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Hail Protection Tips For Your Vehicle

Hailstorms may not be the first type of natural disaster to come to mind. When it comes to sheer destruction, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes are more likely to be thought of. However, hailstorms can be remarkably damaging, especially here in Colorado. With the severe hailstorms that we receive as Coloradans, thousands of dollars in damage due to a single hailstorm isn’t unheard of. 

Unfortunately, hailstones can seriously damage all of your car’s surfaces. This includes the glass, hood, trunk lid, and roof of the car. To reduce your chance of needing Denver auto glass repairs, as well as other types of car repairs, follow these tips for protecting your car against hail. 

Check The Weather Before You Head Out. 

An easy way to avoid hail damage to your vehicle is to simply not go outside when it’s hailing. To avoid your odds of being out on the road when a hailstorm strikes, check the local weather report ahead of time. This will prevent you from being caught in a surprise hailstorm when you’re far from home (and covered parking). 

Before heading out to work or the grocery store, for example, check the weather forecast to see if hail is predicted. If so, ensure that you have a covered place to park. Or, if possible, hold off on heading out until the storm passes. 

Mobile weather alerts can also be a helpful tool to stay up-to-date on hailstorms. You can set up notifications on your phone so that it will inform you of any upcoming severe weather. This, again, can help you avoid getting stuck out on the road when hail is coming down.  

Look For Covered Parking.

Covered parking is your best form of protection against hailstorms. Especially here in Denver, where severe hailstorms are relatively common, make sure that you have covered parking for your vehicle at your home. If your home doesn’t provide garage access, a carport is a good alternative. This affordable addition to your home will offer covered parking for your vehicle to avoid costly hail damage repairs. 

If you’re away from home, scope out covered parking wherever you’re going. If your place of work doesn’t provide covered parking, consider parking garages that are nearby for days when hail is in the forecast. With your car safely in a parking garage, you can feel good knowing that you’re avoiding auto hail damage while you’re at the office. 

Consider Car Covers For Emergencies.

There are times when covered parking simply isn’t available during a hailstorm. For these scenarios, car covers can reduce the damage to your vehicle. Blankets or even your car mats can serve as a makeshift alternative – throw them over your car and secure them with duct tape to prevent dents and shattered auto glass. Car covers are specifically intended for this purpose and will provide better protection against hail damage. So, consider purchasing one and keeping it in the back of your car. In a pinch, you can pull it out and use it to shield your car against hailstones. 

Secure Insurance. 

Another tactic for protecting yourself against costly auto hail repairs is ensuring that you have comprehensive car insurance. A comprehensive car insurance policy generally offers protection against hail damage. If your car is damaged in a hailstorm, you can file a claim to receive compensation for the repair expenses. Hail damage can include shattered auto glass, cracked auto glass, dents, and more. With a comprehensive auto insurance policy, you likely won’t have to cover the full cost of repairing this damage. But, note that it’s important to file a hail damage claim with your insurance provider as soon as possible after the damage occurs. Doing so will give your claim the best possible chance for approval.

Auto liability insurance is the type of car insurance that’s required to drive in most U.S. states. It covers the cost of other drivers’ medical or property damage expenses in the case of an accident. However, it doesn’t cover damage to your car. So, with auto liability insurance alone, you’ll have to cover the full cost of any auto hail damage. 

At Complete Auto Glass, we offer worry-free auto insurance claims so that you don’t have to fret over submitting the claim for auto glass damage.