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Impress your Friends with these Fun Facts about Autoglass

We’ve all been to a party where there’s that one friend who can list a bunch of interesting but random facts, they tend to be interesting people themselves. Although this list of facts is not only interesting at parties, but these auto glass facts are also interesting because they can help you learn more about the auto glass industry and the innovation behind auto glass. Since the begging of the industrial revolution, the auto glass industry has been advancing its technology in the construction and utility of auto glass for safe and worry free driving. 


Fact 1: Shatterproof auto glass was invented and patented by the French chemist Eduardo Benedictus in 1909.


Fact 2: Autoglass was originally made out of standard glass, which shatters upon impact with a foreign object. 


Fact 3: Ray Anderson patented controllable intermittent windshield wipers in 1923.


Fact 4: Damaged auto glass and windshield are the most filed insurance claims, and make up nearly 30% of all auto insurance claims!


Fact 5: Windshields allow for the proper deployment and positioning of your vehicles airbags. 


Fact 6: Windshields are so advanced now that they can filter harmful UV light, forecast the weather, and even give the driver directions. 


Fact 7: Auto glass on the sides of your vehicle are tempered, a process of heating the glass up to 1,100-degrees Fahrenheit and then cooling the auto glass down rapidly consequently increasing the strength of the auto glass. 


Fact 8: You can have night vision installed in your windshield. 


Fact 9: Laminated auto glass is coated with polyvinyl butyrate or PVB, this is what keeps your windshield from shattering. 


Fact 10: Prior to the modern windshield and the ability for Auto glass shops to repair it, if a driver’s windshield was damaged, the entire windshield would have to be replaced. 


Fact 11: A vehicle’s windshield contributes to 60% of the structural integrity of a car in the event of a roll-over, and 45% in the event of a front end collision. 


Fact 12: Motorbike windshields are typically made of acrylic plastic or high-impact polycarbonate. 


Fact 13: Henry Ford began using laminated glass on all his vehicles in 1913. 


Fact 14: Auto glass is shatter resistant due to the laminate barrier inserted between the two ply’s of glass. 


Fact 15: Auto Glass has the ability to have thermal conductors installed to heat your windshield and melt and ice that may collect during winter. 


Fact 16: You can reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your auto glass. 


Fact 17: Auto glass was used in World War 1 gas masks. 


Fact 18: Auto glass is now treated to filter out harmful ultraviolet sun rays that damage your eyes and the interior leather or fabric of your vehicle. 


Fact 19: There are four major different types of glass, there’s auto glass, tempered glass, flat glass, and laminated glass. 


Fact 20: Glass is made by mixing sand with lime and soda ash, the mixture is then brought to a very high temperature and after it cools, glass forms. 


Fact 21: Violet glass is produced by adding nickel oxide. 


Fact 22: When auto glass breaks its cracks spread at 3,000 mph!


Fact 23: Before glass was invented in the 17th Century, people used flattened animal horns for windows. 


Fact 24: Glass is not classified as a solid, it’s classified as an amorphous solid. 


Fact 25: The auto glass on your vehicle can take 1,000 years to decompose. 


Glass is amazing, especially auto glass, has revolutionized the world in ways beyond our comprehension. Glass has plenty of very helpful utilities like acting as a windshield which protects us from wind, bugs, and other elements in nature. Though eventually it gets damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced. So woo your friends and family with these interesting auto glass facts and make sure you keep your auto glass in top condition by routinely inspecting it for chips or cracks and having it repaired or replaced at My Complete Auto Glass!