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Improve your Visibility by Repairing or Replacing your Windshield

Your vehicle’s windshield is more than a pane of auto glass that protects you from the air stream moving past your car or other outside elements. It also contributes to keeping you safe in the untimely event of a crash, keeping you inside the vehicle and other projectiles from entering. If the integrity of your windshield is compromised your windshield’s primary safety function will fail. Not only does the auto glass of your vehicle keep you in and keep the elements of nature out, it also absorbs any type of unexpected impact because your vehicle’s auto glass provides 60% of vehicle structural strength. So always make sure you have all the auto glass on your vehicle in good condition to keep you and your family safe. 


As humans, we all use our vision to drive. The auto glass on your vehicle, especially your windshield, acts like the cornea of your own eye. They protect and keep your vision unobstructed by acting as a protective layer. Getting your auto glass repaired or replaced is like cleaning debris out of your eye so you can see better. Even if your windshield or auto glass only has a small crack, slight changes in temperature can increase the size of the crack but also has a serious impact on your safety. 


Your vehicle’s windshield also plays a paramount role in passenger airbag deployment, when the front airbag is activated in an accident, it bounces off the windshield first to absorb its initial impact so it’s less likely to cause the driver or passenger serious injury. If your windshield is damaged, the airbag will shatter the vehicle’s windshield which could cause the driver and passengers serious injury. 

Lastly, it is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield that inhibits your vision as the driver. As mentioned above, a small crack in your vehicle’s auto glass, even if it’s on the passenger side, can grow exponentially if the auto glass is not repaired or replaced with haste. 


Repairing a Chipped or Cracked Windshield


  • Due to the laminate properties of the windshield, a stone-chip and/ or cracks can be easily repaired. The factors that influence the feasibility of repairing your windshield are size, depth, and the location of the damage. If the size of the crack is equal to or less than 2.4” your windshield will be able to be repaired. 


  • Depending on the type of crack in your windshield, it may qualify for repair. Crack chips, dings, pits, linear cracks, circular bullseyes, pits, and star-shaped breaks are able to be repaired. 


  • Depending on the location of the windshield damage, your vehicle’s windshield may not be able to be repaired. If the windshield damage is on the inside of the windshield, deep damage on both layers of glass due to solar absorption, complex multiple cracks, cracks 18” – 24” long, edge cracks, contaminated cracks, or damage over the rain sensor or internal radio antenna. 


  • When a cracked windshield repair is performed air is removed using a specified vacuum injection pump. This injection pumps the clear resin into the windshield crack and seals it. The damaged area’s strength is restored and will regain 90-95% clarity of your auto glass. 


  • The easiest way to find out if your windshield can be repaired without having to be replaced is to call Complete Auto Glass Repair to have your windshield inspected today, windshield replacements can typically be performed in less than an hour.