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Why a Car Windshield Crack Can’t Wait

You’re driving down the road. Everything’s fine…until a giant rock gets kicked up by the car in front of you and busts a crack your windshield. 

Your initial thought is that you have to get this thing fixed immediately. But then you drive home, lay down on the couch, and forget all about it. 

The next day you get in your car and you notice the car windshield crack from the day before. Only, this time, it doesn’t look so bad. In fact, you’re starting to think that repair is unnecessary. 

After all, you can still see the road. You should be golden, right? Not necessarily. 

The truth of the matter is that windshield cracks are unpredictable. What looks like a harmless crack now could turn into a legitimate problem over time, not only by impairing your vision but by causing your windshield to shatter. As such, when a windshield incurs a crack, it should be fixed as soon as possible.  

Which Cracks are the Most Troubling?

While all windshield cracks should be repaired in a timely manner, some are more troubling than others. The types of cracks that are most concerning are the following. 

Edge Cracks

Edge cracks are cracks that form either on the very edges of a windshield or within 2 inches of the windshield’s edges. These cracks are dangerous because they impair the structural stability of the windshield as a whole. While they may appear harmless momentarily, they could suffer increased damage over time, causing the windshield to shatter entirely. 

Cracks in Your Line of Sight

Another type of crack that’s troubling is a crack that’s in your line of sight. While you may think that it won’t impair your vision, you never know what might happen when you’re moving at high speeds. You need to remain ever-vigilant while on the road and a crack in your line of sight could easily prevent you from doing so. 

Long Cracks

As you might expect, long cracks are more troubling than short cracks, especially if they exceed 3 inches in length. The longer the crack, the greater chance it has of growing and shattering over time. 

Wide Cracks

Wide cracks are just as troubling as long cracks. And if they consist of several microcracks, they’re even more troubling. Generally speaking, if you can feel the seam of the crack with your fingernail, you need to have your windshield repaired or replaced immediately. 

Looking for Car Windshield Crack Repair in Thornton, CO?

As you can clearly see, driving with a crack in your windshield is a bad idea. In doing so, you’re not only impairing your driving vision but leaving yourself vulnerable to dangerous shattering. 

Looking for car windshield crack repair in Thorton, CO? If so, we here at Complete Auto Glass are the people to see. Regardless of the extent of your damage, we can help you. 

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