several uses. If you want your windshield repaired, look no further than My Complete Autoglass. Learn more about our mobile auto glass repair in Denver.  

Table of Contents: 

  1. Why a Clean Windshield is Important

  2. Types of Windshield

  3. Types of Windshields / Auto Glass

  4. Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Repair in Thornton CO

Why a Clean Windshield is Important


Many owners place a premium on having a clean and appealing car. Maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle is just as vital as guaranteeing the safety of the passengers and others on the road. It is necessary to be conscious of the many changes in the car, such as the scent, appearance, and noise. 


A vehicle’s windshield is a critical component. A cracked or chipped windshield, for example, looks ugly and poses a safety risk. The windshield must be kept clean for a car to be safe to drive and provide a clear view of the road. Driving while needing an auto glass repair could result in a fine, depending on your local laws. Find out your state and city laws for cracked or chipped windshields that obstruct the driver’s view.  

A Clean Windshield for a Longer Lifespan


A clean windshield is always useful, whether the weather is sunny, windy, or wet. Keeping the windshield clean in all weather is critical since microscopic cracks or chips can harm a dirty one. During normal days, these fissures might grow into larger ones. The windshield will last longer if you clean it with a decent microfiber cloth and a good cleaning chemical. A well-kept windshield also keeps the value of the vehicle. Investing in your investment to take good care of it is like investing in your future self.  

Clear Visibility is Critical for Safety 


When driving on the road, visibility is critical. It is essential to have a good perspective while driving, whether it is during the day or at night. Cleaning the glass is not the only way to ensure clear sight; it is also good to look for microscopic cracks that might cause problems throughout the drive. If you see little cracks in your windshield, it is best to have it changed since preventing is always better than fixing it. Schedule your auto glass repair or windshield repair in Thornton with My Complete Autoglass today.  

A Windshield Acts as a Barrier Between You, the Automobile, and the Elements 


A windshield keeps external components such as dirt and road debris from the automobile. Outside dirt, pebbles, garbage, and other undesired items can readily enter the car and harm the occupants if the windshield is not correctly installed. In the same way, our body’s immune systems prevent outside agents from harming us, a car’s windshield protects both the automobile and its occupants. That is why having a properly fitting windshield is critical. Use glass cleaning shampoo to keep the windshield pristine by soaking up the dirt and keeping it clean.

Types of Windshields

Windshield Glass (Aftermarket) 


The ideas behind this type of automobile windshield are similar to those used in aftermarket vehicle electronics and accessories. Even though your car’s original manufacturer does not make aftermarket glass, it is generally high quality. 


The criteria for aftermarket windshield glass are comparable to those for the dealer or Original Equipment Manufacturer glass. On the other hand, the glass is assumed to be the “original equipment equivalent.” 


It’s either “off-brand” or “generic.” The disadvantage of using aftermarket glass is that you won’t know where it came from, and it usually does not come with a warranty.

Glass from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) 


Unlike aftermarket glass, OEM glass comes straight from your vehicle’s manufacturer. This implies it has been thoroughly tested for performance and safety in your vehicle. As a result, the components are validated to ensure that they are authentic. 


The OEM glass is always the same as the one that came with your vehicle. OEM glass or any other type of glass can be used to replace a shattered or cracked windshield. It makes no difference whether you replace an OEM glass with a different brand.

Dealer’s Glass 


This type of automotive windshield glass comes from the same manufacturer as OEM glass. According to windshield installation experts, the only difference is that dealer glass is promoted and sold under the windshield Types of Windshield Glass-installer or car repair’s brand. 


This means you may only buy a dealer glass from a car dealer that the manufacturer has approved to service your vehicle. It is made by the same OEM (original equipment manufacturer) that made the windshield glass in your car.


Types of Glasses Used on Windshields

Laminates Glass


Using laminated glass improves the car’s fuel economy. Because air conditioning uses a lot of gas, utilizing laminated glass reduces the time it takes for your vehicle to warm up and puts less pressure on the cooling system. According to recent experiments, employing laminated glass instead of conventional glass reduces the temperature by 6-7 degrees Celsius. The owner may also opt for an infrared coating on the glass, making parking your car in the sun even better. Better fuel economy means less effort for air conditioners.

Tempered Glass Windshields 


Tempered glass Windshields are made using a glass tempering process that consists of the glass sheet being heated to a specific temperature throughout this procedure. The glass is then quickly chilled using cold air. As a result of the continual expansion and contraction of the glass, the outer layer hardens, and the inner layer is induced with stress. Generally, this tempered glass is used to replace the back glass or the side windows.

 Solar Glass


 Driving in the sweltering heat may be converted into a pleasurable experience with Solar Glass placed on your vehicle. This futuristic glass creation is essentially a hybrid of solar technology and traditional window glass. If you are a person who is quickly bothered by the heat, installing solar glass might be the appropriate answer. Unlike conventional glass, solar glass comprises a specific substance that prevents heat transfer. The majority of these windows are comparable to their traditional counterparts in that they are transparent and let in the same amount of light.


They are distinguished by the fact that they do not allow damaging UV light, which is the energy emitted by the sun. An invisible coating is put on the glass before it is fitted on your automobile to achieve this. The permanent solar glass that comes with such a coating is built to last a lifetime. Installing such glass reduces heat absorption and improves insulation in your automobile, resulting in lower cooling costs. Another significant advantage of contemporary solar glass is that it aids in the reduction of fuel consumption and enhances the mileage of your vehicle.

Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Repair in Thornton CO


Whether you know the glass style you want to be used in your windshield repair or not, Complete Auto Glass is the company to call in Thornton, Colorado. Our mobile auto glass repair services come with a 100% guarantee at no extra charge and extend across the Denver metro area. 


Complete Auto Glass also has a team of claim specialists that will work directly with your auto insurance company for auto glass repairs with insurance claims. We strive for honesty in every interaction, with a quality of repair that matches the quality of customer service provided. Over the last 15 years, we have worked closely with dealerships, auto repair facilities, and individual car owners alike for all of their auto glass repair needs.  


Our highly trained team members will walk you through all of your options for your windshield repair and auto glass repairs. We believe in offering affordable rates for windshield repairs and auto glass repairs. Car trouble can strike anytime, and we will do our best to make you feel your auto glass repairs are taken care of from the first interaction.

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