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The Wonders of Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Complete Auto Glass offers the option of mobile auto glass repair. Thanks to today’s technology and equipment we can offer the convenience of repairing your windshield at your home, work, or wherever your car is located. This has many benefits and one of them is primarily the fact that if your glass is damaged enough, it might be difficult to drive and even dangerous. 


Mobile auto glass repair works because it is mobile. That is, it comes to you. And while there are factors that can determine the safety of doing the work outside, your expert car technician can let you know and inform you of your options. If the weather is not one of extreme cold or heat, your car can likely be looked at on the spot. Depending on where the damage is—front windshield, side, or back—the process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. 


Drying Time. One convenience, for example, is having your windshield repaired at your place of work. Repairing your car window early in the morning gives the adhesive all day to drive before you have to drive it again. This allows you to avoid going into the shop and losing a day of work. Depending on the kind of damage sustained by your window your car may have to be stationary anywhere from one hour to a couple of hours in order to be safe to drive. 


Safety. As mentioned above, one of the main reasons why the mobile option is a popular one, is the fact that you don’t have to drive your car in unsafe conditions in order to get it to the shop. At the same time, you don’t put yourself or others in danger. 


Time frame. If you call for our mobile service, you will receive an approximate time of arrival. This helps you plan your dad and be prepared for when we arrive. 


Today’s technology has allowed the needed equipment to be very versatile and mobile. It allows for whole repair stations to travel and so everything the techs need is there in front of them. 


All of Complete Auto Glass repairs are guaranteed labor. We are confident in our work and in our specialized techs. This is why we urge you to take care of your auto glass asap and avoid any hassles or unnecessary problems. A bad installation can cause a number of bad mistakes. 

The Windshield Shot: Famous Movie Scenes with Car Windshields

It’s never a bad idea to try something a little different. There are probably too many to count but we thought it would be fun to pay homage to the car windshield and look at famous and classic scenes (maybe some obscure ones) that use the windshield as a key part of the scene or setting. Let’s see if you remember any of these and if you have another one to add, let us know!

It’s probably not something you spend a whole lot of time thinking about, but, in fact, the windshield has played a tremendous role in movie history. Countless of films have used the windshield as a way to portray an intimate setting of characters in a car, the freedom of the road, and a visually compelling opportunity to show setting while concentrating on the conversation or interaction at hand. America was, after all, the inventor of the road film, fascinated by the concept of the open road and it only make sense that the windshield is the window to the soul of many many films and characters. Windshield scenes have appeared in films such as the Blues Brothers (the famous car chase scene as they evade police by driving through the local mall), Ace Ventura, Back to the Future, Clockwork Orange, Rush Hour and more. Here are just a few that you might remember:

Jurassic Park – Saved by the Windshield

The 1993 Steven Spielberg movie catapulted dinosaurs back into the popular imagination. And even with the less-than-sophisticated movie effects (as compared to today), Spielberg managed to create a spellbinding film that pondered the possibility of dinosaurs coming back to claim their territory against humankind. In one particular scene, the two kids are trapped in a jeep and inadvertently anger the T-Rex with a moving flashlight. At some point, the angered ancient reptile breaks through the jeeps exterior and is stopped only by the glass sunroof. Now that is one strong piece of glass!! The only thing standing between the jaws of the T-Rex and the kids is the glass and while part of it shatters, it holds just long enough to buy them some time.

Wayne’s World -Bohemian Rhapsody Framed by the Windshield

The somewhat cult-like figures of Wayne’s World have etched their place in the cultural memory of movie-goers of all ages. The film features a young Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers—in one of his most iconic roles—as they drive through the streets of Illinois belting out Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. There is something about the scene, as framed by the windshield of the car, that has become a famous image that represents the wild and crazy party days of these two rockers and public-access television hosts embroiled in a ridiculous plot.

Ace Ventura – Driving Out the Car Window

This may be an odd choice, but who can remember the bizarre character of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective? A young Jim Carrey shows off his comedic slapstick skills and erratic character portraying an unorthodox detective whose focus is solely on locating and finding missing animals. In one scene, he is attempting to rescue a small dog as an angered man pounds at his car with a baseball bat. The man slams the bat down into the windshield. If you notice, this scene —like the T-Rex above— shows just how sturdy these front windshields can be, for the bat coming down on it full-force does not manage to shatter it completely, instead it causes bad damage that forces Ace Ventura to drive his car while sticking his head out the window because he cannot see through the front windshield. We don’t condone this type of erratic driving, by the way— if your windshield has been smashed by a bat, we will gladly repair it for you!

Get Your Windshield Repair from the Experts

If you’re a movie fan, you likely thought up your own list of movies that feature the windshield. There are countless out there. And while we are not movie experts, we certainly know all about windshields and are ready to repair yours no matter what kind of damage it has sustained. T-Rex damage? Angry guy with the bat? It doesn’t matter, come by and we’ll fix it like new right away. Call Complete Auto Glass for complete service.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair

man performing mobile auto glass repairYou running out the door, already late to work and of course, the freeway is packed. Then it happens, a mix of bad luck, frustration and speed collide together to create damage to your windshield. This is the last thing you need on an already difficult day, but there is a way to fix the problem with ease and quickness. Mobile auto glass repair services offered by Complete Auto Glass can help you get back on the road quicker. They have helped many drivers in the Denver area stay mobile and they can help you.

Glass Repair is Not as Bad As You Think

Many people think that mobile glass repair seems like a huge headache. How do they find you? How expensive is it anyway? Does the repair guy really know what he’s doing? All of these concerns can make mobile auto glass repair seem more trouble than it’s worth, but it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on the company you pick to service you. Hiring an experienced and qualified expert will make you wonder why you’ve never had repair done on the go before.

Different Types of Glass Repair

There are many different types of glass repair, but the two most common are windshield and side window repair. Both of these have different times and needs attached to them. First, for windshield repair, you may need replacement or filling. If the crack or hole is small, say no bigger than a quarter, then you can get it fixed. Any bigger than that though and you need full replacement. Any crack or break on a side window will likely need full replacement. Both of these can be serviced with mobile auto glass repair options.

Mobile Glass Repair Benefits

The benefits to having mobile auto glass repair are great for a person on the go. First of all, fixing the glass of your car is much easier than you might think. Depending on the severity of the damage, the repair can either fill or replace the glass. Both of these options do not take much time, either. Which means that your car will be ready to get back on the road sooner. Next, having the repair man come to where you are saves you the time and effort needed to take your car to a garage. Your car can be fixed while you are in a meeting, or out to lunch. All this makes mobile auto glass repair a great choice for the busy person.

Contact Us Today

Finding quality mobile auto glass repair in the Denver/ Thornton area is not hard. Just turn to Complete Auto Glass, they have the knowledge, skills and flexibility you need to keeping moving!

Mobile Auto Glass Repair — The Most Convenient Option

two hands on windshield holders as they perform mobile auto glass repairSooner or later, your car’s windshield will get damaged. The semi truck in front of you can propel a renegade pebble at high speeds and since your car’s windshield is the first line of defense, it will take the entire force of the projectile. At high speeds, pebbles and rocks can cause great damage to windshields and this occurs to many people on the daily basis. Although this type of damage happens rather quickly, there are, thankfully, options that allow for quick glass repair. This is where Complete Auto Glass’s mobile auto glass repair service comes into play. Whether the damage is small or large, you must still get it repaired as soon as possible.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Take Care of Windshield Damage

Drivers should never leave damage in their windshields for a variety of reasons. First off, the damage will impede the driver’s field of vision. This will undoubtedly make driving much more difficult. Secondly, a crack can get bigger and bigger if not taken care of in time. If you hit a pothole, there’s a good chance the impact can cause the crack to expand. Getting the damage repaired early on will help you avoid this outcome. Lastly, a damaged windshield can cause injuries if your car get’s in an accident. The windshield is designed to not shatter upon impact. Damaged windshields, though, are at a disadvantage and won’t be able to keep the driver and passengers as safe in the event of an accident. It could shatter completely and result in more injuries.

The Convenience of Mobile Auto Glass Repair

More often than not, windshield damage occurs at the worst possible time. It can occur while on your way to work or on your way to school. Regardless of when it happens, you must be aware that there are options for swift repair assistance. For many drivers, the damage may seem inconsequential but it’s something that should be dealt with as quickly as possible. With mobile auto glass repair, you can simply call a repair agency (such as Complete Auto Glass) and a repair technician will drive out to you and repair your vehicle’s windshield while you’re at work or school. This is truly the most convenient and efficient way to deal with damaged windshields. Don’t leave it up to chance. Contact Complete Auto Glass today to learn more about the services we have to offer!

3 Common Mobile Auto Glass Situations


a mechanic performing mobile auto glass repairIf you are in Denver with a cracked windshield, you will benefit from a mobile auto glass repair. You might think that it is better to leave your vehicle in a shop for these situations. The truth is, auto glass repair does not have to be strictly indoors.  Here at Complete Auto Glass, we know that your time is precious. If you need an auto glass repair now,  we can do it in your driveway.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair at Home

One of the best places to get a mobile auto glass repair done is at home. That is because we can schedule an appointment around your schedule. Since there are always chores to do at home, many clients choose to go mobile. This lets our clients get any cleaning done around the house during the week. If you only have the weekend to finish your shed, we can have your car ready before you know it.

When You are Busy at Work

At Complete Auto Glass, we know how busy your week can be if you lose time at work. Instead of waiting to take your car into the shop, why not schedule an appointment at your place of work. Our team of professionals can have your vehicle ready to go between 45 minutes to an hour. This will let you continue your work day without missing any meetings or having to sacrifice your lunch time.

Car Shops are Not ConvenientMobile auto glass repair in progress

Typically, when something is wrong with your vehicle, you instinctively make an appointment to a nearby car shop. As close as a car shop is, it does not mean they will get to your car promptly. This could mean leaving it overnight or more if you get a crack on the weekend.  A mobile auto glass repair job will fix your car within an hour of your appointment.  

When your life in Denver seems too hectic, let a mobile auto glass repair job make your life easier. Our trained experts at Complete Auto Glass can repair your automobiles glass anywhere you are. More importantly, they can do it fast so you can get back to your life as soon as possible. Contact Complete Auto Glass today.

What To Do When Your Windshield is Damaged on the Road

mobile-auto-glass-repair, Thornton-CO, Denver-CO

If you were on a road trip and your windshield cracked, mobile auto glass repair can help you get back on the road.  A major crack in your windshield can make it impossible for a driver to see clearly out the front. If you cannot see out the front window, you cannot drive safely and you are not going to be able to take your car anywhere to get it repaired.  Fortunately, you do not have to move your vehicle when it is unsafe to do so. You can contact Complete Auto Glass and we will come to you.


We Come to You So You Can Stay Safe

Complete Auto Glass provides mobile auto glass repair as a convenience to our customers. We aim to help ensure motorists dont have to drive when there are safety concerns. Since we can come to you, you do not have to worry about getting your car towed or operating it when visibility is affected by a windshield crack.  


Efficient Service to Get You on Your Way

When we come to you, we will quickly evaluate the damage to your front windshield to see whether mobile auto glass repair is possible or whether the entire windshield needs to be replaced.  Regardless of whether you have a little chip or a large crack, we have the tools and the capability to take care of it.  We work hard to get your repairs done quickly so you are not without your car and rendered immobile for a long time as repairs are made.
Many drivers trust Complete Auto Glass with mobile auto glass repair, since our business has been around for more than 15 years. We have proven ourselves time and again in the Denver area. If you were passing through the area on a road trip when your windshield was damaged, contact us today and see why so many locals call us for their windshield repair.