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Five Steps for a Side Window Replacement

a group of friends inside a car ready to go on a vacation road tripWhether your window was damaged in an attempted theft, an auto collision, or another type of frustrating accident, we understand that having a broken side window is a total inconvenience that can evoke a lot of stress. Luckily, the professionals at Complete Auto Glass are experts at assessing window damage and making repairs, and we provide side window replacement services that save our clients stress, time, and money! Here is a brief overview of the steps we take when replacing a side window.

Side Window Replacement Steps

While cracked windshields can often be fixed without replacing the entire frame of glass, damaged side windows tend to require full replacements. This is because side windows (including door glass, quarter glass, and vent glass) are manufactured differently than front windshields. While front windshields are laminated, most side glass is tempered, causing it to shatter when hit with enough force.

  • Careful Inspection
    • First, we assess the damage. As said above, most side window damage necessitates a replacement. Our experts will carefully inspect the damage to see if there are any alternatives to a side window replacement, but it is likely that a replacement will need to occur.
  • Deconstruct
    • Next, we remove the door panel to access the glass still stuck in the window frame. We remove this cautiously to ensure that no further damage occurs.
  • Safety Measures
    • After removing all of the glass from the frame, we carefully and consciously make sure to clean the glass that has shattered into your car. Safety is our highest priority, and we don’t want an excess glass shards showing up once we have returned the car.
  • The Perfect Fit
    • Next, we measure the dimensions of the window, taking the model and make of the vehicle into account. The new side window is carefully fitted into the vehicle, and it is tested to make sure it functions properly.
  • The Finishing Touch
    • After the window has been fitted, we clean the interior of the window to give it a clean, finishing touch. We then replace the interior door panels so that the car looks good as new!

A Stress Free Experience

Whether it is a trusty Toyota truck, a brand new Jeep, or an old RV, the glass experts at Complete Auto Glass offer first rate services and a stress free experience. We strive to offer the most affordable prices in our service area. We help people take care of their vehicles without destroying their budgets! In addition, we go above and beyond by helping our customers fill out complicated insurance claims. With over fifteen years of experience and a commitment to excellence, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, there is no better auto glass company in Colorado. There is no need to suffer due to a shattered side window. Call us today to get the replacement process started!