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Do I Need Windshield Replacement or Repair?

three workers replacing a windshield in an auto glass shop

Driving around in Colorado can be hard on your car. With the kind of weather that we have in this area, you might be wondering when it is appropriate to replace or repair your windshield. How do the two of these compare? At Complete Auto Glass, we have trained professionals who can either carry out a windshield replacement or make a seamless repair that will leave your vehicle looking as it should- spotless!

Windshield Replacement in Colorado

In order to understand the difference between a windshield repair or replacement, you first need to understand what scale of damage your windshield has. In obvious cases, a windshield that is shattered will have to be completely replaced. However, when there are minor damages to a windshield, like a small crack or chip, you might consider having a windshield repair to fix this problem. It is often the case that a chip in a windshield can be repaired with a special kind of epoxy adhesive that is a seamless once it dries. However, a crack in the windshield can be a whole different story. Cracks tend to spread over time and with enough roadway turbulence and unpredictable debris hitting the windshield, this crack can really cause a hazard to you. That is why it is a good idea to get your windshield replaced right away.

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Professional auto glass is at a higher industry grade than any other type of glass available. This is because it is most likely to experience various types of impact throughout your driving history with the vehicle. Premium windshield replacement glass always gives you a better product that lasts longer. If you would like more information on any of our auto glass replacement in Denver, contact us today!