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Help! My Car Window Fell into the Door

If your car window has fallen into the door, you may be stuck wondering what to do. While driving with an open window is fun in the hot, summer months, it’s far from ideal in a Colorado snowstorm. Additionally, parking publicly with an open window puts you at risk for theft. 


Nonetheless, if you have a fallen car window, we’re here to help! Learn more about the reasons behind this common auto glass issue and what you can do to fix it below. 

Why Did My Car Window Fall Into The Door?

Your car window may have fallen into the door for a handful of reasons, including:

The Control Arm is Broken.

Control arms are a type of car part located on both the front and rear suspension. This part attaches the steering knuckle and wheel hub to the car frame. With control arms, the wheels of your vehicle can safely move up and down but will be stopped from moving forward and backward. Depending on the type of car, it may just use a lower control arm or a lower and upper control arm. 


If your car’s control arm breaks, it could cause damage to your car door windows. To identify this issue, you’ll need an auto repair expert to detach the door panel and address damaged parts. 

The Window Came Out of the Regulator. 

A window regulator is a mechanism that moves your car windows up and down. The regulators can be found inside of the car door panels and aren’t visible from the outside. 


Your car window can fall out of the regulator carriage and into the door. If this is the cause of your problem, the window motor will be audible when you press the button to lift the window into the upward position. In this case, the regulator will need to be repaired before the window can be raised. 

The Window Motor is Broken. 

Your car’s window mechanism is operated by a motor. That motor can short out, sometimes causing the window to get stuck down inside of the door. This issue generally will require repairs to your car’s side door(s). 

Car Window Repairs

If your car window fell into the door, your best option is to get it checked out by an auto glass expert. When it comes to this issue, parts of your car door and window mechanism could be broken and need repair.


It’s also worth noting that a car window repair shouldn’t be procrastinated. Especially with fluctuating Colorado weather, an unexpected rainstorm could seriously damage the interior of your car if one of the windows isn’t in place. Auto glass mobile service can ensure that your car window is repaired ASAP by bringing a skilled technician to you. Mobile service can fit into your busy schedule so that your car is safe for the road. 

Preparing For Professional Repairs

To repair your car door window, an auto glass technician will first pinpoint the root of the issue. To do so, they’ll start by checking the motor, control arms, and regulator for damage. The technician will also inspect the window’s power supply. The wiring, fuses, and relays will also need to be looked over for potential damage. 


The technician will explain the issue to you, as well as the extent of the problem and the needed repairs. From there, you can move forward with the repair process to get your car window back in place. 

Can I Fix My Car Door Window On My Own?

If you attempt to fix your car door window on your own, you could cause further damage. Or, if you achieve a quick fix on your own, the window could end up falling again and even shattering in the near future. So, rather than fixing the problem, an at-home fix could prolong the repair process. 

My Car Door Window Shattered: What Do I Do?

The glass in the side windows of your car is thicker than the glass at the front windshield. So, side window replacement is actually a common type of auto glass replacement. If your car window went one step further and shattered, needing complete replacement, contact your local auto glass repair experts.