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The Craziest Windshield Shattering Stories of the Past Decade

cracked windshieldOne of the worst nightmares for drivers has to be their windshields shattering mid-drive, but, unfortunately, this does happen quite often! While some of the most common reasons it happens include flying debris and large pieces of hail, these stories prove that just about anything is possible. Here are four of the craziest windshield shattering stories of the past couple decades—all in which, thankfully, no one was hurt!—brought to you by Complete Auto Glass.

#1: The Tree Without Its Branch

If you were driving down a road and you noticed a tree missing a branch, you might think it peculiar but probably wouldn’t stop to question or investigate it. Now, if you were driving and said missing branch blew in the wind and then into your windshield shattering it, you’d definitely have to stop. This was the case for one unfortunate truck driver in Portland whose windshield was shattered by the flying branch of a tree. Who knew trees could be so crazy?

#2: The Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Falling Pumpkin

We’ve all heard of falling boulders, especially those of us who live or have driven through mountainous regions, but have you ever heard of falling pumpkins? No, probably because they don’t exist in nature. Instead, for one unfortunate driver driving under an overpass, they had the horrible, terrible, no good luck Alexander complained about in the beloved children’s book of being hit by a falling pumpkin that someone to chose to drop as they were driving under the overpass. While their windshield was completely ruined, they were lucky that the pumpkin landed in their lap and didn’t hurt them. As for the people dropping pumpkins off an overpass? They got in huge trouble! Never do anything like this, for people’s and windshields’ sakes.

#3: The Curse of the Falling Porta Potties

A porta potty is probably the last thing you want to fall on your vehicle, but alas, it does happen. Just ask the one man it happened to in Alabama who was driving, minding his own business, when a porta potty fell off the back of the truck in front of him and onto his car. Luckily, no one was hurt…well, except for his poor windshield. Luckily, they can be repaired.

#4: The Case of the Mysteriously Exploding Glass

Is it possible for your windshield and other windows on your car to just shatter on their own…or is it a ghost? We’ll give you a hint: no and no. Many people have reported their car glass shattering all on its own while they’re driving but this doesn’t just happen. The most likely case: their car was hit with something while parked somewhere and though it wasn’t damaged enough for them to notice it at first, it was enough to cause it to shatter later on at just the right speed. So, no, your car is not haunted by ghosts, but rather by the ghost of an object that smashed into its window, causing no immediate damage but leaving its haunting mark long enough for it to seemingly shatter out of thin air. Still pretty spooky, though.

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