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Can Weather Affect Cracks in Windshield? What You Need to Know

There are all sorts of things that can potentially put a crack in your windshield, and some may surprise you. It’s easy to assume that someone who cracks their windshield is responsible for the damage, but that’s not usually the case.

Road debris, small pebbles, and rapid changes in temperature can all contribute to windshield cracks. What’s worse is that cracks don’t tend to stay the same size. Over time, they can become more significant and more dangerous. 

Weather is one of the most significant factors that can speed-up or slow-down cracks in windshield. Want to know more? Keep on reading!

Can Heat Crack a Windshield?

Yes, extreme heat can cause cracked windshields. Glass actually reacts to temperature in just about the same way that water does. When glass molecules get hot, they tend to zoom around at high speeds. This causes the glass to expand, as the space between its molecules increases. 

A crack in car windshield will expand during this time. If the vehicle is cooled very quickly after reaching this high-temperature state, the windshield may crack and fracture in certain spots. 

Utilizing parking garages, an at-home garage, or even a protective covering can help prevent heat-induced windshield cracks.

Can Cold Weather Crack a Windshield?

Like extreme heat, cold weather can also worsen or cause a crack in a windshield. When the tiny glass molecules in your car’s windshield get extremely cold, they draw close together. This can make the glass more brittle and prone to cracks.

Consequently, pre-existing cracks can become gaping holes in a frozen windshield as the sides of the fracture pull away. Before the winter winds and snows set in, be sure to seek windshield repair. Otherwise, you may find your car full of snow and mold!

A protective covering can help reduce the amount of damage your windshield receives during extreme cold. However, only a heated, raised, and sheltered environment can provide the ultimate protection and care.

Cracks in Windshield: What Can You Do?

When you have an ever-worsening crack in your windshield, there are a few paths you can take. First, you can contact a local windshield repair service. You can also call for mobile glass repair servicing, or you can seek to repair the damage yourself.

Seeking professional assistance is always the best route. Not can you leave your vehicle in the hands of trustworthy and knowledgeable technicians, but you can also rest assured that the repair or replacement holds. For quality, always seek the professionals.

Crack on Windshield? Get Moving!

Weather can undoubtedly worsen a pre-existing windshield crack. Both heat and cold have their unique effects, but the result is the same: Extreme vehicle damage. This has everything to do with glass’s molecular structure, and nothing to do with how great of a car owner you are!

In addition, a cracked windshield can happen at any time, from nearly anything. A small pebble bouncing off the back of a car tire can cause significant damage. Don’t blame yourself if you find cracks in your windshield — just get them repaired!

If you’re dealing with cracks in windshield, shattered windshield glass, or other auto glass issues, contact us today!