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Prevent Auto Break Ins

Car Robber Concept Photo. Robber Looking Thru Car Window. Carjacking Theme.Having your car broken into is a bad experience on so many levels. The whole thing is a breach upon your privacy and personal safety. Having your valuables stolen can be heartbreaking especially when the items are not replaceable. Worst of all, even after the loss and trauma, you still have to get your window fix. Most often times, a thief will break a side window and reach into grab the desired items. Fortunately, side window repair isn’t a costly or hard fix. While we appreciate the business, we are never happy to see a repair come into our shop caused by theft. We have a few tips to help you prevent the theft and dreaded need for side window repair.

Be Thoughtful

Thieves often take advantage of circumstances. They look for items laying out, a car parked with good cover, and no security system in place. Cars often get broken into because the owner of the car was in a hurry or not thinking before walking away. The best way to prevent auto break ins or the need for side window repair is to be thoughtful. The most obvious tip is to hide and store away belongings. Electronics, bags, even leather jackets sitting out on the seat are prime targets. Secondly, consider your belongings. Crowded parking lots, parking garages, and alleys are easy to target. If you know you are going to be in a movie or shopping for a long period be thoughtful of where you park.

Tinting is a Good Deterrent

While window tinting won’t stop a theft from stealing your car or your belongings it can help to avoid theft and the need for side window repair. As mentioned, thieves are banking on opportunity. They are trying to get in and out of the situation swiftly. Spotting your car’s tinted windows may cause them to pass on to the next vehicle. Your belongings may be harder to see. It can be a deterrent, but putting everything away is a much better strategy.

Contact Complete Auto Glass

If you want to avoid thieves targeting your car be sure to take our advice. However, if you are already dealing with the problem contact Complete Auto Glass for side window repair today. Our experts will provide the repairs you need as well as courteous service. Call us today for more info.