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Dealing with Rear Window Replacement & Damage in Hail Alley

Colorado is a thriving state, with 5.6 million people and a surging population since 2000. It is home to great beauty, a diverse population,  the majestic Rocky Mountains—Mt. Elbert, Sierra Blanca, and more—and four very defined seasons. It is in the colder months, of course, that Colorado forms part of the famous Hail Alley, where it can see up to four major hail storms per season. Many people will see major damage to cars and windows. It is not uncommon to see a great demand for rear window replacement and other damage due to these severe storms.

According to some meteorologists, seventy percent of all storm-related damage in the United States is caused by hail each year. Colorado, Nebraska,  and Wyoming form what meteorologists have often called “hail alley.” The typical season in Colorado will run from mid-April to mid-August. And what causes these hail storms? According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, the area sees a lot of hail because the freezing levels in the high plains are much closer to the ground than they are at sea level.  Hail forms when these thunderstorms have strong updrafts and the freezing levels are in a lower height.

Rising Costs in Colorado

Hail damage is a stark reality in the state. An August 2018 report suggested that costs associated with hail damage had risen this year and exceeded $10 million dollars. Many people might attribute this to more storms, but the data doesn’t necessarily show a rise in storms. Instead, part of the main reason why there is a rise in costs is the number of people in the state. In other words, it’s not that there are more storms happening in Colorado, but that there are more people and therefore more property and more vehicles that get hit. The population of Colorado has shot up by 1.3 million people since the year 2000. The state trailed Texas for the number of hail-related insurance claims.

Because of these hailstorms, we see a lot of windshield damage, rear window cracks, and broken windows. Many times this will lead someone to rear window replacement. Replacing your rear window is just as important and requires the right kind of auto technicians for proper inspection and installation.

Choose Complete Auto Glass

Whether you are looking to get rear window replacement or any other kind of glass damage, Complete Auto Glass can get your vehicle back in gear. From a small chip in the glass to full window replacement, our experienced auto techs will have things back to normal quickly and efficiently.


I Need Auto Glass Replacement- Where Do I Go?

auto glass replacement worker holding a windshield glass in front of his body

If you’re looking for auto glass replacement for any part of your vehicle, one of the first things that you’ll want to be sure of is the company you’re giving the business to is confident in its ability to deliver the results you want. The question is: “How do I find out if the company is competent and trustworthy enough to handle such an important job?” Complete Auto Glass understands all of your concerns about auto glass replacement in Thornton, Colorado and we are happy to share a few ideas.

Auto Glass Replacement for the Modern World

In today’s modern world of business, the first place you should look for a confident auto glass replacement company is online. Remember that the website is today’s modern business card. This means that a company wants to put their best foot forward with one of these. If you can look at the landing page on the website and find out that a company is willing to work on all makes and models of car,  you can safely assume they have a certain confidence about what it is they do.

Excellency in Customer Service auto glass service person working on the glass of a car with a tool

Customer service is a very important part of the features that you should be looking for. Auto glass replacement in Colorado needs to meet these standards. It is also important to keep up with the weather changes and provide mobile service that can deliver repair on site where you are. We do just that by providing service to any nearby location where you’ve damaged your auto glass.

Contact the Professionals

It’s not all that hard to find excellent auto glass replacement in the Colorado area if you can contact Complete Auto Glass. Our company is confident in our ability to fix any and all of your windshield issues. We love to serve the drivers of Thornton, CO. So, contact us today!

Types of Auto Glass Damage That Requires Professional Repair


Broken windshield with red car in background

If you stop and think about it, it should come as no surprise that there are different kinds of auto glass damage you can suffer in the Denver, Colorado area. There are various kinds of chips and cracks that can ruin your windshield eventually most of this kind of damage comes from small rocks that get picked up and flung from other car’s tires. Here are some common types of auto glass damage and how they affect the quality of your vehicle.

Auto Glass Chips

professional cleaning windshield with crack in itThis is the smallest kind of auto glass damage that you’ll find in Colorado and other parts of the United States. Because there is usually a clear chip taken right out of the windshield by a rock or small stone, the usual repair method is what’s called a chip repair. Many drivers who have an auto glass issue that is only the size of a small chip tends to ignore it but this can be at their own peril since even the smallest chip can feather out and become a larger crack necessitating the whole windshield to be replaced soon.

Cracks That Need Immediate Repair

There are many different types of cracks your auto glass can undergo and most of them require that the entire windshield be replaced. Sometimes a crack can begin at the edge of the windshield, an edge crack is usually quite long and can be as much as 10 to 12 inches in length. This can easily threaten the quality of your remaining glass, weakening the entire surface.

One of the other issues with glass damage to your vehicle is called a stress crack. These usually form with windshields that are older. If you live in an area that has hot sun for a large portion of the year and turn on the air conditioning quite frequently, this type of stress crack can occur over time. Keeping your auto glass in excellent shape is a safety feature in the Denver area and all over that should be maintained.  Contact Complete Auto Glass today for more information!

When a Chipped Windshield Turns into Windshield Crack Repair

windshield-crack-repair, Thornton-CO, auto-glass

If your windshield chipped and now a crack has begun to develop, you should contact Complete Auto Glass to find out what your options are for windshield crack repair in Denver. We have provided the area with reliable and affordable windshield repair services for years. Our team has over 14 years of combined auto glass experience and are dedicated to providing quality service every time.

A chip in a windshield can happen for many reasons, including occurring because a rock or other road debris hits the window or because the window is hit by a tree branch. In most cases, small chips in your cars windshield can be fixed quickly and easily by Complete Auto Glass. Insurance usually covers 100 percent of the cost of fixing small chips, and we take care of making the insurance claim for you. We also come to you to do the repairs.  

When a chip is not fixed right away, however, bigger problems can develop because the chip can start to turn into a crack. While you may have initially thought the chip was not an issue, you are probably thinking twice now that the damaged area of the windshield is growing. Windshield crack repair may still be possible, depending upon the size of the cracked area that needs to be fixed. Call Complete Auto Glass right away to get advice on whether repair is still possible, before the crack grows any bigger and replacement becomes the only option.  If replacement is necessary, we can also take care of the too.

Complete Auto Glass has more than 15 years experience in the business of windshield crack repair, and we make sure to stand behind every job we do. Contact us now to learn more.

Can’t Get Those Car Windows to Work? We Provide Car Window Replacement!

car-window-replacement, Thornton-CO, Denver-CO

When your window will no longer go up in your vehicle, car window replacement becomes a necessity. You cannot just deal with being in a car that has a window that is stuck down, because it can be dangerous to be in such a vehicle.  You need to act and get repairs or replacement underway, especially in the winter weather that Denver and Thornton experience.


Keep Your Passengers Safe With Car Window Replacement

When it is cold outside, it could become too chilly to be in your car with a window stuck down. Kids and pets who need to ride with you could be in danger of falling out of a window that won’t go up, while occupants of the vehicle could be at risk of debris flying in the open window and causing damage. Complete Auto Glass provides trusted auto glass repairs and replacements so you can keep your car safe and warm for all your passengers.


Stay Responsible When Driving

Car window replacement is going to prevent these and other risks that occur as a result of a window that will not go up.  Getting your window repaired in a timely manner is better than trying a makeshift solution like taping plastic over the window, because you need to look out your windows to be able to effectively see what others are doing around you.  You should not hesitate to contact a professional company that can offer you car window repair when you need it so you can keep your car safe and operational.


Trusted and Professional Car Window Replacement

Complete Auto Glass is a trusted provider of replacement windows and we are here to help make sure you get your new window fast.  We provide timely service because we know that motorists cannot be without their cars for a lengthy period of time. Not only do we offer car window replacement done quickly, but we also make sure that it is done right and that it is done for an affordable price.
When you need us to replace your automatic or manual window that wont go up any more, well work with you to get the job done. To learn more about car window replacement and to schedule your appointment, contact Complete Auto Glass today.

A Good Windshield Replacement is Hard to Find

windshield-replacement, Denver, auto-glass-services

When you have a significant crack in your windshield, windshield replacement may be the only safe solution. While minor chips and dings can usually be fixed, a major crack is going to necessitate complete replacement. You need to be able to see safely out of your front windshield with nothing impeding the view, so replacement makes sense when the windshield is badly damaged.

Offering You Experience and Trusted Services

Many drivers are not sure where to start with windshield replacement.  If you live in Denver, the first call you should make should be to Complete Auto Glass. Our trusted and professional company has more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry and we are focused exclusively on windshield repairs and replacements.   We work hard to make sure your replacement windshield meets or exceeds your standards and that the process of getting your new windshield is hassle free.

Insurance Covers Your Replacement

In most cases, windshield replacement is covered by your car insurer.  You may have a glass deductible that you need to pay and the insurance will pick up the rest, depending upon policy terms. When you make a claim for repairs, it does not count against you in terms of determining your good driver bonus.  

We Can Handle Your Insurance

Complete Auto Glass wants to make it easy for you to get your windshield replacement covered by your car insurer, so we can make your claim and deal with the insurance company on your behalf. You wont have to do anything but hire us to put a new windshield on, and well take care of everything else. Theres not even any cost when we help deal with your insurer.

To learn more and to schedule your windshield replacement in Denver, contact us today.


Know Nothing About Auto Glass? We Know Everything About It!

auto-glass, auto-glass-repair, auto-glass-in-Thornton-CO

If you have a damaged rear windshield and you do not know anything about auto glass in Denver, you need to reach out to trusted experts who are going to help you make the necessary fixes. Rear windows can get damaged due to accidents, break-ins, items falling on windows, hail storms, or a number of other causes. Regardless of the reason why your rear window is broken, getting it fixed quickly is a top priority so it does not impede your vision and so you do not face risks associated with operating a car with broken glass.

We Know What to Do

When you do not know where to turn for auto glass repairs on your broken rear window, you can trust Complete Auto Glass. We have more than 15 years of experience doing repairs of front windshields, side windows, and rear-windows. We are trusted among Denver drivers because we stand behind every repair we do and because we work hard to try to make the process of arranging a repair or replacement as easy as possible.

Convenient and Thorough

When you call Complete Auto Glass about a problem with your back windshield, we can provide prompt and responsive service. We will make an assessment of whether repair is possible or whether a completely new back windshield is necessary to restore your car back to full functionality.  Once you know the best course of action, we can begin the process of helping you to get your insurer to pay. If you are covered for glass damage, we can actually make the claim on your behalf so your insurance company pays 100 percent of the repair or replacement cost.
To learn more about how Complete Auto Glass will help you deal with a broken back window, contact us today.