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Pesky Windshield Cracks and Rear Window Replacement

a severely destroyed car window that requires rear window replacementIf you think you are in need of a rear window replacement due to a pesky windshield crack, you will likely need to visit Complete Auto Glass. All cracks spread eventually due to time passing and shifts in temperature, and the only way to completely stop the spread is to visit a repair shop! In the meantime, however, there are a few ways that you may be able to keep the windshield crack from spreading and shattering completely.  

The Woes of Windshield Cracks

When Henry Ford’s Model T made its debut in 1908, no one imagined that the automobile would ever be anything more than an accessory to modern life. In the modern world, however, the majority of people express that owning a vehicle is essential to their lives. The rhythms of American society almost demand that people have their own cars. And while bicycles and various forms of public transportation are still important and available options in many large cities, cars take center stage as our primary means for commuting.

Because they are so valuable to us, we do our best to take care of our vehicles. They are a huge financial investment, and the better we tend to them, the less money we will have to spend overall. And because we take care of our vehicles, there is almost nothing more frustrating than a windshield crack! Though these cracks are usually outside of the driver’s control, they can cause severe damage to the windshield.

Tips for Keeping Windshield Cracks from Spreading

Try tape: To keep a windshield crack from spreading, you must prevent dust, debris, and water from getting into the crack and causing further damage to the glass. It may sound simple, but a piece of clear tape can usually hold the window over until you have time to visit an auto shop. In the case of freezing weather or heavy rain, however, tape probably won’t do the trick. You will need to try something a little bit more… innovative.  

Get innovative with nail polish: You may have thought that nail polish was only good for manicure purposes, but you can consider yourself (happily) proved wrong! Clear nail polish can serve as a sealant, filling in the crack and serving to protect it against the elements that cause further spreading.

Always clean the windshield crack first: Whether you try tape or clear nail polish, always make sure the window area is free of dirt. Wipe the area with a thoroughly with a dry (not wet!) towel to ensure that it is clean.

Will a Rear Window Replacement be Necessary?

While those tips may tie your window over for a little while, professional service is the next step. Rear window cracks that are smaller – less than 12 inches – can typically be fixed without a full window replacement. If the crack is larger than 12 inches and obstructs the view of the driver, however, a rear window replacement will likely be in the cards. Luckily, a rear window crack does not have to damage your wallet as much as it does your windshield! At Complete Auto Glass, we are committed to providing our customers with inexpensive and high quality rear window replacement services.