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Do I Need a New Windshield?

You driving on the freeway, almost home and to that nice cold drink and your comfy chair when you hear a tap on your windshield. A small object, maybe a rock or a piece of hard debris has hit your window. Now you have a chip. Besides causing a definite bump in your day, you now have to figure out if windshield chip repair will be enough to fix the chip. Or if you will need a new windshield. Well, there are several different ways you can tell if you need a new windshield, starting with the size, depth and location of the chip. For all your windshield needs turn to Complete Auto Glass. For the Thornton area, there is no one better qualified to work on your car windows.

Size of the Chip

First and foremost, the size of the chip will greatly determine whether or not you need to replace your windshield. Smaller chips, about the size of a penny or a nickel are usually repairable. Even chips the size of a quarter can usually be repaired, although not always. Anything bigger than this and replacement becomes the better option. Another thing to look for is the amount of chips you have. If you have three smaller chips, then replacement is preferred as the window can shatter without notice. Having qualified windshield chip repair makes a huge difference in the use of your car.

Depth of the Chip

Depending on how deep the chip is, you may need to replace your window. One check is to see if you can feel air coming from the chip. This means it has completely penetrated the window and can spread. With a chip that deep, it is a safe bet that you will need to replace the windshield. When you go with a company that is experienced in both repair and replacement, they can help you pick the right option for your car window.

Location of the Chip

Lastly, where the chip is can alter windshield chip repair effeteness. If the chip is in direct view of the driver, then you will need to have the window replaced. The reason for this is that even if the chip is repaired, it will still leave a bit of a distortion. This is not an issue if the chip is located elsewhere. However, in the view of the driver it can cause too much of an effect on their ability to see properly. This can be a road hazard, so it is best to simply replace the windshield.

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If it’s chipped or you need a new windshield, Complete Auto Glass can help you out. We have helped many cars in Thornton with windshield chip repair. Call us today to make an appointment.