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Parked Car Protection Tips

When your car is parked outside, it’s more vulnerable to damage, theft, and other serious risks. That said, many homeowners in Thornton and beyond don’t have the option to park their cars in a garage or other protected enclosure. In these instances, there are a handful of tips that you can follow to protect your parked car. Taking care of your parked car will not only protect the condition of your auto glass, but also your personal safety. 

Parked Car Security

When your car is parked, especially out on the street in an urban area, it’s at risk for safety concerns. Follow these safety guidelines to ensure that you and your valuables are protected. 

  1. Before you park your car, ensure that your doors are locked and that your windows are rolled up and locked. 
  2. Place valuables out of sight, or take them with you out of the car. 
  3. Opt for a well-lit parking spot whenever possible. 
  4. Don’t keep spare keys in your car, as an intruder may be able to find them
  5. When you return to your car, have the keys in your hand and ensure that no unwanted strangers are inside of the car. 
  6. If you’re parked at night in a place that you’re unfamiliar with, or where you believe there may be a significant risk, return to your car in a group whenever possible. 

Protected Your Car’s Auto Glass (And Other Components)

Cars that are parked outside are more susceptible to wear-and-tear than those that are parked in enclosures. To protect your car’s components, follow these maintenance tips:

Seek Out Shade

Direct sunlight is a sizable risk to cars parked outside for prolonged periods. If your car must be parked outside, look for areas of shade to offset the sun’s harmful rays. If left in direct sunlight for a long time, the extremely high temperature could cause existing cracks in your auto glass to spread. 

As an added bonus, parking in the shade will keep your car cooler and more comfortable when it’s time to get back in the driver’s seat. 

Avoid Parking Under Trees

While we advise parking in a shaded spot whenever possible, parking underneath a tree can be risky. Here in Thornton, we have many trees that can drop debris at any point during the year. A fallen branch may not seem like a large risk, but it may have the weight to break your entire windshield. 

If you don’t have any covered parking outside of your home, but sure to trim down the branches of any trees on your property regularly. When branches are shorter, they’re at less of a risk for breaking in high winds or under the weight of fallen snow. Fewer fallen branches can make for less auto glass damage!

Be Mindful of The AC

We get it: during the hot summer months in Thornton and around the country, it’s tempting to put your AC at full blast the moment you enter your car. But, in doing so after your car has been parked outside, you may put your auto glass at risk. 

Why is this? It comes down to the expansion and contraction of glass in different temperatures. When your car is parked outside in hot temperatures, the glass will be expanded. If you quickly lower the temperature of the car with the AC system, the sudden drop in temperature will cause the glass to contract. This fast change could force the glass to crack. 

Regularly Wash The Car

When your car is parked outside of your home, it will accumulate debris more quickly than if it were to be parked in an enclosure. So, you’ll need to wash your car more frequently to keep up with various types of debris. Accumulated debris can damage your car’s paint. Just make sure to avoid washing your car’s windshield and windows with brushes. Brushes can be abrasive and may scratch the surface of the glass. 

Get Help From Your Auto Glass Experts

Complete Auto Glass in Thornton is here to help with all of your auto glass repair needs. If your car’s windshield or windows were damaged while the car was parked outside, we can travel to you to complete the repairs. Contact us today to learn more!