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Reasons to Not Put Off Your Windshield Repair

Severe damage to a windshield caused by a heavy hail storm

Everyone has had that repair job that they just want to put off. Maybe the garage door is acting funny, or your dishwasher has been making a weird noise every now and again. While some projects can definitely wait a while, getting your windshield repaired should never be put off. We at Complete Auto Glass have seen the perils of putting off glass repair for many years. Here are just some of the reasons why getting your windshield fixed now is the best option for your safety and your wallet. 

A Tiny Crack Can Become A Big Problem

Tiny cracks in your windows can be the worst, but it can always get bigger and bigger, which means more and more money to fix it. Small cracks can become larger over time for a number of reasons—debris like rocks and sticks, wind pressure from high speeds, or bumpy and rocky roads making the car vibrate or shake. Cracks make the glass less sturdy, and bigger cracks will form from ones that may look benign. Don’t let those cracks grow, bring your car over today.

Cracks Make Accidents Much More Dangerous 

Having a cracked windshield can make driving exponentially more dangerous. Large cracks that impair vision can lead to accidents, and those accidents may be even worse with a bad windshield. Incidents where an intact windshield would have stayed intact may be drastically different with a cracked windshield, and that can lead to major injuries or even worse. The windshield plays a big role in keeping you from a frontal ejection, and can even make the airbag deployment malfunction as well. The hospital bills from the accident will certainly be much higher than the price of your windshield repair, so don’t put off your glass repair any longer. Federal guidelines require no cracks in the windshield wiper area, so leaving cracks there may result in getting pulled over and getting a ticket as well. Instead of paying thousands and thousands on hospital bills and traffic tickets, let us repair your glass and give you the peace of mind to enjoy the road.

Complete Auto Glass cares about all the drivers in Denver, and we pride ourselves on the work we do for our customers. Call us today or come visit us to find out what we can do for your windshield today! 


Get Your Windshield Crack Repair Done As Soon As Possible

a car with the sunset in the foregroundIf you have a brand new car, you know just how important it is to keep it in great looking condition. You want to take care of it by taking it to the car wash and making sure that the outside is in great cosmetic condition. Almost everyone knows the importance of driving with caution. Driving safely can prove to be a difficult task if your windshield is cracked or chipped. Windshield damage can happen quite easily if you drive down the freeway frequently next to big trucks. If you have recently got a rock chip or crack in your windshield, you want to make sure that you get it fixed right away. If you are in the Denver area and need a windshield crack repair, our team at Complete Auto Glass can perform the repair for your car.

Don’t Wait Forever To Get The Issue Fixed

Once you have a crack or chip in your windshield, you will not want to wait very long to get it fixed. The longer you wait, the easier it will be for the chip to turn into a crack and the crack to spread across the windshield and eventually even shatter. You want to avoid this happening to your car at all costs for a number of reasons. It may be relatively cheap to get a chip repaired but once it has cracked or spread across the entire windshield and shattered, it can become very costly.

Driving with this type of damage can also put you and anyone else in your vehicle in danger. Not only does it block your vision of the road, you can also be put in danger if your windshield shatters while you are driving. This can startle you and even make you go off the road or hit another car. 

Do Yourself A Big Favor

All in all, you will be doing yourself a favor by scheduling your windshield crack repair with a professional company as soon as possible. While it may not have been an option in the past, most of the time now an auto glass technician can come to where your car is and fix it for you. This is great for anyone that has prior engagements or has to work and cannot take their car to the shop to get fixed.

A great technician will be able to take a look at your vehicle and decide what the best route will be to get it back into working condition. Our team at Complete Auto Glass will be able to ensure that the chip or crack is fixed immediately and that it will not be an issue for you in the future. We make it our personal goal to provide the best customer service in the area. We know how important it is to drive a car that has a clear and visible windshield.

Insurance May Cover A Majority Of The Cost

Most of the time a windshield crack repair will be covered by insurance. This means that you will probably only have to pay a small cost or meet a certain deductible to get the work done on your vehicle. If you are in the Denver area and need this important service, we will be able to easily help you out when it comes to your windshield. With our repair services, you will not regret the excellent work we will perform on your car. We also know the true importance of quality customer service. If you would like more information on our services or how we can better assist you, please contact us today. 

Benefits of Rear Window Replacement

A car's rear windowComplete Auto offers a variety of services for your car. One service offered is rear window replacement. If your rear window has a crack, or is damaged, you need to have it replaced. Small cracks compromise the integrity of the window, and will spread. Eventually your window will break completely, but you will not know when. Imagine driving on the freeway and your back window breaks in half. Such a thing is possible. Why wait until disaster strikes? Instead get your rear window replaced by professionals. The people at Complete Auto Glass are ready and willing to replace any of your windows. Complete Auto Glass offers fast, easy, and quality service.


Complete Auto Glass offers fast rear window replacement. Rear window replacement does not take a long time. In fact, most replacement only take an hour. When you take your car in, you will not lose an entire day. This means you will have plenty time left to still run errands. In addition, having a fast replacement means less interruption of your routine. You can still go to work, or school, or the store. 


Complete Auto Glass offers easy window replacement. No need to stress! Our services are easy to understand and easy to set up. From scheduling to paying, we try to make every step easy for you. There are no surprises! Getting a crack in your window is stressful enough, so we do our best make the replacement easy for you. You have a team of people working to make the process smooth and easy.


Every rear window used by Complete Auto Glass is a quality product. We use the best glass, designed to withstand pressure and weather. Our installation process is also done by certified experts. No beginner is working on your car.  You do not have to fear that your window will be installed incorrectly or that your rear window will easily break again. We do everything in our power to make sure your rear window replacement is does properly and with care.

If you need to have your rear window replaced, Complete Auto Glass can help you. Not only do we have certified workers ready and willing to help you, we also have a vast store of knowledge. We will do everything in our power to make sure you get the best window at the best price. With Complete Auto Glass, you are sure to get the best service for your window replacement. We provide fast, easy and quality service every time! Contact us today!

Dealing with Bad Windshield Crack Repair

 a car with a cracked windshieldA bad windshield crack repair job is as bad anywhere as it is in Denver. There are several reasons as to why a repair went poorly. Some vehicles require patience from technicians as well as expertise in removing the old windshield. At Complete Auto Glass, we have served the Denver area for over 15 years. If you need to know if you are in need of another windshield crack repair, heres a list of things that make a bad repair job.

At-Home Windshield Crack Repair

One of the most common reasons for a bad windshield repair is using a DIY kit. While these kits are not necessarily bad, not all repairs are the same. A repair requires the analytical eye of a professional that know how to inject resin properly. Otherwise, the crack will only continue to grow after the failed attempt at a repair. Once the resin is in, you will not have another chance for a windshield repair. This means you will have to replace the windshield entirely. An expert like a technician from Complete Auto Glass can better judge how to go about a repair. They can properly repair your windshield the first time.

Knowing When to Repair or Replace Your Windshield

As we have just covered, it takes a professional to analyze a crack in your windshield. Unfortunately, not all technicians will be honest about their abilities to make a repair. The truth is, not every vehicle is eligible for a windshield repair job. As a consumer, it would suit you to know what damage qualifies as repairable.

Professional Windshield Crack Repair

When you need a windshield repair job done properly in Denver, it is always best to know what to expect from your technician. Here at Complete Auto Glass, we want you to be as well informed as possible. So, the more you know, the better we can assist you with your windshield problems.  If you believe you need a professional windshield repair, we are always here to help. Contact Complete Auto Glass today.

What to Look for With Windshield Crack Repair

a car with windshield crack that requires repairIf you have a crack in your windshield, you need windshield crack repair. Make sure you repair your windshield in a timely manner. This way, you won’t be without your car for any length of time. And now, you won’t have to deal with visibility issues from a problem windshield. Make sure the performed repairs are done in an affordable and correct manner. This is important in order to avoid further problems. For drivers in the Denver area, Complete Auto Glass can take care of your crack repair.

Affordable Windshield Crack Repair

A car windshield can be expensive, so you need to look for a company that cares about your budget.  Find a company that does both repairs and replacements. You may be able to get the costs covered by your auto insurer. Sometimes even no deductible will be necessary depending on your policy. This means you should look for a company who will also help you deal with your insurer.  You can save money and also cover the costs when possible.

Skilled Windshield Crack Repair

Denver drivers also need to make sure that the company which handles their windshield crack repair has the skill to do the job right. You don’t want to be driving around and have the windshield crack again or have the entire windshield shatter, as this could be very dangerous. A poorly fixed crack can impede your visibility. Complete Auto Glass has been in business for a long time and knows how to do the repair process properly so you won’t have to worry about this issue.windshield crack repair under way

Contact Complete Auto Glass

If you’re in need of windshield crack repair, contact Complete Auto Glass today. We’ll help you to determine your repair options and to find out about getting costs covered. Give us a call now to learn more.

Don’t Get Broken Up Over Windshield Crack Repair

a car in need of windshield crack repair It’s a fact of life that your car’s windshield will get damaged at some point or another. It’s frustrating to think of windshield crack repair. Finding a fix and worrying about cost are just a few things that might run through your mind. Thankfully, there’s good news for you. The process of repairing your cracked windshield can be totally stress-free! This is because Complete Auto Glass can make the process simple and easy for you.

Don’t Worry About Windshield Crack Repair

Complete Auto Glass provides comprehensive repairs for anyone who has a problem with their car’s windshield; it’s easy for them to fix small chips or cracks. We can also take care of more major windshield problems, like complete windshield replacement. Our process is straightforward and quick so you won’t be without your car too long. We will evaluate whether mechanics performing windshield crack repair windshield crack repair is possible or whether a full replacement is necessary. We will also help you to work with your insurance company to get coverage for either this repair or the replacement of your windshield. You should be able to get most claims covered, with our assistance completing paperwork for your insurer. So there is no reason to worry or stress out over windshield crack repair when Complete Auto Glass has you covered!

Scheduled Your Windshield Crack Repair Today

Try to avoid driving around with a cracked windshield. In fact, it is a safety hazard to do so.  You need to make sure you get windshield crack repair whenever you notice an issue. This is important both because you want to be able to see clearly but also because you want to prevent the problem from getting worse.  Want to find out more about how you can get your repairs done right? Schedule your repair with us today and have your windshield looking good as new in no time!
Contact Complete Auto Glass today.

Types of Auto Glass Damage That Requires Professional Repair


Broken windshield with red car in background

If you stop and think about it, it should come as no surprise that there are different kinds of auto glass damage you can suffer in the Denver, Colorado area. There are various kinds of chips and cracks that can ruin your windshield eventually most of this kind of damage comes from small rocks that get picked up and flung from other car’s tires. Here are some common types of auto glass damage and how they affect the quality of your vehicle.

Auto Glass Chips

professional cleaning windshield with crack in itThis is the smallest kind of auto glass damage that you’ll find in Colorado and other parts of the United States. Because there is usually a clear chip taken right out of the windshield by a rock or small stone, the usual repair method is what’s called a chip repair. Many drivers who have an auto glass issue that is only the size of a small chip tends to ignore it but this can be at their own peril since even the smallest chip can feather out and become a larger crack necessitating the whole windshield to be replaced soon.

Cracks That Need Immediate Repair

There are many different types of cracks your auto glass can undergo and most of them require that the entire windshield be replaced. Sometimes a crack can begin at the edge of the windshield, an edge crack is usually quite long and can be as much as 10 to 12 inches in length. This can easily threaten the quality of your remaining glass, weakening the entire surface.

One of the other issues with glass damage to your vehicle is called a stress crack. These usually form with windshields that are older. If you live in an area that has hot sun for a large portion of the year and turn on the air conditioning quite frequently, this type of stress crack can occur over time. Keeping your auto glass in excellent shape is a safety feature in the Denver area and all over that should be maintained.  Contact Complete Auto Glass today for more information!

When a Chipped Windshield Turns into Windshield Crack Repair

windshield-crack-repair, Thornton-CO, auto-glass

If your windshield chipped and now a crack has begun to develop, you should contact Complete Auto Glass to find out what your options are for windshield crack repair in Denver. We have provided the area with reliable and affordable windshield repair services for years. Our team has over 14 years of combined auto glass experience and are dedicated to providing quality service every time.

A chip in a windshield can happen for many reasons, including occurring because a rock or other road debris hits the window or because the window is hit by a tree branch. In most cases, small chips in your cars windshield can be fixed quickly and easily by Complete Auto Glass. Insurance usually covers 100 percent of the cost of fixing small chips, and we take care of making the insurance claim for you. We also come to you to do the repairs.  

When a chip is not fixed right away, however, bigger problems can develop because the chip can start to turn into a crack. While you may have initially thought the chip was not an issue, you are probably thinking twice now that the damaged area of the windshield is growing. Windshield crack repair may still be possible, depending upon the size of the cracked area that needs to be fixed. Call Complete Auto Glass right away to get advice on whether repair is still possible, before the crack grows any bigger and replacement becomes the only option.  If replacement is necessary, we can also take care of the too.

Complete Auto Glass has more than 15 years experience in the business of windshield crack repair, and we make sure to stand behind every job we do. Contact us now to learn more.