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Reasons to Not Put Off Your Windshield Repair

Severe damage to a windshield caused by a heavy hail storm

Everyone has had that repair job that they just want to put off. Maybe the garage door is acting funny, or your dishwasher has been making a weird noise every now and again. While some projects can definitely wait a while, getting your windshield repaired should never be put off. We at Complete Auto Glass have seen the perils of putting off glass repair for many years. Here are just some of the reasons why getting your windshield fixed now is the best option for your safety and your wallet. 

A Tiny Crack Can Become A Big Problem

Tiny cracks in your windows can be the worst, but it can always get bigger and bigger, which means more and more money to fix it. Small cracks can become larger over time for a number of reasons—debris like rocks and sticks, wind pressure from high speeds, or bumpy and rocky roads making the car vibrate or shake. Cracks make the glass less sturdy, and bigger cracks will form from ones that may look benign. Don’t let those cracks grow, bring your car over today.

Cracks Make Accidents Much More Dangerous 

Having a cracked windshield can make driving exponentially more dangerous. Large cracks that impair vision can lead to accidents, and those accidents may be even worse with a bad windshield. Incidents where an intact windshield would have stayed intact may be drastically different with a cracked windshield, and that can lead to major injuries or even worse. The windshield plays a big role in keeping you from a frontal ejection, and can even make the airbag deployment malfunction as well. The hospital bills from the accident will certainly be much higher than the price of your windshield repair, so don’t put off your glass repair any longer. Federal guidelines require no cracks in the windshield wiper area, so leaving cracks there may result in getting pulled over and getting a ticket as well. Instead of paying thousands and thousands on hospital bills and traffic tickets, let us repair your glass and give you the peace of mind to enjoy the road.

Complete Auto Glass cares about all the drivers in Denver, and we pride ourselves on the work we do for our customers. Call us today or come visit us to find out what we can do for your windshield today! 


How Your Vehicle’s Auto Glass Makes A Difference

auto glass

The glass used on the windows of cars and trucks is different than the glass used for other purposes such as your home’s windows and those on storefronts. It’s thicker, especially on the windshields. Side and rear windows are marginally different, but auto glass is much more different than the panes in your home windows or doors. Why? The answer is simple: your safety. Auto glass is made specifically to withstand the elements, temperature fluctuations, and to keep you safe, even in the case of auto accidents. That is why it is important to know where you can find quality repairs and replacements. The experts at Complete Auto Glass know there is more than meets the eye when it comes to your car’s windshields and windows. When it comes to your safety, we don’t mess around!

How is Auto Glass Different?

Auto glass is made with the purpose of keeping you and passengers safe. Much thought was put into the modern car, including the type of glass that would be used. So what makes it different? Let’s explore!


Windshields are made with what is called laminated glass. This means that it is made from two pieces of glass that hold a thin layer of vinyl in between. They are fused together through heat and pressure. It makes for a tough glass layer between you and the outside world. This is why when your windshield gets struck by a piece of random debris, it causes a chip or crack that is only on one side of the glass. It’s also why repairs are easily attainable for most chips and cracks. In the case of a serious accident, this glass is designed to shatter. The pieces usually stick to the vinyl layer in order to prevent glass from potentially injuring you or your passengers.

Side Windows

These windows are made with what is called tempered glass. The process involves heating the glass to a certain temperature, then rapidly cooling it. It makes the glass become much stronger and is designed to also shatter into tiny pieces. This avoids any flying glass from becoming a hazard, as well as avoiding jagged edges that can cut a passenger or first responder.

Why is it Important to Find Quality Repairs and Replacements?

Every windshield and car window is put through a rigorous inspection to ensure quality design before being put on a car. It is also matched to the car’s size, model, and make. Due to these specifications, it is important to make sure that when you have windshield or window damage, you find capable and knowledgeable experts to evaluate the problem. They can inspect the damage and determine whether you need a simple repair or a complete replacement. They also need to know how to repair or replace it correctly to ensure your safety.

Complete Auto Glass is Here to Help

At Complete Auto Glass, you can be confident knowing our experts know auto glass. We are experienced and well aware of the need for anything concerning your car windows to be done meticulously. We don’t play around when it comes to your safety. Contact us today!

Do I Need Windshield Replacement?

Worker holding car windshieldAll too often people in Denver drive their car with dangerous cracks on their windshield. The truth of the matter is, if a crack is repairable the minor repair is much less costly than a windshield replacement. However, if a replacement is required, driving around with a crack too big to repair can be risky. Driving at high speeds can cause the windshield to suddenly shatter. The last thing you want is to have glass flying though your car as you drive down the freeway. We have advice concerning repair and replacement.

Can My Chip or Crack Be Repaired?

Windshield breaks usually come in cracks and chips. If it can be repaired depends on the type and size of the break. A chip is usually a round break with spurs extending from the middle. It is usually caused by something like a rock or debris hitting the windshield. If the chip is smaller than a quarter it can usually be repaired. If it isn’t repaired, over time it can turn into a crack as well. If a crack is smaller than three inches it is usually repairable as well. Again, waiting to get repairs down can cause further damage over time. If the chip or crack is too extensive windshield replacement will be required.

What Does Windshield Replacement Entail?

First and foremost, windshield replacement does not harm your vehicle and is a fairly easy process. The parts holding the glass in place will be carefully removed by expert technicians that handle this work on a daily basis. Car owners always ask about the rear view mirror as it is attached to the glass. The technician simply removes it and adds it to the new windshield. Special adhesives will be added to hold the windshield in place. Your car will be ready to pick up and drive home the same day the repair is conducted.

Trust the Experts at Complete Auto Glass

At Complete Auto Glass in Denver we conduct a wide variety of vehicle glass services. Whether you need your windshield repaired or replaced we can help. In most cases, your insurance will cover all or a portion of repair or replacement. We can assist with these details as well. Contact us today to find out more. One of our experts will be happy to assist you with an appointment or answer your questions.

Do You Need an Auto Glass Replacement or Repair?

A crack on a windshield

Imagine this: you’re running late to work, so you’re driving quickly on the freeway. We’ve all been there: the fear of being late combined with traffic on I-25 can be a real bummer. So, you’re there driving, sweating a bit, when a large something–maybe a rock, maybe a piece of hail, smashes into your windshield, leaving a large crack. Many people have the same reaction: they yell a bit and then shrug it off and keep driving. In fact, many people opt not to fix a windshield crack at all! But this decision can be detrimental to your safety. If something else were to hit it, it could shatter in your face as your driving. If your windshield, or any other window on your car, is damaged, Complete Auto Glass in Denver can help. When one of your car windows is damaged, it can be hard to know if you can take it in for a simple repair or if you’ll need to replace it altogether. Here’s how to know.

Auto Glass Replacement vs. Auto Glass Repair

Here are a few simple ways to know if you need a full-on auto glass replacement or if you can get it repaired:

No matter which window on your car is cracked, you should get it fixed right away. It’s not worth the risk.

Auto Glass Replacement in Denver

Oftentimes, your vehicle requires an auto glass replacement rather than a repair, as you can see from the explanations above. At Complete Auto Glass in Denver, we handle your auto glass needs with care. We’ll safely remove your old window and replace it with a brand new one. The process is fairly simple but should be handled by a professional. If you need to have your windshield replaced or repaired, call Complete Auto Glass today!

When to Get a Car Window Replacement

Woman in need of a car window replacementIt has happened to every driver at one time or another. Driving along, minding their own business and grooving along to the radio and the all of a sudden, DING! Just like that a pebble or rock comes out of nowhere and causes a chip or a crack and you cringe because you know the result will be the need for car window replacement. Luckily, Complete Auto Glass can help you get a car window replacement. Before getting your windshield replaced, it’s best to know you actually need a new one, since some cracks and chips can be safely repaired without replacing the full window. 

You Should Get a Car Window Replacement If:

The chip is in the drivers line of sight, there are more than three cracks or chips, the damage is at the edge of the windshield, the windshield is old and has tiny dents.

Repairing Chips and Cracks

If the windshield is repairable, then have it done as soon as possible. Otherwise, the chip or crack will spread and you will end up having to replace it. Be forewarned that repairs will make your windshield less than perfect as you will only get back 75 to 95 percent of the optical clarity.

Under most circumstances, car window replacement is covered by the comprehensive part of your auto insurance. However, it may not pay to go through your insurance company as the cost of replacement is often less than your deductible. In any case, it does not hurt to look through your policy or call and ask if it is covered. If you do choose to go through your insurance, you need to get it done sooner rather than later because the longer you put off replacing your windshield, the more likely it is that your insurance company is going to deny you the right to get it fixed. They generally like to get repairs done as soon as possible.

Furthermore, when you call to have your insurance company cover the cost of car window replacement, they will send an adjuster to your home. He or she will place a piece of paper on the crack. Then, if the crack grows to be longer than the paper, the insurance company will not cover it.

If your insurance company does not cover car window replacement, you may want to consider asking your current provider to add it to your policy. You can also find another policy where it is already included.

If you find yourself in need of a car window replacement and are in the Denver, Colorado, area, call Complete Auto Glass. They will bring their 15 years of experience to help you. 

Do I Need Windshield Replacement or Repair?

a car windshield getting chip repair with a modern epoxy toolDriving can case wear and tear on your car. With the kind of weather that we have here in Colorado, you might wonder if a little ding requires repairs or replacement. You want what’s best for your car. Windshields actually work hard to keep you and your passengers safe while out on the road. For this reason, it’s important to get repairs or replacements are quickly as possible. It’s also crucial to choose a company with the experience necessary to make your windshield issues a thing of the past. The team at Complete Auto Glass is made up of trained professionals who can either carry out a windshield replacement or make a seamless repair that will leave your car looking good as new.

When You have a Chipped Windshield…

It is helpful to deal with experts in order to understand the difference between a windshield repair or replacement. It’s also good to know when you deal with this credible company they will handle the insurance part of the claim for you. Of course there’s more to getting a satisfactory service. Cost is always a factor. We know that when you are considering windshield replacement, you’re looking for excellent services at a great price. For this reason, we strive to keep the bill low. If you require a simple repair, such as chip repair, we will make use of a special epoxy adhesive. Once this epoxy dries, the damage from the chip will be unnoticeable and gone!

When You Have a Cracked Windshield…windshield repair technician placing a new windshield on a small sedan

On the other hand, a crack in a windshield can be a totally different story. Cracks tend to spread over time. ior this reason, it is usually a good idea to get the windshield replaced and save yourself the trouble of having to do it sometime in the future. There are consumers who think that all automotive glass is the same. This is not the case. Nothing could be further from the truth. Premium windshield replacement glass always gives you a better product that lasts longer. Windshield replacement may seem tricky but, if you choose an experienced team, the results will leave your car better than new.

Choose Complete Auto Glass for Windshield Replacement or Repair

No matter what issues your windshield is facing, we can help. Complete Auto Glass is the premiere windshield expert. We understand the importance of windshields and we will always give the best services possible. Contact Complete Auto Glass today.

The Dangers of Putting Off Your Windshield Replacement

a car getting window replacement at a car shopWhenever a rock cracks your vehicle’s glass in Thornton, it is easy to postpone a windshield replacement. There can be several reasons for doing this, such as financial reasons or no time during the day. Complete Auto Glass is a repair shop familiar with what happens when you hold off a replacement. Here’re a few reasons as to why it’s important to act sooner than later.

The Dangers of Cracked Windshields

To too many drivers today, a cracked windshield does not seem like an issue worth worrying about. A small crack can easily spread throughout a windshield until it becomes a major risk to yourself and drivers around you. Cracks spread because the resistance of the windshield to become compromised and only gets weaker as wind and debris push it. In a worst case scenario, a crack windshield cannot protect you the way it was meant to in an accident. Since the fortitude of the windshield already has damage. It will not only break more easily, but you will risk having glass fall in your direction.

Benefits of Immediate Windshield Replacementman holding a windshield

By taking the time to have the windshield of your vehicle replaced, you can save money in the long run. By eliminating the risk of having an accident because of a crack, you can save yourself the raise in insurance premiums. You can also sell your vehicle at a higher price when it comes time to upgrading your vehicle. Even for aesthetic purposes, your vehicle can look its best with a brand new windshield.

If you have a crack in your windshield, don’t wait till it becomes a real problem to be concerned about. An immediate windshield replacement is available at Complete Auto Glass, but more importantly, the service will be affordable. Serving Thornton and the greater Denver area,  Complete Auto Glass understands that cracks and breaks are accidents. There is no need to punish a driver with a hefty fee. Contact Complete Auto Glass today!

Get Car Window Repair Before You Need a Replacement  

A car with shattered windows that requires car window repairCar window repair should be done correctly. This is because you can be at risk of an accident if there is a problem with your windows. You must be able to see out of both front and side windows. If you have clear visibility of what other cars are doing on the roads and are able to react to their actions in a timely manner. Complete Auto Glass  in Thornton has helped many people fix problems with their windows so they are able to see perfectly.  You should act quickly if you have an issue with your windows. Waiting too long could make the problem worse, necessitating replacement instead of repair.

Car Window Repair Tips

Car window repair can involve fixing chips or cracks in the side windows, in a rear window, or in the front windshield. Repair is often possible when the cracks or dings in the window are relatively small. If your window is shattered completely, it will be impossible to repair so it will need to be replaced. Actingbroken car windshield requiring car window repair quickly when you notice a problem increases the chances you will be able to just get car window repair since you can catch and fix the crack before it has a chance to expand. Remember, if a crack is bigger or wider than a credit card, you may need to have it fixed!

Schedule Your Car Window Repair Today

If you are in the Thornton area, Complete Auto Glass can help you. We not only handle repairs but we also assist with insurance claims and completing insurance paperwork. We can help restore or replace your windows. Not only that, but you can get your insurer to pay for it as long as you have coverage. Please don’t hesitate and contact Complete Auto Glass today to find out more!

I Need Auto Glass Replacement- Where Do I Go?

auto glass replacement worker holding a windshield glass in front of his body

If you’re looking for auto glass replacement for any part of your vehicle, one of the first things that you’ll want to be sure of is the company you’re giving the business to is confident in its ability to deliver the results you want. The question is: “How do I find out if the company is competent and trustworthy enough to handle such an important job?” Complete Auto Glass understands all of your concerns about auto glass replacement in Thornton, Colorado and we are happy to share a few ideas.

Auto Glass Replacement for the Modern World

In today’s modern world of business, the first place you should look for a confident auto glass replacement company is online. Remember that the website is today’s modern business card. This means that a company wants to put their best foot forward with one of these. If you can look at the landing page on the website and find out that a company is willing to work on all makes and models of car,  you can safely assume they have a certain confidence about what it is they do.

Excellency in Customer Service auto glass service person working on the glass of a car with a tool

Customer service is a very important part of the features that you should be looking for. Auto glass replacement in Colorado needs to meet these standards. It is also important to keep up with the weather changes and provide mobile service that can deliver repair on site where you are. We do just that by providing service to any nearby location where you’ve damaged your auto glass.

Contact the Professionals

It’s not all that hard to find excellent auto glass replacement in the Colorado area if you can contact Complete Auto Glass. Our company is confident in our ability to fix any and all of your windshield issues. We love to serve the drivers of Thornton, CO. So, contact us today!

Do I Need Windshield Replacement or Repair?

three workers replacing a windshield in an auto glass shop

Driving around in Colorado can be hard on your car. With the kind of weather that we have in this area, you might be wondering when it is appropriate to replace or repair your windshield. How do the two of these compare? At Complete Auto Glass, we have trained professionals who can either carry out a windshield replacement or make a seamless repair that will leave your vehicle looking as it should- spotless!

Windshield Replacement in Colorado

In order to understand the difference between a windshield repair or replacement, you first need to understand what scale of damage your windshield has. In obvious cases, a windshield that is shattered will have to be completely replaced. However, when there are minor damages to a windshield, like a small crack or chip, you might consider having a windshield repair to fix this problem. It is often the case that a chip in a windshield can be repaired with a special kind of epoxy adhesive that is a seamless once it dries. However, a crack in the windshield can be a whole different story. Cracks tend to spread over time and with enough roadway turbulence and unpredictable debris hitting the windshield, this crack can really cause a hazard to you. That is why it is a good idea to get your windshield replaced right away.

Contact the Glass Professionals windshield crack on a car, windshield chip

Professional auto glass is at a higher industry grade than any other type of glass available. This is because it is most likely to experience various types of impact throughout your driving history with the vehicle. Premium windshield replacement glass always gives you a better product that lasts longer. If you would like more information on any of our auto glass replacement in Denver, contact us today!