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Why Your Windshield May Be Forming Cracks

Long crack stretching across a vehicle's windshield.

Most people can admit that they take their car for granted, more specifically the windshield and auto glass. Without these key features of our vehicles, we would not be able to drive around as safely and comfortably as we normally do. No one becomes too concerned about their windshield until cracks become noticeable and grow faster than the time it takes to contact an auto glass technician. Are you unsure as to how these cracks suddenly appear on the surface of your windshield? We’ve provided some of the most common causes that can create damage to your auto glass. 


Change In Temperature

When you’re washing the dishes, have your parents ever told you to let a warm glass cool before rinsing it in cold water or vice versa? There’s a reason behind the madness. Extreme and drastic changes in the temperature can create stress cracks in the glass and that also applies to your windshield. Allowing for your vehicle to ease into changes of temperature (if possible) is encouraged if you want to avoid stress cracks.


Changes in Pressure 

Just like changes in temperature, pressure (such as wind pressure) can bring stress cracks to your windshield. For example, if your car just so happens to be in close proximity to an explosion, shockwaves can rapidly alter the atmospheric zone of pressure throughout a large radius. Pressure changes such as these are capable enough to blow out, or at the very least, cause definite cracks in your windshield. 


Weak Structure and Installation

Windshields are not only intended to protect you, but they also play a vital role in supporting the roof, especially in the case that your car might roll over in an accident. Another function of the windshield you might be unaware of is that they protect you from the impact of airbags beyond deployment. If a windshield is installed with uneven pressure and a weak build, your windshield is highly likely to form cracks. With the formation of cracks, your safety is more at risk while you are on the road. 


Complete Auto Glass Cares

Here at Complete Auto Glass, we specialize in professional installation of high-quality windshield glass. We care about how safely you commute from point A to point B, and safety involves well-manufactured auto glass! Contact us today to learn about our replacement and repair services.