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Why Auto Glass Replacement Services are Crucial

auto glass replacement When it comes to driving, it’s possible to avoid most road issues. You can see a pothole up ahead so you change lanes in order to avoid a flat tire; you see a driver erratically changing lanes in your rearview mirror so you go down a different street in order to avoid their odd behavior; you can even take an alternate route if you see traffic up ahead. As long as you’re paying attention to the road and those around you, you will be safe. But there’s one issue that isn’t as easily avoided. This issue is almost impossible to avoid or prepare for. You probably already know what we’re hinting at, right? Even the smallest of rocks can lead to disastrous consequences for your car’s windshield. If you require auto glass replacement services in the Denver area, Complete Auto Glass can help!

Impossible To Avoid

The dreaded projectile that hits your windshield while you’re already late for work. The rock comes out of nowhere, becoming airborne thanks to the tires of the truck ahead of you. The small rock gets flung through the air, traveling at high speeds, and impacts your windshield. The first thing you notice is the sound then your heart sinks as the crack appears. There’s no time to stop by to get the windshield fixed, at this point. Defeated, you drive to work and park in your usual spot. Once you get out of your car, you’re able to see the extent of the damage. Your heart sinks some more as you walk into your office, shaken but ready to take on the day.

Get The Help You Deserve

We understand that it’s often difficult to make the time to repair your car’s windshield. If you require windshield damage repair assistance, choose our mobile services! You won’t have to come to us, we’ll come to you. Before long, that large crack will be a thing of the past and you’ll be able to drive safely without your vision being obscured by the damage.

Choose Complete Auto Sales, Today!

Remember, if your windshield is damaged, it’s in your best interest to fix or replace it as soon as possible. Failing to do so in time will only lead to further issues. Say you don’t change your windshield when the opportunity presents itself and, instead, you drive home. On your way, you fail to see a pothole up ahead because the crack in your windshield obscured it. You drive into the pothole and not only do you get a flat tire, but the impact itself also causes the windshield crack to spread even more! Now it’s late and you have to change a tire and drive home with an even more damaged windshield. Avoid this scenario by choosing auto glass replacement services from Complete Auto Glass, today!

Are DIY Windshield Chip Repair Kits Okay to Use?

a car with recently repaired windshield chip repairIf you have owned a car for any number of years you have dealt with the dreaded windshield chip. The unfortunate event happens most often when you are driving down the freeway and a rock from the road flies right towards your glass making a chip. Most often, drivers will attempt to see how long they can go without windshield chip repair before the tiny crack spreads. Others will buy a chip repair kit and attempt to fix the problem themselves. We have a professional viewpoint on these at home kits.

What Does a DIY Kit Come With?

The usual DIY windshield chip kit comes with instruction, tools, a piece of film, and resin. It essentially will have everything needed for an at-home windshield chip repair kit. There are also a ton of YouTube videos with people trying the kits out for themselves. The trouble isn’t so much what the kits come with, but what they leave out. You can use the kit, but it won’t include the professional equipment we use at our shop. And a DIY kit you buy for a couple dollars doesn’t come with an expert who has conducted hundreds of Windshield Chip Repairs.

The professionals at our shop understand how to distinguish different types of cracks and how to fix them. Our experts also use high-quality resin, not the same resin that comes in crafting kits. Not only that, many people who have conducted DIY jobs complain that their wipers catch on the bump of resin left behind.

Trust the Experts Instead

In the long run, leaving windshield chip repair to the experts is your best bet. First of all, your insurance will often pay for this fix in the first place. Secondly, although you are tempted to buy a kit to save money, a resin is permanent and if you don’t get it right on the first try an expert may need to replace the whole windshield.

If you have a crack in your windshield you should get it fixed right away. Waiting too long can lead to the crack spreading. If you drive at high speeds down the freeway on a regular basis the risk is even greater. If the crack does happen to spread your fix may end being more costly. Contact us today to have your windshield fixed by our experts. We will have you back on the road in no time.

Side Window Replacement is Necessary The Moment Damage Occurs

cute dog with his head out of a car window after side window replacementAny kind of damage to your vehicle can cause unneeded stress and worry. When damage happens, you will want to get it fixed right away so it doesn’t cause safety issues for you and your family or passengers. When side windows are broken or damaged, they need to be fixed as soon as possible. This is because they are much more fragile than your car’s front or rear windows. Side windows are made in a different fashion, from different materials. If you are in the Denver area, our team at Complete Auto Glass has got you covered when it comes to side window replacement.

What Goes On During The Side Window Replacement Process

When you make the decision to come to us for a side window replacement, we will do a number of beneficial things for your vehicle. We will first carefully assess the specific damage in question. We do this to make sure that it needs to be replaced. This will be the case most of the time, but we will always double check in case there is a less expensive alternative. We are very careful and will have to dismantle the door panel in order to remove any broken or shattered glass. This is something we pay very particular attention to because we want to make sure that all of the glass is cleaned up and vacuumed. After this is all done, we will measure the dimensions of your window in order to make sure the new window will be the perfect fit.

We will also make sure the door and window operate correctly and poses no issues for you and your passengers. We want our customers to have a stress free time when it comes to getting their side window replacement. Our team has the tools and knowledge necessary to fix your side window quickly and accurately. All in all, we are huge advocates for road and vehicle safety and know how precious life is. That’s why we always want to send our customers on their way with a car that functions as it should.

Call Complete Auto Glass Today!

If you are in the Denver area and your car needs side window replacement, you should consider visiting our team at Complete Auto Glass. If you cannot get time off from work or require special assistance, we may be able to come to you to do the work. This will all depend on the type of damage that has taken place on your side window. If you would like more information on how Complete Auto Glass can better assist you, please contact us today!

Stay Safe By Scheduling Rear Window Repair As Soon As Possible

a car after receiving rear window repairDriving a vehicle that is safe and reliable should be your number one concern when on the road. When car issues arise, you usually know that something is wrong. More often than not, you will see an indication that something is wrong. This can sometimes be very apparent. However, there are some things that can go unnoticed but shouldn’t. Cracks and chips in your rear window, for instance, are some things that should never go unnoticed. While they may seem small and insignificant at first, cracks and chips can turn into a much more dangerous problem if it shatters. Leaving it unattended for too long can cause your car to run the risk of this happening while you are driving. If you are in the Denver metro area and need rear window repair before something serious happens, our team at Complete Auto Glass can assist you today.

Keep Yourself And Your Occupants Safe

If you get a small chip or crack, you probably won’t think twice about it because it’s so small. That’s normal to assume it’s just fine. But if you don’t take care of these cracks, they can start to spread across the entire rear window. This can be dangerous for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it can reduce your visibility when driving if the back window is cracked or chipped. This can be dangerous and can cause accidents to happen if you cannot see clearly out of the window. When cracks or chips spread across the windshield, this will put your window at risk for shattering as well. If this happens on the road while you are driving it can be very startling to the driver and the passengers.

Our Professionals Will Get The Job Done

A rear window repair can be a huge lifesaver, so you should opt for it as soon as you realize there is an issue. An auto glass shop will be able to take a look at your window damage and decide what the best route to fix it will be. If you are in the Denver metro area, our team at Complete Auto Glass can help you out. We are trained professional who have the knowledge and experience necessary to do your rear window repair the right way. We have to spend a lot of time working on cars and windows and know the extreme importance of driving a vehicle with properly functioning windows.

Complete Auto Glass Will Come To You

If you work or cannot leave your home for one reason or another, most of the time an auto glass company can come to you. This means that you won’t have to get time off of work or try to find a babysitter for your kids. A glass technician can come to your location and do the repair right there. This will all depend on what kind of rear window repair you need. If you would like more information on how our team can help you, please feel free to give us a call today!

Auto Glass Repair Versus Replacement

a car driving after receiving auto glass repairThe windshield of your car is designed to provide structural support for the vehicle. It is also constructed to stand up to the stress of traveling on highways. Damage and the need for auto glass repair inevitably occurs. Windshields have two layers of glass that “sandwich” an inner layer of automotive safety glass. The inner layer, called the lamination, is what holds together the broken outer layers in the event of an accident. This explains how windshields crack when they are struck by objects, but do not fall apart or cave in as the result of most everyday occurrences. If you’re facing issues, Complete Auto Glass is ready to help!

Look Into Auto Glass Repair Before You Replace

Not long ago, a chip or crack in your windshield meant certain replacement. However, that is no longer the case. Modern technology makes auto glass repair possible for windshields that would have previously been scrapped. Not only does this save your windshield, it also saves you money. Whether you need repair or replacement depends on the size, type, depth, and location of the damage. Moreover, results from the auto glass repair will vary based on the age, the amount of contamination, location & severity of the cracks.

Generally, a crack or chip can be safely repaired if it can be covered by a dollar bill. Advancements are being made so that auto glass repair shops can easily fix cracks that are up to 18 inches long. Chips and cracks that can be covered with a quarter can also be repaired. This includes star breaks which are short radial cracks coming off of the impact point and both bulls-eye and partial bulls-eye which are caused by round objects. Auto glass repair also includes crack chips that are around the size of a quarter, minor dings and pits that have small pieces of glass missing.

Other Factors that Contribute to Auto Glass Repair

It also pays to look into auto glass repair as opposed to complete windshield replacement because it costs less. Many insurance policies make it so that you end up paying little to nothing to have your windshield fixed. It generally takes under an hour for repairs to be done. It could take over two hours for the replacement to be complete. This is because you must wait for the adhesive to set and bond. If you have a crack or chip in your windshield and are in the Denver area, contact Complete Auto Glass for all of your auto glass repair needs. 

Professional Car Window Repair Matters

a car after car window repair at the beach during a beautiful sunsetWe look through our car windshield and windows every time we drive, but we usually don’t pay much attention to the glass. That is, of course, until something goes wrong. A rock chip, vandalism, or extreme weather can cause irreversible damage to our windows and windshields, and we are all but forced to notice and take action. Complete Auto Glass is ready to help. 

More than a Cosmetic Issue

It is important to remember that a chip or crack in your windshield in much more than a cosmetic issue, and it requires much more than a quick fix. Chips and cracks that are left to their own devices can easily result in a shattered windshield, and the risk gets higher the longer people wait. Thus, while it may be tempting to ignore the issue or have a well-meaning friend inspect the damage, it is best to seek out professional car window repair.

Why Professional Repair is Important

Many car owners default to the lowest car window repair prices they can find. In doing so,  however, they often sacrifice quality of work. Here are a few reasons why professionalism is important criteria when choosing a window repair service:

Incorrect Installment Can Be Dangerous

An incorrectly installed window or windshield can cause a lot of problems in the future, and most drivers don’t know that their windshield isn’t properly installed until it is too late. If you happen to get in an accident, the windshield could pop out and cause the vehicle’s roof to cave in. If your car has airbags, the chances of this happening are even more likely.

Safety Matters

Car experts agree that the windshield is the number one safety restraint feature in a vehicle. It provides a layer of protection between what is inside of the car (you) and what is outside of the car. To protect drivers and passengers, the windshield has several layers – two sheets of glass held together by an inner layer of strong vinyl. If the windshield breaks, the vinyl holds the glass in place and prevents the shards from falling into the car and cutting the occupants. If the windshield is improperly installed, safety is infringed upon.

Not All Technicians are Careful

Careful, calculated car window repair is key, but now all technicians take the time necessary to ensure proper installation. When technicians fail to wear gloves, for example, the oils from their hands can prevent the sealants from bonding. Other mistakes include failing to use primer, failing to high-quality glass, and failing to let the car sit for awhile after installation. This time window (anywhere from 1 hour to 12 hours) is important for everything to bond together.

Car Window Repair in Texas

At Complete Auto Glass, we are committed to proper windshield installation and car window repair. We take pride in our attention to detail and our quality craftsmanship, and we refuse to rush through the process. Your safety matters to us! Let us help you with car window repair so you can get back on the road and back to safe driving.



Five Steps for a Side Window Replacement

a group of friends inside a car ready to go on a vacation road tripWhether your window was damaged in an attempted theft, an auto collision, or another type of frustrating accident, we understand that having a broken side window is a total inconvenience that can evoke a lot of stress. Luckily, the professionals at Complete Auto Glass are experts at assessing window damage and making repairs, and we provide side window replacement services that save our clients stress, time, and money! Here is a brief overview of the steps we take when replacing a side window.

Side Window Replacement Steps

While cracked windshields can often be fixed without replacing the entire frame of glass, damaged side windows tend to require full replacements. This is because side windows (including door glass, quarter glass, and vent glass) are manufactured differently than front windshields. While front windshields are laminated, most side glass is tempered, causing it to shatter when hit with enough force.

A Stress Free Experience

Whether it is a trusty Toyota truck, a brand new Jeep, or an old RV, the glass experts at Complete Auto Glass offer first rate services and a stress free experience. We strive to offer the most affordable prices in our service area. We help people take care of their vehicles without destroying their budgets! In addition, we go above and beyond by helping our customers fill out complicated insurance claims. With over fifteen years of experience and a commitment to excellence, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, there is no better auto glass company in Colorado. There is no need to suffer due to a shattered side window. Call us today to get the replacement process started!


Pesky Windshield Cracks and Rear Window Replacement

a severely destroyed car window that requires rear window replacementIf you think you are in need of a rear window replacement due to a pesky windshield crack, you will likely need to visit Complete Auto Glass. All cracks spread eventually due to time passing and shifts in temperature, and the only way to completely stop the spread is to visit a repair shop! In the meantime, however, there are a few ways that you may be able to keep the windshield crack from spreading and shattering completely.  

The Woes of Windshield Cracks

When Henry Ford’s Model T made its debut in 1908, no one imagined that the automobile would ever be anything more than an accessory to modern life. In the modern world, however, the majority of people express that owning a vehicle is essential to their lives. The rhythms of American society almost demand that people have their own cars. And while bicycles and various forms of public transportation are still important and available options in many large cities, cars take center stage as our primary means for commuting.

Because they are so valuable to us, we do our best to take care of our vehicles. They are a huge financial investment, and the better we tend to them, the less money we will have to spend overall. And because we take care of our vehicles, there is almost nothing more frustrating than a windshield crack! Though these cracks are usually outside of the driver’s control, they can cause severe damage to the windshield.

Tips for Keeping Windshield Cracks from Spreading

Try tape: To keep a windshield crack from spreading, you must prevent dust, debris, and water from getting into the crack and causing further damage to the glass. It may sound simple, but a piece of clear tape can usually hold the window over until you have time to visit an auto shop. In the case of freezing weather or heavy rain, however, tape probably won’t do the trick. You will need to try something a little bit more… innovative.  

Get innovative with nail polish: You may have thought that nail polish was only good for manicure purposes, but you can consider yourself (happily) proved wrong! Clear nail polish can serve as a sealant, filling in the crack and serving to protect it against the elements that cause further spreading.

Always clean the windshield crack first: Whether you try tape or clear nail polish, always make sure the window area is free of dirt. Wipe the area with a thoroughly with a dry (not wet!) towel to ensure that it is clean.

Will a Rear Window Replacement be Necessary?

While those tips may tie your window over for a little while, professional service is the next step. Rear window cracks that are smaller – less than 12 inches – can typically be fixed without a full window replacement. If the crack is larger than 12 inches and obstructs the view of the driver, however, a rear window replacement will likely be in the cards. Luckily, a rear window crack does not have to damage your wallet as much as it does your windshield! At Complete Auto Glass, we are committed to providing our customers with inexpensive and high quality rear window replacement services.

Do I Need Windshield Replacement or Repair?

a car windshield getting chip repair with a modern epoxy toolDriving can case wear and tear on your car. With the kind of weather that we have here in Colorado, you might wonder if a little ding requires repairs or replacement. You want what’s best for your car. Windshields actually work hard to keep you and your passengers safe while out on the road. For this reason, it’s important to get repairs or replacements are quickly as possible. It’s also crucial to choose a company with the experience necessary to make your windshield issues a thing of the past. The team at Complete Auto Glass is made up of trained professionals who can either carry out a windshield replacement or make a seamless repair that will leave your car looking good as new.

When You have a Chipped Windshield…

It is helpful to deal with experts in order to understand the difference between a windshield repair or replacement. It’s also good to know when you deal with this credible company they will handle the insurance part of the claim for you. Of course there’s more to getting a satisfactory service. Cost is always a factor. We know that when you are considering windshield replacement, you’re looking for excellent services at a great price. For this reason, we strive to keep the bill low. If you require a simple repair, such as chip repair, we will make use of a special epoxy adhesive. Once this epoxy dries, the damage from the chip will be unnoticeable and gone!

When You Have a Cracked Windshield…windshield repair technician placing a new windshield on a small sedan

On the other hand, a crack in a windshield can be a totally different story. Cracks tend to spread over time. ior this reason, it is usually a good idea to get the windshield replaced and save yourself the trouble of having to do it sometime in the future. There are consumers who think that all automotive glass is the same. This is not the case. Nothing could be further from the truth. Premium windshield replacement glass always gives you a better product that lasts longer. Windshield replacement may seem tricky but, if you choose an experienced team, the results will leave your car better than new.

Choose Complete Auto Glass for Windshield Replacement or Repair

No matter what issues your windshield is facing, we can help. Complete Auto Glass is the premiere windshield expert. We understand the importance of windshields and we will always give the best services possible. Contact Complete Auto Glass today.

Options for Windshield Chip Repair

a mechanic performing windshield chip repairDo you have a chip in your windshield? You may require windshield chip repair to you to fix the issue. Many Denver drivers end up with chips because road debris hits their windshield. Others may get chips because of bad weather like hail causes damage. Whatever the cause of your chipped windshield, Complete Auto Glass can help. We can provide you with comprehensive information about the different options that are available to you to fix your windshield.

Options for Windshield Chip Repair

Your options for windshield chip repair are going to vary depending upon a couple different factors. The chip’s location plays a big role in what repair options you can take advantage of. The size of the damage to your windshield also matters a lot. If you have a small chip, you may simply be able to have the chip filled. This way, you can avoid getting an entirely new windshield. This is usually a viable solution when the chipped area of the windshield is not directly in your line of site.  However, if you have a larger windshield chip or if there are chips in your line of vision when you are driving the vehicle, then the only option available to you to resolve the problem may be to entirely replace the windshield.

Choosing the Right Option for Windshield Chip Repaira crack on a windshield

Denver drivers need to make sure they select the right option for windshield chip repair so they can keep their car safe and reduce the chances of accidents happening. You don’t want to have a hard time seeing when you are driving or have a small chip become a big crack when you are behind the wheel. You need to talk with professionals about viable solutions to your issue so you can make the right choice about getting your windshield looking new again.

Getting Help with Windshield Chip Repair

Complete Auto Glass can provide comprehensive help with windshield chip repair. If you have a problem and need a chip fixed or a windshield replaced, we are here to help. Give us a call today to find out more about the assistance we offer you. Contact Complete Auto Glass today!