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Does Car Insurance Cover My Car Window Replacement?

Are you unlucky enough to have had your car window cracked with a rock or destroyed in an accident? If so, you might wonder if your insurance company will cover car window replacement or at least a basic repair.

Ultimately, it comes down to what level of coverage you have and what caused the damage. In some cases, you may pay nothing or only have to pay a deductible. But you’ll still need to determine if you’d pay more than you would without filing a claim.

Read on to learn about car insurance coverage for car window replacement to decide how to proceed.

Knowing When You’re Covered

The best way to find out if your insurance will pay for car window or windshield repair is to check your policy documents. 

When you need a car window replacement due to an accident, you’re likely covered both for the window damage and other problems that your car faces. That’s because each driver should legally have property damage liability insurance, and your collision coverage handles any damage caused by hitting something.

However, you’ll need comprehensive auto insurance for other common causes of car window damage that don’t stem from a car accident. This includes such damage due to hail, rocks, storm damage and theft. 

You should also check if you have any full glass coverage or an exclusion to the deductible for car window repairs. If so, you could be covered completely and not even have to pay anything to get your window fixed. Individual insurance companies along with state laws can make such options available.

Deciding Whether to File a Claim

Even if your policy covers car window damage, know that filing an insurance claim just for that issue may not always be the best idea financially if you do have a deductible to pay.

If you have a very high deductible, you might find that paying out of pocket saves you money. For example, consider that you have a $1,000 deductible for your insurance yet the repair will only cost $350. You’d save $650 if you just paid for it yourself!

Using auto repair financing is also an option if you want to avoid filing an insurance claim simply for a broken window. You could consider using a credit card that you’ll pay off over the next few weeks for a low-cost auto window repair or replacement. A personal loan can give you a better interest rate and offer a set term that works for you.

In any case, always get a quote first since your car window repair might cost much less than you think!

Learn More About Car Window Replacement Today

Whether your insurance will cover it or not, avoid putting off car window replacement or repair

We make it easy when it comes to handling any insurance claim and can have your car window fixed quickly so you can get back to your daily life. We’ll also provide information about auto glass repair pricing so you can find an option that you can afford.

Contact us today to get started with your car window replacement!

Reasons to Not Put Off Your Windshield Repair

Severe damage to a windshield caused by a heavy hail storm

Everyone has had that repair job that they just want to put off. Maybe the garage door is acting funny, or your dishwasher has been making a weird noise every now and again. While some projects can definitely wait a while, getting your windshield repaired should never be put off. We at Complete Auto Glass have seen the perils of putting off glass repair for many years. Here are just some of the reasons why getting your windshield fixed now is the best option for your safety and your wallet. 

A Tiny Crack Can Become A Big Problem

Tiny cracks in your windows can be the worst, but it can always get bigger and bigger, which means more and more money to fix it. Small cracks can become larger over time for a number of reasons—debris like rocks and sticks, wind pressure from high speeds, or bumpy and rocky roads making the car vibrate or shake. Cracks make the glass less sturdy, and bigger cracks will form from ones that may look benign. Don’t let those cracks grow, bring your car over today.

Cracks Make Accidents Much More Dangerous 

Having a cracked windshield can make driving exponentially more dangerous. Large cracks that impair vision can lead to accidents, and those accidents may be even worse with a bad windshield. Incidents where an intact windshield would have stayed intact may be drastically different with a cracked windshield, and that can lead to major injuries or even worse. The windshield plays a big role in keeping you from a frontal ejection, and can even make the airbag deployment malfunction as well. The hospital bills from the accident will certainly be much higher than the price of your windshield repair, so don’t put off your glass repair any longer. Federal guidelines require no cracks in the windshield wiper area, so leaving cracks there may result in getting pulled over and getting a ticket as well. Instead of paying thousands and thousands on hospital bills and traffic tickets, let us repair your glass and give you the peace of mind to enjoy the road.

Complete Auto Glass cares about all the drivers in Denver, and we pride ourselves on the work we do for our customers. Call us today or come visit us to find out what we can do for your windshield today! 


New Technologies and Innovations in the World of Car Windshields and Beyond

There is no industry that has been untouched by the rapid change in technology our society has seen. It seems that it accelerates every second and with every passing year, new ways of looking at the world and new ways of interacting with our world have come about. The auto industry has had its fair share of technological advancements and innovations and you might be surprised to know that there has been a lot of innovation in the field of windshield technology as well. Let’s take a look at some important auto technologies and how they affect the way we drive.

A Window is a Window Right?

Not exactly and certainly not when it comes to car windshields. From your front window, to your sunroof, to your side windows, and rear, every pane has a different purposes, therefore a different composition, features, and technologies. Even from older models, like your dad’s favorite 70’s jaguar to your grandson’s 2019 Mustang, the difference in quality and technology is pretty clear.

Common Technologies—Windshield and Beyond

Today’s windshields are not composed of simple glass. Many are jammed packed with a lot of different materials that allow them to fulfill the job more effectively. All of these advancements are aimed at the same purpose: to keep you safe behind the wheel. Some new windshield innovations include:

The Latest Advancements and Innovations

People like Elon Musk, engineer and CEO of Tesla, have been leading in the way in the automation technology of some high-end vehicles. Here are some examples that you may be surprised to find out about:

A Happy Windshield Makes for Happy Drivers!

Whether your vehicle has heated windshields, rain sensors, or special features, it still has a windshield that is key to your driving and allows you to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.  Here at Complete Auto Glass we are dedicated to the safety and longevity of your glass. Without a safe and sturdy windshield, you would be easily at risk after any minor crash or collision. Today’s windshields are trying to do their job much better and ensure that driving is ever more convenient, safe, and fun.


Why You Should Care About Car Window Replacement

broken car windowMost drivers often forget the truth about cars. Since they’re machines, they require constant upkeep and maintenance. As time goes on and new cars go on the market, new technology and mechanics are implemented in order for vehicles to be as reliable and efficient as possible. Although this continues to happen, cars are machines and machines need to be looked after. Even the less mechanical aspects of cars need maintenance. Take your car’s windows, for example. Their only purpose isn’t to simply let some fresh air in from time to time. If your car’s windows are damaged, car window replacement services might be necessary. Complete Auto Glass is ready to help.

The Truth About Car Windows

Although car windows serve an aesthetic, superficial purpose, they also provide immutable safety assistance to drivers and their passengers. Car windows may look like any other type of glass window but, in reality, they’re much more. Your car’s windows are made of tempered glass which means that, by heating the glass to up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes much stronger and resilient than regular glass. Tempered glass also shatters differently than regular glass. If a regular piece of glass breaks, sharp and jagged pieces will take flight. Imagine if car windows shattered like regular glass, it’d be incredibly dangerous!

Car windows are designed to shatter differently. If a rock or other flying projectile hits a car window, the window will shatter but it will remain in place. This is why broken windows look more like a mosaic or stained glass when they receive damage. Regardless, in the event of damage, the vehicle’s passengers will be safe from flying blades of glass.

Car Window Replacement Is Necessary

Although car windows are designed to shatter responsibly, they must be replaced once the damage is done. Car windows are fallible. If they’re damaged, the next time they receive damage will not yield safe results. On top of that, a damaged window will become unusable. There are instances in which a car window may simply require repairs but there are other instances in which a total replacement will be necessary. It all depends on the state of your vehicle.

Seeking Car Window Replacement Assistance

When it comes to cars, they need to be as safe as possible. Whether is engine trouble or a shattered window, you need to take care of it as quickly as possible. For car window replacement assistance, contact Complete Auto Glass today.

Which Car Models are More Likely to Need Car Window Repair?


Young Male Mechanic Holding Lockpicker To Open Red Car DoorWhen looking for your next car in Denver, you should consider which ones are most likely to need a car window repair. While all cars are valuable, some have been statistically proven to be broken into more often. Whether you are looking for a new vehicle or curious about your vehicle’s status, it is information worth knowing. Here at Complete Auto Glass, we have seen a large variety of broken car windows. Here is a list of models we see the most of in our business.


Models that need Car Window Repair

In a variety of studies, the vehicles most likely to be broken into is the Honda Accord and Honda Civic. This is because out of all the sedans in the market, Honda is the most popular in the United States. For a thief, this means they can steal a Honda have a high chance of selling it for parts.  For you, it means a car window repair and the loss of hundreds of dollars in stolen items.  Another commonly broken into vehicle is the Ford F-150 truck. As a conventional vehicle for off-roading and city life, the F-150 is a highly sought after truck for thieves.


Avoiding a Break-InThe active roles in windshield repair

While having a popular car is a common reason to have your vehicle broken into, there are others. When you park your car in the city, always find parking that is well lit and with other vehicles. Many thieves avoid breaking into cars under well-lit spaces. Another thing you can do is put away items of value when you park your car in the city or home driveway. This is not limited to electronics but includes pieces of mail where thieves can steal your identity.

If you need a car window repair in Denver because of a break-in, it may be because of your vehicle. When making your next purchase, it is worth knowing the most commonly stolen vehicles in your area. At Complete Auto Glass, we want you and your vehicle to be safe and secure. More importantly, without worrying about a future car window repair. Contact us today!

The Dangers of Not Replacing a Car Window

car mechanic inside a car as he does car window replacement Getting a car window replacement in Denver is important to do urgently.  Car windows are broken daily either because of debris from the road or a break-in. Regardless, it is too dangerous to drive around with a broken window. At Complete Auto Glass, we know these dangers well, and we want you to avoid them. Our mobile team can replace your glass from the comfort of your home or office.

Tarp Can Hinder Visibility

A common solution to a broken car window is temporarily placing a tarp or cardboard over it. While this will stop the wind from entering your vehicle, it is hardly an effective car window replacement for a window. The lack of visibility in this area will increase your blindspot and cause an accident. One of the biggest threats to this solution is that often enough, people will use it for too long. This means whatever is holding up the tarp or cardboard will likely wear out. This could lead to the tarp eventually breaking and blowing into your vehicle. This will block your line of sight and cause a major accident.

Postponing Car Window Replacement   

One of the most common reasons for a car window replacement is because of a break-in attempt. While a window will not stop a person with the tools to break glass, a tarp or piece of cardboard will do even less. With only a thin bag or cardboard, anybody can break into your vehicle and take anything of value including the car. Another problem with not replacing your vehicles window is the exposure to natural elements. With a replacement, you are more vulnerable to extreme heat and cold depending on the time of year. Not only is this uncomfortable but this will damage your vehicles interior if left exposed. If for any reason, rain or snow enters your vehicle, you are looking at an expensive repair.a car with a severely damaged and destroyed windshield

Get Car Window Replacement Now!

In Denver, there is no reason not to have a car window replacement after a break-in or crack. This puts you and those around you at great risk. At Complete Auto Glass, we want our clients to drive as safely as possible. We can help you find out how we can replace your glass at your home or place of business. So, contact Complete Auto Glass today. We’ll replace your car’s window in a complete and convenient manner. 

Rear Window Replacement for Unfortunate Events

rear window replacement in denver coHaving a tree fall on the back of your vehicle may sound like absurd odds, however, living in the Denver area can make these odds more likely, so knowing where to get rear window replacement is necessary! When your rear window becomes shattered, the broken panes of glass can easily impair your visibility and make it hard for you to change lanes or see what cars behind you are doing.  It is also difficult, if not impossible, to pass inspection after a damage such as this occurs. You do not want to take the risk of having an accident or incurring a fine for not replacing your window right away.

Make the Replacement Quickly

Since you need a car window replacement before your vehicle will be operational again, time is of the essence. A repair such as this cannot wait or be put off for very long, the sooner you replace a shattered back window, the sooner you can have your life return to normal and not have to make alternative plans for transportation. You want to find a company that offers auto glass repair done quickly so you can get the car fixed up and back to work again before you find yourself in a situation where you need a vehicle but do not have one.

Reliability is Everything

You also do not want to deal with any problems once your rear window replacement is done, so finding a company that works fast is not the only thing you are going to need to look for- you also need reliability. Restoring the value of your vehicle depends mostly on the reliability and quality of the company you choose to entrust with your repair. If a repair company does not do a thorough job replacing your shattered window, then that window becomes more likely to shatter again or have other problems associated with a less-than-perfect repair job.

Fortunately,when you contact Complete Auto Glass, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the best repair hands in the area. Complete Auto Glass has long been in the business of fixing front, side, and rear windows and windshields on vehicles throughout Denver and surrounding areas.  We have 15 years of experience and we have developed trust among a wide client base. We care about our customers and we make sure that we offer affordable service, assistance with insurance claims, and reliable repairs. Contact us to learn more.


Can’t Get Those Car Windows to Work? We Provide Car Window Replacement!

car-window-replacement, Thornton-CO, Denver-CO

When your window will no longer go up in your vehicle, car window replacement becomes a necessity. You cannot just deal with being in a car that has a window that is stuck down, because it can be dangerous to be in such a vehicle.  You need to act and get repairs or replacement underway, especially in the winter weather that Denver and Thornton experience.


Keep Your Passengers Safe With Car Window Replacement

When it is cold outside, it could become too chilly to be in your car with a window stuck down. Kids and pets who need to ride with you could be in danger of falling out of a window that won’t go up, while occupants of the vehicle could be at risk of debris flying in the open window and causing damage. Complete Auto Glass provides trusted auto glass repairs and replacements so you can keep your car safe and warm for all your passengers.


Stay Responsible When Driving

Car window replacement is going to prevent these and other risks that occur as a result of a window that will not go up.  Getting your window repaired in a timely manner is better than trying a makeshift solution like taping plastic over the window, because you need to look out your windows to be able to effectively see what others are doing around you.  You should not hesitate to contact a professional company that can offer you car window repair when you need it so you can keep your car safe and operational.


Trusted and Professional Car Window Replacement

Complete Auto Glass is a trusted provider of replacement windows and we are here to help make sure you get your new window fast.  We provide timely service because we know that motorists cannot be without their cars for a lengthy period of time. Not only do we offer car window replacement done quickly, but we also make sure that it is done right and that it is done for an affordable price.
When you need us to replace your automatic or manual window that wont go up any more, well work with you to get the job done. To learn more about car window replacement and to schedule your appointment, contact Complete Auto Glass today.