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Dealing with Rear Window Replacement & Damage in Hail Alley

Colorado is a thriving state, with 5.6 million people and a surging population since 2000. It is home to great beauty, a diverse population,  the majestic Rocky Mountains—Mt. Elbert, Sierra Blanca, and more—and four very defined seasons. It is in the colder months, of course, that Colorado forms part of the famous Hail Alley, where it can see up to four major hail storms per season. Many people will see major damage to cars and windows. It is not uncommon to see a great demand for rear window replacement and other damage due to these severe storms.

According to some meteorologists, seventy percent of all storm-related damage in the United States is caused by hail each year. Colorado, Nebraska,  and Wyoming form what meteorologists have often called “hail alley.” The typical season in Colorado will run from mid-April to mid-August. And what causes these hail storms? According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, the area sees a lot of hail because the freezing levels in the high plains are much closer to the ground than they are at sea level.  Hail forms when these thunderstorms have strong updrafts and the freezing levels are in a lower height.

Rising Costs in Colorado

Hail damage is a stark reality in the state. An August 2018 report suggested that costs associated with hail damage had risen this year and exceeded $10 million dollars. Many people might attribute this to more storms, but the data doesn’t necessarily show a rise in storms. Instead, part of the main reason why there is a rise in costs is the number of people in the state. In other words, it’s not that there are more storms happening in Colorado, but that there are more people and therefore more property and more vehicles that get hit. The population of Colorado has shot up by 1.3 million people since the year 2000. The state trailed Texas for the number of hail-related insurance claims.

Because of these hailstorms, we see a lot of windshield damage, rear window cracks, and broken windows. Many times this will lead someone to rear window replacement. Replacing your rear window is just as important and requires the right kind of auto technicians for proper inspection and installation.

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