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Reasons to Not Put Off Your Windshield Repair

Severe damage to a windshield caused by a heavy hail storm

Everyone has had that repair job that they just want to put off. Maybe the garage door is acting funny, or your dishwasher has been making a weird noise every now and again. While some projects can definitely wait a while, getting your windshield repaired should never be put off. We at Complete Auto Glass have seen the perils of putting off glass repair for many years. Here are just some of the reasons why getting your windshield fixed now is the best option for your safety and your wallet. 

A Tiny Crack Can Become A Big Problem

Tiny cracks in your windows can be the worst, but it can always get bigger and bigger, which means more and more money to fix it. Small cracks can become larger over time for a number of reasons—debris like rocks and sticks, wind pressure from high speeds, or bumpy and rocky roads making the car vibrate or shake. Cracks make the glass less sturdy, and bigger cracks will form from ones that may look benign. Don’t let those cracks grow, bring your car over today.

Cracks Make Accidents Much More Dangerous 

Having a cracked windshield can make driving exponentially more dangerous. Large cracks that impair vision can lead to accidents, and those accidents may be even worse with a bad windshield. Incidents where an intact windshield would have stayed intact may be drastically different with a cracked windshield, and that can lead to major injuries or even worse. The windshield plays a big role in keeping you from a frontal ejection, and can even make the airbag deployment malfunction as well. The hospital bills from the accident will certainly be much higher than the price of your windshield repair, so don’t put off your glass repair any longer. Federal guidelines require no cracks in the windshield wiper area, so leaving cracks there may result in getting pulled over and getting a ticket as well. Instead of paying thousands and thousands on hospital bills and traffic tickets, let us repair your glass and give you the peace of mind to enjoy the road.

Complete Auto Glass cares about all the drivers in Denver, and we pride ourselves on the work we do for our customers. Call us today or come visit us to find out what we can do for your windshield today! 


The Craziest Windshield Shattering Stories of the Past Decade

cracked windshieldOne of the worst nightmares for drivers has to be their windshields shattering mid-drive, but, unfortunately, this does happen quite often! While some of the most common reasons it happens include flying debris and large pieces of hail, these stories prove that just about anything is possible. Here are four of the craziest windshield shattering stories of the past couple decades—all in which, thankfully, no one was hurt!—brought to you by Complete Auto Glass.

#1: The Tree Without Its Branch

If you were driving down a road and you noticed a tree missing a branch, you might think it peculiar but probably wouldn’t stop to question or investigate it. Now, if you were driving and said missing branch blew in the wind and then into your windshield shattering it, you’d definitely have to stop. This was the case for one unfortunate truck driver in Portland whose windshield was shattered by the flying branch of a tree. Who knew trees could be so crazy?

#2: The Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Falling Pumpkin

We’ve all heard of falling boulders, especially those of us who live or have driven through mountainous regions, but have you ever heard of falling pumpkins? No, probably because they don’t exist in nature. Instead, for one unfortunate driver driving under an overpass, they had the horrible, terrible, no good luck Alexander complained about in the beloved children’s book of being hit by a falling pumpkin that someone to chose to drop as they were driving under the overpass. While their windshield was completely ruined, they were lucky that the pumpkin landed in their lap and didn’t hurt them. As for the people dropping pumpkins off an overpass? They got in huge trouble! Never do anything like this, for people’s and windshields’ sakes.

#3: The Curse of the Falling Porta Potties

A porta potty is probably the last thing you want to fall on your vehicle, but alas, it does happen. Just ask the one man it happened to in Alabama who was driving, minding his own business, when a porta potty fell off the back of the truck in front of him and onto his car. Luckily, no one was hurt…well, except for his poor windshield. Luckily, they can be repaired.

#4: The Case of the Mysteriously Exploding Glass

Is it possible for your windshield and other windows on your car to just shatter on their own…or is it a ghost? We’ll give you a hint: no and no. Many people have reported their car glass shattering all on its own while they’re driving but this doesn’t just happen. The most likely case: their car was hit with something while parked somewhere and though it wasn’t damaged enough for them to notice it at first, it was enough to cause it to shatter later on at just the right speed. So, no, your car is not haunted by ghosts, but rather by the ghost of an object that smashed into its window, causing no immediate damage but leaving its haunting mark long enough for it to seemingly shatter out of thin air. Still pretty spooky, though.

For Windshield Repair, Call Complete Auto Glass!

If your windshield has been damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced, give Complete Auto Glass a call! We’re happy to help!

The Secrets of Glass: A Brief History of Your Windshield and Auto Glass

You probably don’t spend a whole lot of time contemplating the makeup of your front windshield. Chances are you only think about your vehicle’s front window if it’s broken, if an unfortunate pigeon has met his end against it, or if you’ve neglected to clean it for weeks and can now barely see through it. We’ve all been there. That poor pigeon never saw it coming. The truth is that your front windshield plays an important structural role in your car. The glass is specially made to withstand pressure and help maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle in the event of a crash or rollover.

The Beginnings

The strong resistant glass, however, was not always a reality. Early drivers would often be forced to wear eye protection, like goggles, to protect themselves because of a lack of fragility of their front glass. Early windshield wipers were introduced in 1916 and required the driver to use a crank to move them from side to side. Automatic wipers came along around the 1920s.

It was clear early on that the front glass needed to be thicker and more resistant, so as not to shatter into a million pieces that could cut you open in the event of a collision or crash. It was around the year 1919 that Henry Ford started implementing early versions of windshield technology and placing a cellulose layer between two plates of glass. The layer would hold them together in case of impact. About fifteen years later the windshield was curved. This improved aerodynamics and helped the glass keep from breaking.

In 1970, the government created the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has since developed strict standards for automobile glass. This encouraged a quick development of stronger and safer glass. All auto glass manufacturers are now forced to meet these standards of transparency, mounting standards, and roof rigidity of vehicles.

Windshields Today

Your front windshield today is made out of safety glass and has a very precise installation process. They are made from a lamination process. Laminated glass offers the greatest amount of protection from shattering and it’s similar to the idea of the early windshields mentioned above.  Laminated glass is two panes of glass separated by a layer of vinyl. When objects hit your windshield, typically it is the outer layer that suffers most of the damage. In extreme situations, like severe collisions, the glass won’t fly out in a million pieces because the layers will attach to the layer of vinyl in between.

Your side windows are made out of tempered glass. This refers to glass that has been heated to above 1,100 degrees and then rapidly cooling it. This means that in case of a collision the glass will not shatter into sharp-edged pieces. Instead, it will break into small bead-like pieces that do not pose a great danger to passengers.

Trust Your Glass Experts

Your automobile glass is manufactured to protect you. This is why it is not something to take lightly. Trust only the professionals with your safety glass. Installation is as important as the glass itself and a bad installation can also compromise the longevity and the safety of your windshield. Here at Complete Auto Glass, we will leave no detail unturned.


Every Day Tips For Taking Care of Your Windshield

As you know, your front windshield provides important support for your entire vehicle. The windshield is there to provide structural support for your car and to protect you in case of a roll-over. While the front windshield is designed to be tough, it is still susceptible to damage. There are a few precautions you can take day-to-day in order to better protect your auto glass.

Winter Tips

Depending on where you live, you will also run across certain weather oriented problems. If you live in the Denver area, it is almost guaranteed that you will see snow and ice throughout the winter. If you’ve recently moved to the area, you may have never experienced weather like this. Here are some winter tips to consider:

What about during the summer months? Just like the winter, summer can bring its own conditions and require a different kind of approach.

When Things Hit the Glass

Of course, no matter how much care you take, being out on the road comes with a certain amount of risk. This means putting your car at risk of collision and your windshield at risk of damage. If you notice cracks, dents, or it suffers damage, make sure to fix the problem immediately. Take it to the professionals at Complete Auto Glass.  


How Your Vehicle’s Auto Glass Makes A Difference

auto glass

The glass used on the windows of cars and trucks is different than the glass used for other purposes such as your home’s windows and those on storefronts. It’s thicker, especially on the windshields. Side and rear windows are marginally different, but auto glass is much more different than the panes in your home windows or doors. Why? The answer is simple: your safety. Auto glass is made specifically to withstand the elements, temperature fluctuations, and to keep you safe, even in the case of auto accidents. That is why it is important to know where you can find quality repairs and replacements. The experts at Complete Auto Glass know there is more than meets the eye when it comes to your car’s windshields and windows. When it comes to your safety, we don’t mess around!

How is Auto Glass Different?

Auto glass is made with the purpose of keeping you and passengers safe. Much thought was put into the modern car, including the type of glass that would be used. So what makes it different? Let’s explore!


Windshields are made with what is called laminated glass. This means that it is made from two pieces of glass that hold a thin layer of vinyl in between. They are fused together through heat and pressure. It makes for a tough glass layer between you and the outside world. This is why when your windshield gets struck by a piece of random debris, it causes a chip or crack that is only on one side of the glass. It’s also why repairs are easily attainable for most chips and cracks. In the case of a serious accident, this glass is designed to shatter. The pieces usually stick to the vinyl layer in order to prevent glass from potentially injuring you or your passengers.

Side Windows

These windows are made with what is called tempered glass. The process involves heating the glass to a certain temperature, then rapidly cooling it. It makes the glass become much stronger and is designed to also shatter into tiny pieces. This avoids any flying glass from becoming a hazard, as well as avoiding jagged edges that can cut a passenger or first responder.

Why is it Important to Find Quality Repairs and Replacements?

Every windshield and car window is put through a rigorous inspection to ensure quality design before being put on a car. It is also matched to the car’s size, model, and make. Due to these specifications, it is important to make sure that when you have windshield or window damage, you find capable and knowledgeable experts to evaluate the problem. They can inspect the damage and determine whether you need a simple repair or a complete replacement. They also need to know how to repair or replace it correctly to ensure your safety.

Complete Auto Glass is Here to Help

At Complete Auto Glass, you can be confident knowing our experts know auto glass. We are experienced and well aware of the need for anything concerning your car windows to be done meticulously. We don’t play around when it comes to your safety. Contact us today!

Mobile Auto Glass Repair

man performing mobile auto glass repairYou running out the door, already late to work and of course, the freeway is packed. Then it happens, a mix of bad luck, frustration and speed collide together to create damage to your windshield. This is the last thing you need on an already difficult day, but there is a way to fix the problem with ease and quickness. Mobile auto glass repair services offered by Complete Auto Glass can help you get back on the road quicker. They have helped many drivers in the Denver area stay mobile and they can help you.

Glass Repair is Not as Bad As You Think

Many people think that mobile glass repair seems like a huge headache. How do they find you? How expensive is it anyway? Does the repair guy really know what he’s doing? All of these concerns can make mobile auto glass repair seem more trouble than it’s worth, but it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on the company you pick to service you. Hiring an experienced and qualified expert will make you wonder why you’ve never had repair done on the go before.

Different Types of Glass Repair

There are many different types of glass repair, but the two most common are windshield and side window repair. Both of these have different times and needs attached to them. First, for windshield repair, you may need replacement or filling. If the crack or hole is small, say no bigger than a quarter, then you can get it fixed. Any bigger than that though and you need full replacement. Any crack or break on a side window will likely need full replacement. Both of these can be serviced with mobile auto glass repair options.

Mobile Glass Repair Benefits

The benefits to having mobile auto glass repair are great for a person on the go. First of all, fixing the glass of your car is much easier than you might think. Depending on the severity of the damage, the repair can either fill or replace the glass. Both of these options do not take much time, either. Which means that your car will be ready to get back on the road sooner. Next, having the repair man come to where you are saves you the time and effort needed to take your car to a garage. Your car can be fixed while you are in a meeting, or out to lunch. All this makes mobile auto glass repair a great choice for the busy person.

Contact Us Today

Finding quality mobile auto glass repair in the Denver/ Thornton area is not hard. Just turn to Complete Auto Glass, they have the knowledge, skills and flexibility you need to keeping moving!

Windshield Chip Repair to Prevent Cracks

view of a highway through a chipped windshieldWe all have been there. You are driving down the freeway and a rock flies at your window. The next thing you know there is a huge chip on your windshield. Accidents happen and can wreak havoc. The only thing that can make this problem worse is not taking care of it right away. However, windshield chip repair is much easier and more cost effective than most people realize.

What Causes Windshield Chips?

A number of different situations can lead to an unforeseen windshield chip. Driving too closely behind a construction truck or traveling down a gravel road can both cause a chip. Unfortunately, hail can cause chips and cracks as well. Poor installation and getting into car accidents can lead to windshield cracks as well. Many don’t realize that changes in temperature can cause problems as well. A quick change in temperature can cause the glass to expand and contract irregularly. This can definitely lead to a crack. Not only that, extensive heat or sun exposure can cause a crack as well.

Windshield Chips Turn into Cracks

Neglecting care or going without windshield repair can lead to bigger problems. Adverse weather, driving at high speeds, or getting in a car accident can cause the chip to turn into a crack. When you let too much time pass after getting a chip damage you only increase the chances of compromising the entire windshield. Once a crack is too big or long the windshield must be replaced.  

Windshield Chip Repair

The best thing you can do for your vehicle is get windshield chip repair right away. In most cases windshield chip repair can be covered by an insurance claim. Otherwise the repairs are very affordable. Not only that, this simple repair only takes a few hours. A chip repair is conducted with special tools and resin to make a seamless fix that is hardly noticeable. On the other hand, getting the windshield replaced is a much larger fix that can mean going without a vehicle for several days.

Contact Us Today for Windshield Chip Repair

If you need repair conducted on your vehicle call us at Complete Auto Glass. We offer a variety of services to help you get your vehicle back into shape. Whether you have an annoying chip or an unsightly crack, we can help. One of our experts will be happy to set you up with a consultation.

Why It’s Better to Get Windshield Repair Sooner Rather Than Later

web of splits on the triplex windscreenAlong with the new year there are wide open roads that lead to new, exciting ventures and adventures. But if your car’s windshield is damaged, the road ahead can be harder to see. This is true both literally and metaphorically. If you’re in the Denver area, Complete Auto Glass can help.

What To Expect from Windshield Repair

Perhaps becoming a better driver is one of your New Year Resolutions. Reaching this goal is easy but it’s important to be able to physically see the road ahead before even entertaining the thought of becoming a better driver. No matter the size of the crack—be it the size of a dime or take up the entire windshield—it must be repaired. Even a small crack on the windshield can spell trouble down the road. If you’re driving at just the right speed and you hit a pothole at just the perfect moment, there’s a chance the windshield will crack further or even become dislodged, resulting in damage and danger.

Why Windshield Repair is So Important

A small crack may seem insignificant but it can easily become a bigger issue. What’s great about windshield cracks is that they’re easily fixable. Instead of replacing the entire windshield (which may be the final option after it’s sustained too much damage), drivers can simply find a reputable windshield repair firm that can tend to the cracks quickly and efficiently.

If you’ve returned to the swing of things and you don’t have time to take your car to get windshield repair services, you can opt for mobile auto glass repair. This option is exactly what it sounds like. You can drive your car to work and the mobile auto glass repair representative will come meet you and fix the crack while you work. This is truly the most convenient option for fast-paced individuals who need windshield repair services but don’t have the time to visit a service center.

Complete Auto Glass for the Denver Driver

Whether you need traditional or mobile windshield repair services, Complete Auto Glass is ready to help. Let us help you take on the road ahead with a clear line of sight. Remember, driving with a damaged windshield can be very dangerous for you and your loved ones. By fixing any damage, you guarantee the safety of your passengers as you drive. We’re ready to help. Contact Complete Auto Glass today to learn more about what we have to offer!

When to Get a Car Window Replacement

Woman in need of a car window replacementIt has happened to every driver at one time or another. Driving along, minding their own business and grooving along to the radio and the all of a sudden, DING! Just like that a pebble or rock comes out of nowhere and causes a chip or a crack and you cringe because you know the result will be the need for car window replacement. Luckily, Complete Auto Glass can help you get a car window replacement. Before getting your windshield replaced, it’s best to know you actually need a new one, since some cracks and chips can be safely repaired without replacing the full window. 

You Should Get a Car Window Replacement If:

The chip is in the drivers line of sight, there are more than three cracks or chips, the damage is at the edge of the windshield, the windshield is old and has tiny dents.

Repairing Chips and Cracks

If the windshield is repairable, then have it done as soon as possible. Otherwise, the chip or crack will spread and you will end up having to replace it. Be forewarned that repairs will make your windshield less than perfect as you will only get back 75 to 95 percent of the optical clarity.

Under most circumstances, car window replacement is covered by the comprehensive part of your auto insurance. However, it may not pay to go through your insurance company as the cost of replacement is often less than your deductible. In any case, it does not hurt to look through your policy or call and ask if it is covered. If you do choose to go through your insurance, you need to get it done sooner rather than later because the longer you put off replacing your windshield, the more likely it is that your insurance company is going to deny you the right to get it fixed. They generally like to get repairs done as soon as possible.

Furthermore, when you call to have your insurance company cover the cost of car window replacement, they will send an adjuster to your home. He or she will place a piece of paper on the crack. Then, if the crack grows to be longer than the paper, the insurance company will not cover it.

If your insurance company does not cover car window replacement, you may want to consider asking your current provider to add it to your policy. You can also find another policy where it is already included.

If you find yourself in need of a car window replacement and are in the Denver, Colorado, area, call Complete Auto Glass. They will bring their 15 years of experience to help you. 

How Side Window Replacement Works


car sunset reflectionComplete Auto Glass offers side window replacement for their customers. Side windows are vital to driving. You need these windows to check for blind spots and help you avoid accidents. In addition, they are required by law to be on your car. Regardless of if your side window has been broken or is severely chipped, it needs to be replaced. Driving without a side window is not impossible, but it can be dangerous. Imagine trying to change lanes without being able to see the next lane or trying to merge into traffic without being able to see your blind spot. Why wait for accident to happen? Instead take your car to Complete Auto Glass to get your side window replaced. Their professionals are ready and willing to help you get your side window replaced. Complete Auto offers fast, easy and quality service in replacing your side window.


Getting your side window replaced can take some time depending on the kind of side window you have. If your side window has lights wired in, then it may take a bit longer. If your side window does not have a light wired in, then the time is cut in half. However, Complete Auto Glass side window replacement is quick. They have experience in replacing side windows and have worked out a decent wait time. This means you will have time to do other activities.  


Complete Auto Glass offers easy side window replacement for their customers. Having a side window break or get damaged is stressful. Imagine having to add the stress of paying an arm and a leg and also waiting all day. Complete Auto makes each step of the replacement process easy for you.


Complete Auto Glass prides themselves in quality side window replacement. They have certified workers ready to replace your side window. Complete Auto Glass uses the best materials, from glass to metal to wiring. Why go somewhere that has little to no experience with side window replacement? Choose the company that is doing everything in their power to ensure quality. Your care will be in the best hands.

If you need a side window replaced, Complete Auto Glass is the place for you.  Regardless of how your side window was damaged, they can help you get it fixed. They will do everything in their power to make sure you get the best window at the best price. Call them today.