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How Did This Happen? Top 3 Causes of a Cracked Windshield

There’s nothing worse than coming out to your car to find a mystery crack in your windshield. When did it happen? How did it get there?

Unfortunately, there are a variety of scenarios that can cause your windshield to crack even when you aren’t in the car. However, understanding how these things happen can help you avoid them in the future.

Keep reading as we dive into the three top causes of a cracked windshield.

1. Road Debris

One of the best tips for avoiding a cracked windshield is learning how to follow behind other vehicles at an appropriate distance. There are countless types of road debris that can be kicked up from other vehicles that cause damage to your car such as gravel, stones, rocks, pebbles, garbage, etc. Even a small chip in the glass from a pebble can turn into a large or spider-webbing crack.

Be as cautious as possible on gravel roads, areas under construction, and any other condition with loose debris on the road. Remember to slow down if someone is passing you, and leave plenty of distance between you and the car ahead of you.

This is especially true when following semi-trucks, construction vehicles, and other large vehicles. Large semi-trucks tend to kick up more road debris than other cars and construction vehicles can drop dirt, debris, and other materials out of the back of their trucks.

2. Temperature Fluctuation

While quality windshield glass can withstand a lot of abuse, sometimes an extreme temperature change can prove too much for its structural integrity. It can be made worse if there is already existing damage. That’s why it’s vital to repair windshield damage sooner rather than later.

Glass expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures. When the temperature changes gradually, it gives the glass time to react accordingly. However, sudden or extreme changes in temperature make the glass fragile and brittle.

A cracked windshield can occur if you leave your car parked in the sun all day and turn on the air conditioning full blast. Conversely, your windshield can crack on a cold day if you try to defrost the windshield too quickly. Avoid parking in the sun for long periods or using drastic measures to control the climate in the car more rapidly.

3. Inclement Weather

Inclement weather is another common reason you might find your car with a cracked windshield. Since we’ve already talked about extreme temperatures, let’s talk about hail and wind.

Obviously, during a hail storm, your car is going to get dinged up if it’s not under shelter. This can leave dents all over the car as well as chips and cracks in the windshield. If you live an area prone to hail, make sure you pay attention to the weather and have a plan to keep your car protected.

While wind itself cannot crack your windshield, the debris it sends flying around can. Garbage and other windswept debris can be thrown into your car at high speeds. Wind can also rip branches off of trees and careening onto your parked car.

Do You Have a Cracked Windshield?

If you have a cracked windshield, you need to take care of it as soon as possible. Cracks can spread, spider-web, and eventually take over your entire windshield. Don’t wait until it becomes a safety liability.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

How To Avoid Windshield Damage and Cracks

Broken window close up. With shallow depth of field. Smashed windscreen of a car, cracked glass.

We use our cars and vehicles so much that we tend to forget that they are exactly what helps us commute from point A to point B on a daily basis. We have to look after our cars just as much as we are considerate towards our homes, personal belongings, and so on. People also often find themselves guilty of holding off on taking their vehicles to have repairs or maintenance done, when in reality, we should be quick to get this done as soon as possible. Car damage is inevitable at times, which includes damage that is done to our windshields. Thankfully, we have some tips for you to keep in mind while you are on the road to prevent these damages.


Space Your Vehicle

Have you ever driven on a backroad that has edges worn down to little rocks? Those rocks are strong enough to scratch and crack your window when being thrown in your direction. It is best that you try to drive in the middle of your lane as possible, so that your tires do not send any spare rocks flying, especially towards your windshield.



Be Mindful of the Temperature

The changes in temperature are capable of causing the glass to contract and expand. Parking your car in your garage or being able to place it in a controlled environment would be a smart and helpful decision in protecting your vehicle’s windows.


Replace the Windshield Wipers

Your vehicle’s windshield wipers tend to wear down over time, and can eventually lose the grip that they have on the glass of your windshield. As the windshield wipers weaken over time, it makes it possible for little rocks or sharp objects to be wiped across your vehicle’s glass. Replacing them when they no longer do the job of wiping water off is when it’s considered best.


Your Concerns are Our Concerns

Here at Complete Auto Glass we are fit to take care of your needs for the sake of your vehicles. We work with even the smallest scratches to large cracks and busts. Call us today to learn more about how we can further serve the well-being of your car!

New Technologies and Innovations in the World of Car Windshields and Beyond

There is no industry that has been untouched by the rapid change in technology our society has seen. It seems that it accelerates every second and with every passing year, new ways of looking at the world and new ways of interacting with our world have come about. The auto industry has had its fair share of technological advancements and innovations and you might be surprised to know that there has been a lot of innovation in the field of windshield technology as well. Let’s take a look at some important auto technologies and how they affect the way we drive.

A Window is a Window Right?

Not exactly and certainly not when it comes to car windshields. From your front window, to your sunroof, to your side windows, and rear, every pane has a different purposes, therefore a different composition, features, and technologies. Even from older models, like your dad’s favorite 70’s jaguar to your grandson’s 2019 Mustang, the difference in quality and technology is pretty clear.

Common Technologies—Windshield and Beyond

Today’s windshields are not composed of simple glass. Many are jammed packed with a lot of different materials that allow them to fulfill the job more effectively. All of these advancements are aimed at the same purpose: to keep you safe behind the wheel. Some new windshield innovations include:

The Latest Advancements and Innovations

People like Elon Musk, engineer and CEO of Tesla, have been leading in the way in the automation technology of some high-end vehicles. Here are some examples that you may be surprised to find out about:

A Happy Windshield Makes for Happy Drivers!

Whether your vehicle has heated windshields, rain sensors, or special features, it still has a windshield that is key to your driving and allows you to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.  Here at Complete Auto Glass we are dedicated to the safety and longevity of your glass. Without a safe and sturdy windshield, you would be easily at risk after any minor crash or collision. Today’s windshields are trying to do their job much better and ensure that driving is ever more convenient, safe, and fun.


The Windshield Shot: Famous Movie Scenes with Car Windshields

It’s never a bad idea to try something a little different. There are probably too many to count but we thought it would be fun to pay homage to the car windshield and look at famous and classic scenes (maybe some obscure ones) that use the windshield as a key part of the scene or setting. Let’s see if you remember any of these and if you have another one to add, let us know!

It’s probably not something you spend a whole lot of time thinking about, but, in fact, the windshield has played a tremendous role in movie history. Countless of films have used the windshield as a way to portray an intimate setting of characters in a car, the freedom of the road, and a visually compelling opportunity to show setting while concentrating on the conversation or interaction at hand. America was, after all, the inventor of the road film, fascinated by the concept of the open road and it only make sense that the windshield is the window to the soul of many many films and characters. Windshield scenes have appeared in films such as the Blues Brothers (the famous car chase scene as they evade police by driving through the local mall), Ace Ventura, Back to the Future, Clockwork Orange, Rush Hour and more. Here are just a few that you might remember:

Jurassic Park – Saved by the Windshield

The 1993 Steven Spielberg movie catapulted dinosaurs back into the popular imagination. And even with the less-than-sophisticated movie effects (as compared to today), Spielberg managed to create a spellbinding film that pondered the possibility of dinosaurs coming back to claim their territory against humankind. In one particular scene, the two kids are trapped in a jeep and inadvertently anger the T-Rex with a moving flashlight. At some point, the angered ancient reptile breaks through the jeeps exterior and is stopped only by the glass sunroof. Now that is one strong piece of glass!! The only thing standing between the jaws of the T-Rex and the kids is the glass and while part of it shatters, it holds just long enough to buy them some time.

Wayne’s World -Bohemian Rhapsody Framed by the Windshield

The somewhat cult-like figures of Wayne’s World have etched their place in the cultural memory of movie-goers of all ages. The film features a young Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers—in one of his most iconic roles—as they drive through the streets of Illinois belting out Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. There is something about the scene, as framed by the windshield of the car, that has become a famous image that represents the wild and crazy party days of these two rockers and public-access television hosts embroiled in a ridiculous plot.

Ace Ventura – Driving Out the Car Window

This may be an odd choice, but who can remember the bizarre character of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective? A young Jim Carrey shows off his comedic slapstick skills and erratic character portraying an unorthodox detective whose focus is solely on locating and finding missing animals. In one scene, he is attempting to rescue a small dog as an angered man pounds at his car with a baseball bat. The man slams the bat down into the windshield. If you notice, this scene —like the T-Rex above— shows just how sturdy these front windshields can be, for the bat coming down on it full-force does not manage to shatter it completely, instead it causes bad damage that forces Ace Ventura to drive his car while sticking his head out the window because he cannot see through the front windshield. We don’t condone this type of erratic driving, by the way— if your windshield has been smashed by a bat, we will gladly repair it for you!

Get Your Windshield Repair from the Experts

If you’re a movie fan, you likely thought up your own list of movies that feature the windshield. There are countless out there. And while we are not movie experts, we certainly know all about windshields and are ready to repair yours no matter what kind of damage it has sustained. T-Rex damage? Angry guy with the bat? It doesn’t matter, come by and we’ll fix it like new right away. Call Complete Auto Glass for complete service.

The Secrets of Glass: A Brief History of Your Windshield and Auto Glass

You probably don’t spend a whole lot of time contemplating the makeup of your front windshield. Chances are you only think about your vehicle’s front window if it’s broken, if an unfortunate pigeon has met his end against it, or if you’ve neglected to clean it for weeks and can now barely see through it. We’ve all been there. That poor pigeon never saw it coming. The truth is that your front windshield plays an important structural role in your car. The glass is specially made to withstand pressure and help maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle in the event of a crash or rollover.

The Beginnings

The strong resistant glass, however, was not always a reality. Early drivers would often be forced to wear eye protection, like goggles, to protect themselves because of a lack of fragility of their front glass. Early windshield wipers were introduced in 1916 and required the driver to use a crank to move them from side to side. Automatic wipers came along around the 1920s.

It was clear early on that the front glass needed to be thicker and more resistant, so as not to shatter into a million pieces that could cut you open in the event of a collision or crash. It was around the year 1919 that Henry Ford started implementing early versions of windshield technology and placing a cellulose layer between two plates of glass. The layer would hold them together in case of impact. About fifteen years later the windshield was curved. This improved aerodynamics and helped the glass keep from breaking.

In 1970, the government created the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has since developed strict standards for automobile glass. This encouraged a quick development of stronger and safer glass. All auto glass manufacturers are now forced to meet these standards of transparency, mounting standards, and roof rigidity of vehicles.

Windshields Today

Your front windshield today is made out of safety glass and has a very precise installation process. They are made from a lamination process. Laminated glass offers the greatest amount of protection from shattering and it’s similar to the idea of the early windshields mentioned above.  Laminated glass is two panes of glass separated by a layer of vinyl. When objects hit your windshield, typically it is the outer layer that suffers most of the damage. In extreme situations, like severe collisions, the glass won’t fly out in a million pieces because the layers will attach to the layer of vinyl in between.

Your side windows are made out of tempered glass. This refers to glass that has been heated to above 1,100 degrees and then rapidly cooling it. This means that in case of a collision the glass will not shatter into sharp-edged pieces. Instead, it will break into small bead-like pieces that do not pose a great danger to passengers.

Trust Your Glass Experts

Your automobile glass is manufactured to protect you. This is why it is not something to take lightly. Trust only the professionals with your safety glass. Installation is as important as the glass itself and a bad installation can also compromise the longevity and the safety of your windshield. Here at Complete Auto Glass, we will leave no detail unturned.


Every Day Tips For Taking Care of Your Windshield

As you know, your front windshield provides important support for your entire vehicle. The windshield is there to provide structural support for your car and to protect you in case of a roll-over. While the front windshield is designed to be tough, it is still susceptible to damage. There are a few precautions you can take day-to-day in order to better protect your auto glass.

Winter Tips

Depending on where you live, you will also run across certain weather oriented problems. If you live in the Denver area, it is almost guaranteed that you will see snow and ice throughout the winter. If you’ve recently moved to the area, you may have never experienced weather like this. Here are some winter tips to consider:

What about during the summer months? Just like the winter, summer can bring its own conditions and require a different kind of approach.

When Things Hit the Glass

Of course, no matter how much care you take, being out on the road comes with a certain amount of risk. This means putting your car at risk of collision and your windshield at risk of damage. If you notice cracks, dents, or it suffers damage, make sure to fix the problem immediately. Take it to the professionals at Complete Auto Glass.  


Avoid the Stress of Driving with a Broken Rear Windshield


white car rear wipersDamage to your rear windshield can happen in a matter of just a few seconds and leave you with the stress of wondering what the next steps are in order to replace your window. Here at Complete Auto we are able to take care of your rear window placement needs. Your window replacement can ultimately be a simple, quick fix with the help of a qualified professional. Don’t stress or think that a back window replacement is costly or time consuming because it is not!

By choosing a rear window replacement immediately after the incident and damage, you will be eliminating the danger that comes with driving your vehicle in bad condition. Even a small crack can result in a larger problem when it spreads across the rest of the window. This creates a number of problems including loss of visibility and the chance that it could break out or completely shatter. When it comes time, don’t hesitate to do your research before choosing the right certified and insured auto technician to do the work.

What to Expect with a Rear Window Replacement

When receiving a rear window replacement your technician will first inspect the damage thoroughly in order to determine the best way to replace the glass on your specific car model. They will then remove the broken or damaged glass, clean the area to make sure there are no glass and debris on the car floor, and install your new rear window. Once the installation is complete your hired technician will make sure that all window functions work properly such as rear windshield wipers and defrost settings. To top it off, most companies will also do a cleaning of all the glass on your vehicle. 

What are the Benefits?

Safety should be your number one priority when driving on the road and scheduling your rear window replacement as soon as possible will ensure that you remain safe. Not only is getting your rear window replaced as easy as making a phone call, it’s also fast. Usually it can be repaired in just a few hours and some businesses may even come to you. The best benefit of hiring a professional to repair your window is that you will be receiving quality service that is insured to last. At Complete Auto, we make sure your window is installed correctly the first time. No worries or wondering if we did a satisfactory job because we always do the job right and take pride in that!

We’re Not Too Far Away

If you’re in a stressful situation where your safety is at risk and you need a rear window replacement, give us a call today to set up an appointment. We provide great customer service and repairs that are made to last. You will not be disappointed with our vast knowledge of auto repairs and our willingness to help you. Our technicians at Complete Auto are waiting to help you today!

Do I Need Windshield Replacement or Repair?

a car windshield getting chip repair with a modern epoxy toolDriving can case wear and tear on your car. With the kind of weather that we have here in Colorado, you might wonder if a little ding requires repairs or replacement. You want what’s best for your car. Windshields actually work hard to keep you and your passengers safe while out on the road. For this reason, it’s important to get repairs or replacements are quickly as possible. It’s also crucial to choose a company with the experience necessary to make your windshield issues a thing of the past. The team at Complete Auto Glass is made up of trained professionals who can either carry out a windshield replacement or make a seamless repair that will leave your car looking good as new.

When You have a Chipped Windshield…

It is helpful to deal with experts in order to understand the difference between a windshield repair or replacement. It’s also good to know when you deal with this credible company they will handle the insurance part of the claim for you. Of course there’s more to getting a satisfactory service. Cost is always a factor. We know that when you are considering windshield replacement, you’re looking for excellent services at a great price. For this reason, we strive to keep the bill low. If you require a simple repair, such as chip repair, we will make use of a special epoxy adhesive. Once this epoxy dries, the damage from the chip will be unnoticeable and gone!

When You Have a Cracked Windshield…windshield repair technician placing a new windshield on a small sedan

On the other hand, a crack in a windshield can be a totally different story. Cracks tend to spread over time. ior this reason, it is usually a good idea to get the windshield replaced and save yourself the trouble of having to do it sometime in the future. There are consumers who think that all automotive glass is the same. This is not the case. Nothing could be further from the truth. Premium windshield replacement glass always gives you a better product that lasts longer. Windshield replacement may seem tricky but, if you choose an experienced team, the results will leave your car better than new.

Choose Complete Auto Glass for Windshield Replacement or Repair

No matter what issues your windshield is facing, we can help. Complete Auto Glass is the premiere windshield expert. We understand the importance of windshields and we will always give the best services possible. Contact Complete Auto Glass today.

Why You Should Get Windshield Repair in Denver

front view of modern car driving fast

If your windshield was cracked by flying debris on the highway, Complete Auto Glass can provide windshield repair in Denver.  In many cases, debris will only create nicks and chips in the glass.  If you get the windshield repaired promptly, you will not need to have the entire windshield replaced.  This means lower cost, less waste, and less time spent on repairs.

Windshield Repair Insurance Coverage

Windshield repair is usually free of charge for Denver drivers, because it is often covered by their auto insurance providers.  When you make a claim to have your insurer pay for repair of your windshield, this type of claim is not going to affect bonuses awarded for not making claims. In other words, you will still keep your low insurance premiums for being a responsible driver, but your insurer will pick up the bill for windshield repair.  

Complete Auto Glass will help you to determine if repair is possible or if you are going to need a replacement based on the extent of the damage. We can also take care of dealing with your auto insurer on your behalf. Theres no cost to have us file your claim for windshield repair that we perform, and youll save time and avoid hassle because you wont have to call the insurer and go through the entire claims process.

Stay Safe with Professional Auto Glass Repair

Debris on highways is detrimental to safety and it is a major hassle that you now need windshield repair just because of poor road conditions or the failure of other drivers to properly secure their loads. With Complete Auto Glass handling everything for you, you can get your car fixed without a lot of worry or effort on your part.
To learn more about the windshield repair services offered by Complete Auto Glass, contact us today.

Rear Window Replacement for Unfortunate Events

rear window replacement in denver coHaving a tree fall on the back of your vehicle may sound like absurd odds, however, living in the Denver area can make these odds more likely, so knowing where to get rear window replacement is necessary! When your rear window becomes shattered, the broken panes of glass can easily impair your visibility and make it hard for you to change lanes or see what cars behind you are doing.  It is also difficult, if not impossible, to pass inspection after a damage such as this occurs. You do not want to take the risk of having an accident or incurring a fine for not replacing your window right away.

Make the Replacement Quickly

Since you need a car window replacement before your vehicle will be operational again, time is of the essence. A repair such as this cannot wait or be put off for very long, the sooner you replace a shattered back window, the sooner you can have your life return to normal and not have to make alternative plans for transportation. You want to find a company that offers auto glass repair done quickly so you can get the car fixed up and back to work again before you find yourself in a situation where you need a vehicle but do not have one.

Reliability is Everything

You also do not want to deal with any problems once your rear window replacement is done, so finding a company that works fast is not the only thing you are going to need to look for- you also need reliability. Restoring the value of your vehicle depends mostly on the reliability and quality of the company you choose to entrust with your repair. If a repair company does not do a thorough job replacing your shattered window, then that window becomes more likely to shatter again or have other problems associated with a less-than-perfect repair job.

Fortunately,when you contact Complete Auto Glass, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the best repair hands in the area. Complete Auto Glass has long been in the business of fixing front, side, and rear windows and windshields on vehicles throughout Denver and surrounding areas.  We have 15 years of experience and we have developed trust among a wide client base. We care about our customers and we make sure that we offer affordable service, assistance with insurance claims, and reliable repairs. Contact us to learn more.