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Troubleshooting Tips for Car Window Repair

a car with a smashed window that requires car window repairYou may know how to fix a tire and change your own oil, but do you know what to do when your electric car window gets stuck? For most people, dealing with a jammed car window is nothing short of baffling, and it is challenging to know where to start when it comes to car window repair. The issue becomes particularly stressful when the window is stuck open rather than closed, exposing the inside of the car to bad weather and making the car vulnerable to theft. While you will probably want to get your car checked out by a professional ASAP, there are a few at-home methods you can try to see if you can get your window closed. Here are a tips from Complete Auto Care about troubleshooting your jammed window. 

Car Window Troubleshooting Tips

Diagnose the Problem

It’s just a stuck car window. They are all the same, right? Not exactly. The problem can be rooted in either mechanical or electrical issues. To discern whether your root-issue is electrical or mechanical, listen closely when you try to move the switch. If you hear a motor-like noise, it is probably a mechanical issue. If you don’t hear anything, it is likely electrical.

Check the Fuse

If the issue is electrical, start by checking the fuse box. You may want to refer to a manual to know which fuse connects to your window and to discern whether or not the fuse is damaged. The manual may also provide information on how to reset the fuse. While a blown fuse is a common problem that is easily replacing the fuse, however, proceed with caution. If the fuse is not the issue, it could be a broken wire, and you will need to consult with a car window repair professional.

Mechanical Problems

If the issue is mechanical, there is a good chance that the problem lies with the window regulator. The window regulator is usually a plastic strap that helps the window move up and down, and it can wear out over time. Unfortunately, a damaged window regulator will eventually require professional car window repair.

Pull the Window Up

Even if you decide you need an appointment with a professional mechanic, you probably don’t want your window rolled down in the meantime. To get it closed, you can try pulling the window up with your hands by placing your palms on each side of the glass and sliding the window up and away from the frame support. This may cause the window to stay loosely in place until it can receive professional attention.

When You Need Professional Car Window Repair

Sometimes, you just need the help of a professional. At Complete Auto Glass, we understand that broken windows are urgent, and we are committed to providing fast and quality assistance to our clients. For timely and trustworthy car window repair in the Denver Metro Area, look to our team of professionals!


What Does Auto Glass Repair Entail?

 a professional auto glass repairman fixing a carAccidents happen all the time, most of them are unavoidable and unfortunate.  This does not mean that you have to suffer any additional hardships because of them. Auto glass repair should not be a problem or a hardship for you; it’s really quite simple.  However, it is not always cheap.  What you want to find in an auto glass repair company is someone who will provide you with the best quality products and service at an extremely reasonable price. Complete Auto Glass can help!

How To Know If You Need Auto Glass Repair

Auto glass repair first and foremost entails a full inspection of the damage done to the window.  In this instance, it includes damage to any of the car’s windows. This is whether it be the windshield, the side windows or the rear window.  A highly trained professionally trained mechanics will assess the damage. They will determine if the window can be repaired or if it has to be replaced.  Most cracks and chips are considered to be an easy fix; therefore in these instances a repair is the best option. Repairs will fix 50 to 80 percent of the damage. Not only that, repairs will also prevent further damage.a mechanic doing auto glass repair

It is always advisable to have a mechanic assess the situation with the utmost consideration given that the difference in cost between a repair and a replacement are considerable.  When repairing a crack or a chip, most mechanics will do this by injecting a specific resin to the damaged area and utilizing UV lights to make the process quicker and more efficient.  

The Best Choice For You

Complete Auto Glass provides you with over 15 years of experience! We offer the best care and attention by a professional staff.   All of our mechanics will always try to repair your windows before even considering the option of replacing it.   With a close communication with most insurance companies in El Paso, you can rest assured that your auto glass repair will be an effortless process. Contact Complete Auto Glass today!

Share the Road Responsibly with the Right Auto Glass Replacement

auto-glass-replaement, Thornton-CO, Denver-CO

Car windows can become dingy, damaged, and even chipped and cracked over time, necessitating auto glass replacement in Denver.  When you drive your vehicle, you need to make sure that you are able to see out of the front and rear windshield as well as out of the side windows. You do not want to be surprised by a vehicle, pedestrian, or bicycle rider in a lane next to you, nor do you want to be unable to see behind you to change lanes safely. You cannot afford to drive around with chipped and damaged car windows because your safety is at stake.


Be Safe by Fixing That Auto Glass

Fortunately, you can fix the problems with all of your windows by opting for auto glass replacement.  Existing windows and windshields can be repaired and restored to good as new in certain cases when there are just minor cracks. However, if your old car windows have major cracks and problems that are preventing you from seeing clearly, it can be a better choice to just replace the affected windows.


Offering Affordable Auto Glass Replacement

Auto glass replacement is sometimes covered by insurance, depending upon which windows are being replaced, the reasons for the cracks in the windows, and the terms of your policy.  At Complete Auto Glass, we help our clients with insurance claims as a free service offered along with auto glass replacement. This means we can make an insurance claim on your behalf if your repairs or replacements are going to be covered.  If you are just replacing windows that have gotten old and cracked due to age, your insurer may not pay the bill.  Complete Auto Grass tries to provide affordable auto glass replacement so you can get the job done right even when you must pay yourself.
To learn more and to schedule your auto glass replacement, contact us today.