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New Technologies and Innovations in the World of Car Windshields and Beyond

There is no industry that has been untouched by the rapid change in technology our society has seen. It seems that it accelerates every second and with every passing year, new ways of looking at the world and new ways of interacting with our world have come about. The auto industry has had its fair share of technological advancements and innovations and you might be surprised to know that there has been a lot of innovation in the field of windshield technology as well. Let’s take a look at some important auto technologies and how they affect the way we drive.

A Window is a Window Right?

Not exactly and certainly not when it comes to car windshields. From your front window, to your sunroof, to your side windows, and rear, every pane has a different purposes, therefore a different composition, features, and technologies. Even from older models, like your dad’s favorite 70’s jaguar to your grandson’s 2019 Mustang, the difference in quality and technology is pretty clear.

Common Technologies—Windshield and Beyond

Today’s windshields are not composed of simple glass. Many are jammed packed with a lot of different materials that allow them to fulfill the job more effectively. All of these advancements are aimed at the same purpose: to keep you safe behind the wheel. Some new windshield innovations include:

  • Rain sensors. These sensors will protect your windows from rain. These sensors work by identifying how many rain droplets are on your car window and turning on the wipers automatically.
  • ADA system. This refers to your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are a variety of safety systems that work together to alert drivers of possible dangers on the roads. It helps people avoid collisions with adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance systems, smart-phone connections, automatic braking and more. There are also adaptive headlights and automatic parking that helps you park into tricky spacing situations.
  • Night vision. This sounds like something out of a movie! If you’ve ever driven down a country road at night and worried about that deer  or animal emerging out of the darkness. There are infrared thermal sensors that are typically mounted on the vehicles grille and display images in the screen in the center console or dashboard.

The Latest Advancements and Innovations

People like Elon Musk, engineer and CEO of Tesla, have been leading in the way in the automation technology of some high-end vehicles. Here are some examples that you may be surprised to find out about:

  • Panoramic windshields: This is a large extended windshield that spans almost the whole front of the car and thus allows for more visibility. It stretches out overhead the driver and the passenger for uninhibited visibility.
  • Electrochromic glass: This is also known as ‘smart glass.’ Smart glass allows the driver to control the amount of sunlight that comes in through the window. The glass is composed of special solar films inserted between layers of the windshield.
  • Heated windshields: Some car brands have already released models with heated front windshields. This allows the glass to defrost and defog faster than normal and without the marked lines that often appear.

A Happy Windshield Makes for Happy Drivers!

Whether your vehicle has heated windshields, rain sensors, or special features, it still has a windshield that is key to your driving and allows you to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.  Here at Complete Auto Glass we are dedicated to the safety and longevity of your glass. Without a safe and sturdy windshield, you would be easily at risk after any minor crash or collision. Today’s windshields are trying to do their job much better and ensure that driving is ever more convenient, safe, and fun.