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Types of Auto Glass Damage That Requires Professional Repair


Broken windshield with red car in background

If you stop and think about it, it should come as no surprise that there are different kinds of auto glass damage you can suffer in the Denver, Colorado area. There are various kinds of chips and cracks that can ruin your windshield eventually most of this kind of damage comes from small rocks that get picked up and flung from other car’s tires. Here are some common types of auto glass damage and how they affect the quality of your vehicle.

Auto Glass Chips

professional cleaning windshield with crack in itThis is the smallest kind of auto glass damage that you’ll find in Colorado and other parts of the United States. Because there is usually a clear chip taken right out of the windshield by a rock or small stone, the usual repair method is what’s called a chip repair. Many drivers who have an auto glass issue that is only the size of a small chip tends to ignore it but this can be at their own peril since even the smallest chip can feather out and become a larger crack necessitating the whole windshield to be replaced soon.

Cracks That Need Immediate Repair

There are many different types of cracks your auto glass can undergo and most of them require that the entire windshield be replaced. Sometimes a crack can begin at the edge of the windshield, an edge crack is usually quite long and can be as much as 10 to 12 inches in length. This can easily threaten the quality of your remaining glass, weakening the entire surface.

One of the other issues with glass damage to your vehicle is called a stress crack. These usually form with windshields that are older. If you live in an area that has hot sun for a large portion of the year and turn on the air conditioning quite frequently, this type of stress crack can occur over time. Keeping your auto glass in excellent shape is a safety feature in the Denver area and all over that should be maintained.  Contact Complete Auto Glass today for more information!