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OEM Glass vs. Aftermarket Glass

You never know when an accident may happen and you will need to replace the glass in your car.


If you need to replace the glass on your windshield, make sure you do your research and find what works best for your car.


Right now, two popular choices for windshield replacements are OEM or Aftermarket glass, both of which have many benefits and could be a good choice for your car.


OEM Glass


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass is one of the popular choices when replacing windshield glass in your car. This is an auto glass made by the same manufacturer that made the glass for your old windshield, meaning you should get a windshield almost identical to the original one your car had.


This is a safe choice when picking glass for your car because you know ahead of time it will work well with your car and provide the results you need. If you ever find yourself needing a replacement almost identical to the original, go with OEM glass to ensure you get the best results and what you need most for your car.


Make sure you check the OEM glass before purchasing so you get the correct brand and not a knock-off of your original glass. Your car’s brand will have a certain logo on the OEM glass to stand out and make it clear it’s meant for cars like yours.


Aftermarket Glass


Unlike OEM glass, Aftermarket glass is made by a company different from your car’s original manufacturer. This can be made by some other OEM line, but just not one that specifically sells glass for your car.


This type of glass is still reliable, but its effectiveness can vary based on how much it is like your original glass. If you need to pay for a replacement out-of-pocket, Aftermarket is going to be cheaper from OEM glass, but it may not provide the same results.


There is no general consensus in the auto glass industry on what type of glass is best, so make sure to talk to an auto glass professional to find out what will be best for you and your car.