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How Your Vehicle’s Auto Glass Makes A Difference

auto glass

The glass used on the windows of cars and trucks is different than the glass used for other purposes such as your home’s windows and those on storefronts. It’s thicker, especially on the windshields. Side and rear windows are marginally different, but auto glass is much more different than the panes in your home windows or doors. Why? The answer is simple: your safety. Auto glass is made specifically to withstand the elements, temperature fluctuations, and to keep you safe, even in the case of auto accidents. That is why it is important to know where you can find quality repairs and replacements. The experts at Complete Auto Glass know there is more than meets the eye when it comes to your car’s windshields and windows. When it comes to your safety, we don’t mess around!

How is Auto Glass Different?

Auto glass is made with the purpose of keeping you and passengers safe. Much thought was put into the modern car, including the type of glass that would be used. So what makes it different? Let’s explore!


Windshields are made with what is called laminated glass. This means that it is made from two pieces of glass that hold a thin layer of vinyl in between. They are fused together through heat and pressure. It makes for a tough glass layer between you and the outside world. This is why when your windshield gets struck by a piece of random debris, it causes a chip or crack that is only on one side of the glass. It’s also why repairs are easily attainable for most chips and cracks. In the case of a serious accident, this glass is designed to shatter. The pieces usually stick to the vinyl layer in order to prevent glass from potentially injuring you or your passengers.

Side Windows

These windows are made with what is called tempered glass. The process involves heating the glass to a certain temperature, then rapidly cooling it. It makes the glass become much stronger and is designed to also shatter into tiny pieces. This avoids any flying glass from becoming a hazard, as well as avoiding jagged edges that can cut a passenger or first responder.

Why is it Important to Find Quality Repairs and Replacements?

Every windshield and car window is put through a rigorous inspection to ensure quality design before being put on a car. It is also matched to the car’s size, model, and make. Due to these specifications, it is important to make sure that when you have windshield or window damage, you find capable and knowledgeable experts to evaluate the problem. They can inspect the damage and determine whether you need a simple repair or a complete replacement. They also need to know how to repair or replace it correctly to ensure your safety.

Complete Auto Glass is Here to Help

At Complete Auto Glass, you can be confident knowing our experts know auto glass. We are experienced and well aware of the need for anything concerning your car windows to be done meticulously. We don’t play around when it comes to your safety. Contact us today!

Do I Need a New Windshield?

You driving on the freeway, almost home and to that nice cold drink and your comfy chair when you hear a tap on your windshield. A small object, maybe a rock or a piece of hard debris has hit your window. Now you have a chip. Besides causing a definite bump in your day, you now have to figure out if windshield chip repair will be enough to fix the chip. Or if you will need a new windshield. Well, there are several different ways you can tell if you need a new windshield, starting with the size, depth and location of the chip. For all your windshield needs turn to Complete Auto Glass. For the Thornton area, there is no one better qualified to work on your car windows.

Size of the Chip

First and foremost, the size of the chip will greatly determine whether or not you need to replace your windshield. Smaller chips, about the size of a penny or a nickel are usually repairable. Even chips the size of a quarter can usually be repaired, although not always. Anything bigger than this and replacement becomes the better option. Another thing to look for is the amount of chips you have. If you have three smaller chips, then replacement is preferred as the window can shatter without notice. Having qualified windshield chip repair makes a huge difference in the use of your car.

Depth of the Chip

Depending on how deep the chip is, you may need to replace your window. One check is to see if you can feel air coming from the chip. This means it has completely penetrated the window and can spread. With a chip that deep, it is a safe bet that you will need to replace the windshield. When you go with a company that is experienced in both repair and replacement, they can help you pick the right option for your car window.

Location of the Chip

Lastly, where the chip is can alter windshield chip repair effeteness. If the chip is in direct view of the driver, then you will need to have the window replaced. The reason for this is that even if the chip is repaired, it will still leave a bit of a distortion. This is not an issue if the chip is located elsewhere. However, in the view of the driver it can cause too much of an effect on their ability to see properly. This can be a road hazard, so it is best to simply replace the windshield.

Contact Us Today

If it’s chipped or you need a new windshield, Complete Auto Glass can help you out. We have helped many cars in Thornton with windshield chip repair. Call us today to make an appointment.

Windshield Chip Repair to Prevent Cracks

view of a highway through a chipped windshieldWe all have been there. You are driving down the freeway and a rock flies at your window. The next thing you know there is a huge chip on your windshield. Accidents happen and can wreak havoc. The only thing that can make this problem worse is not taking care of it right away. However, windshield chip repair is much easier and more cost effective than most people realize.

What Causes Windshield Chips?

A number of different situations can lead to an unforeseen windshield chip. Driving too closely behind a construction truck or traveling down a gravel road can both cause a chip. Unfortunately, hail can cause chips and cracks as well. Poor installation and getting into car accidents can lead to windshield cracks as well. Many don’t realize that changes in temperature can cause problems as well. A quick change in temperature can cause the glass to expand and contract irregularly. This can definitely lead to a crack. Not only that, extensive heat or sun exposure can cause a crack as well.

Windshield Chips Turn into Cracks

Neglecting care or going without windshield repair can lead to bigger problems. Adverse weather, driving at high speeds, or getting in a car accident can cause the chip to turn into a crack. When you let too much time pass after getting a chip damage you only increase the chances of compromising the entire windshield. Once a crack is too big or long the windshield must be replaced.  

Windshield Chip Repair

The best thing you can do for your vehicle is get windshield chip repair right away. In most cases windshield chip repair can be covered by an insurance claim. Otherwise the repairs are very affordable. Not only that, this simple repair only takes a few hours. A chip repair is conducted with special tools and resin to make a seamless fix that is hardly noticeable. On the other hand, getting the windshield replaced is a much larger fix that can mean going without a vehicle for several days.

Contact Us Today for Windshield Chip Repair

If you need repair conducted on your vehicle call us at Complete Auto Glass. We offer a variety of services to help you get your vehicle back into shape. Whether you have an annoying chip or an unsightly crack, we can help. One of our experts will be happy to set you up with a consultation.

Are DIY Windshield Chip Repair Kits Okay to Use?

a car with recently repaired windshield chip repairIf you have owned a car for any number of years you have dealt with the dreaded windshield chip. The unfortunate event happens most often when you are driving down the freeway and a rock from the road flies right towards your glass making a chip. Most often, drivers will attempt to see how long they can go without windshield chip repair before the tiny crack spreads. Others will buy a chip repair kit and attempt to fix the problem themselves. We have a professional viewpoint on these at home kits.

What Does a DIY Kit Come With?

The usual DIY windshield chip kit comes with instruction, tools, a piece of film, and resin. It essentially will have everything needed for an at-home windshield chip repair kit. There are also a ton of YouTube videos with people trying the kits out for themselves. The trouble isn’t so much what the kits come with, but what they leave out. You can use the kit, but it won’t include the professional equipment we use at our shop. And a DIY kit you buy for a couple dollars doesn’t come with an expert who has conducted hundreds of Windshield Chip Repairs.

The professionals at our shop understand how to distinguish different types of cracks and how to fix them. Our experts also use high-quality resin, not the same resin that comes in crafting kits. Not only that, many people who have conducted DIY jobs complain that their wipers catch on the bump of resin left behind.

Trust the Experts Instead

In the long run, leaving windshield chip repair to the experts is your best bet. First of all, your insurance will often pay for this fix in the first place. Secondly, although you are tempted to buy a kit to save money, a resin is permanent and if you don’t get it right on the first try an expert may need to replace the whole windshield.

If you have a crack in your windshield you should get it fixed right away. Waiting too long can lead to the crack spreading. If you drive at high speeds down the freeway on a regular basis the risk is even greater. If the crack does happen to spread your fix may end being more costly. Contact us today to have your windshield fixed by our experts. We will have you back on the road in no time.

Don’t Put Off Getting A Windshield Chip Repair

two car mechanics doing windshield chip repair on a carYour brand new car is your baby. You take care of it with love, clean it often, and are generally cautious when you drive. The same comes with your windshield. It finally happened as you were driving down the freeway. That huge truck blasted out of nowhere, spraying gravel all over the place as it zoomed by your car. One rock dinged your window and left a noticeable chip on your front windshield. If you’ve recently gotten a chip in your windshield, you will want to get it repaired right away. If you’re in the Denver area, Complete Auto Glass can perform a windshield chip repair for your beautiful car.

Waiting Too Long Could Cause You Major Problems

You will not want to wait too long when you have gotten a chip in your windshield. If you wait long enough, the chip can turn into a crack and the crack can spread across your entire windshield. This causes immediate danger for you and your passengers because it blocks your complete vision of the road. It also puts you in danger of driving a car with a windshield that could potentially shatter. If you catch the rock ding in time, you can get a windshield chip repair instead of having to replace your entire windshield. Chances are a brand new windshield will cost you way more than a chip repair. You will be helping yourself by scheduling a repair with a professional glass technician before it’s too late.

What Will Happen When You Get Windshield Chip Repair

Most of the time, a glass technician can come to you, so you won’t have to leave work to bring your car in to be fixed. If you have a windshield chip, a glass technician will assess the damage and then go about fixing it carefully. Our professionals at Complete Auto Glass will make sure the chip is fixed and that no debris or mess is left on our around your window. We want to make sure our work allows you to continue on like before you had the chip in your windshield. Our goal is to provide satisfactory customer service and we strive to make our customers happy every single day.

Your Options Depend On Your Situation

The options for your windshield chip repair definitely depend on your specific situation. The location, size, and type of chip you received will determine what is necessary to fix it. A glass professional will be able to find all of this out right away and get to work on it. If you are someone that enjoys visible driving and a car that looks great on the exterior, it is best to call in for windshield chip repair today. You will be much happier with a clear windshield that poses no danger to your or those driving with you. If you are in the Denver area and need a chip repair immediately, please do not hesitate to contact Complete Auto Glass to schedule an appointment!

Windshield Chip Repair — How Does It Work ?

woman in car shop doing window chip repair on a vehicle If you are in Thornton with a newly chipped windshield, you may have to budget in a windshield chip repair. Like many before you, youre not willing to lose money over such a minor incident. So how do you decide whether you should do the job yourself or if you need to get it repaired at all? Here is a quick overview of how windshield chip repair is done and what happens if you choose to ignore it. If you need any type of windshield repair, Complete Auto Glass can help.

Determining the Size of the Chip

Before you make any decision on windshield chip repairs, you must first consider the size of the damage. A repair may not be enough if the chip or crack is too large,  in the line of sight for the driver, or starting at the edge of your windshield. At this point, it may be best to simply replace the entirety of the windshield.

Making the Repairs

Once we determine the repairs, we cool down your car. After this, we will inject a resin into the windshield. This resin should fill in the entirety of the crack. We then must set to dry the resin. Afterwards, we must scrape off the excess resin. This process sounds simple but if done incorrectly, it will be difficult to fix. A sign of incorrect windshield chip repair is if the chip continues to grow. This shows that the resin incorrectly set. At that point, your only option would be complete windshield replacement. Ignoring a crack or a chipped windshield is common.  hands with blue gloves doing windshield chip repair on a car

Get the Windshield Chip Repair Your Car Deserves 

Here at Complete Auto Glass, we advise to have it taken care of as soon as possible. We have been servicing the Thornton area for over 15 years and we’ve seen chips turn into large cracks that require a full replacement. Give us a call and we all take care of your windshield chip repair needs before it becomes a problem. Contact Complete Auto Glass today!