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Different Types of Auto Glass Repair

hand polishing a new windshield after auto glass repairWhether it is a broken passenger side window from a break-in or a long ugly crack across your windshield, having broken auto glass can be completely unsightly. It is also a nuisance that you have to deal with. However, the truth of the matter is, auto glass repair is actually not as bad of a process as many people think. For one thing, most insurances will pay for auto glass repair. Secondly, the process doesn’t take too long depending on what you need. There are different kinds of glass repair for every need.

Windshield Auto Glass Repair

When it comes to windshield repair, there is either small repairs or whole replacement. What you need depends on the damage to the windshield. Normally cracks smaller than three inches or chips that are smaller than a quarter can be repaired. However, large cracks can lead to extreme damage if they are not taking care of promptly. The same goes for large chips. All too often drivers risk a great deal when they drive at high speeds with such damage to their windshield. The better option is to get the repair taken care of right away.

There are actually several types of glass damage that can be repaired. This includes circular chips that are caused by a rock hitting the windshield. A chip can be repaired as well. There’s also floater cracks that begin two or three inches from the edge of the windshield. A star break, which is a small short series of cracks extending from one point, can be fixed as well.

Door Window Replacement

Whether your door window is broken due to theft, vandalism or an accident doesn’t matter. This type of auto glass repair is a fairly easy fix. The unfortunate part is that you do need to get it fixed right away. Having a broken side window leaves you exposed to the elements of the weather. Whether it is hot out or extremely cold, you are left with a big problem. The good part is the fix only takes a few hours and you can get your car back right away. The hardest part is matching the tint with other windows.

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Auto glass repair is actually an easy fix. Whether you need a side window or your windshield repaired or replaced, are experts at Complete Auto Glass provide excellent service. You can expect a certified technician to conduct your auto glass repair. Contact us today for more info.

Windshield Chip Repair Can Prevent Larger Problems

clear windshield with a view of blue sky and clouds

It happens to all of us. You’re driving down the freeway and you hear a loud crack. You look over and see a tiny hole or crack on your windshield and your heart sinks. It is especially painful when it happens to your new car. But, it’s just a tiny hole, right? It’s not even obstructing your view. The sad truth is, that tiny hole will expand into a large crack or shatter if you don’t get it fixed. Windshield chip repair is actually a simple and quick process. It isn’t a costly fix either. At Complete Auto Glass, our experts can have your windshield fixed within an hour.

How Do the Experts Do Windshield Chip Repair?

You can buy a window repair kit at the store, but you will more than likely only make your problem worse. The kit won’t get rid of the problem, but rather you will just be filling the chip with a resin. The chip will still be there and possibly visible, too. Not only that, once you use a store bought kit you risk ruining the chances of a repair shop being able to help you. However, the pros will use special materials and tools to get rid of the problem instead of just masking it. Once you take your problem to a specialist, you won’t have to worry about a crack spreading across your view.

Do I need to Fix a Windshield Chip?

The short answer is yes. You can go ahead and ignore the problem, which is what most people do. However, the problem will not get better or go away with time. Driving on a daily basis with the wind constantly pushing on the chipped glass will eventually cause a crack to form. Once the crack forms your repair will be most likely cost much more. Not only that, driving at high speeds with a cracked windshield is a huge risk. The windshield could possibly shatter over time.

Play it Safe, Visit Complete Auto Glass

Your best and safest bet is to get a small windshield chip repair before it turns into a larger more costly problem. Here at Complete Auto glass, we provide the repair you need. There is no job too small or too big for our experts to handle. When you come to us to repair a chipped windshield we will have the problem fixed within the hour. For more information contact us today.