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How to Deal With a Broken Car Window

There are few things as infuriating as walking out to your beautiful car and seeing shards of glass where your window used to be.

Whether it was a thief, hail, or just a random rock, you know have to deal with a broken car window.

Keep reading to find out how to safely put a temporary cover over your window so you can get to a garage for a permanent repair.

Carefully Remove the Broken Glass

The first step when dealing with any broken glass is always personal protective equipment. Put on a sturdy long sleeve shirt, a pair of leather work gloves, and close-toed shoes.

Depending on how your window broke you may have glass both inside and outside your vehicle. Start by sweeping the pieces outside your car into a thick contractor-style trash bag.

Open your door carefully, watching out for any falling glass. Use your gloved hands to gather up as many pieces as you can, putting them safely in the trash bag.

Get a shop vac or other heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and run over every surface near the window. It helps remove any small pieces of glass you may have missed.

Now you’re ready to cover it up.

Temporarily Cover Your Broken Car Window

Gather up your repair materials. We recommend you use heavy-duty clear plastic sheeting and strong tape. There are way too many cars rolling down the road with black trash bags or other opaque covers on a shattered car window.

You also need to thoroughly clean the area around the broken window to create a good seal. Once you’ve got all the dust and other road debris off, you’re ready to start cutting and taping.

This works best with two people. Have one person hold the sheeting up to the window and cut around it. Leave at least a two- to four-inch gap around the edges.

Hold the sheeting in place and start taping it down around the window. Make sure the plastic is as taut as you can get it. Any slack will flap around in the wind and make loud noises.

Once it’s secured, do another pass with the tape, resealing every edge so you know it’s secure. You can also add another layer of plastic if you know it will be a few days before you can take it in for repair.

Be Cautious While Driving

A temporary cover is just that, temporary. A plastic-covered window significantly reduces your visibility and can become a major safety hazard.

It can also make your car very warm or very cold depending on outside conditions. In some freezing climates, it may not be safe to drive your car over any distance until you get the window replaced.

Depending on your jurisdiction, it may also be a ticketable offense to drive with a broken side window. 

Take It In for Repair ASAP

When dealing with a broken car window it’s better not to take any risks. This is especially true if the damage is to your windshield.

Contact us today to learn more about our competitively priced window and windshield repair services.