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I’m going to keep coming here, no matter how big or small the repair is. They’re always on-point with their quality and timely service.

My windshield used to be so pitted, I could barely see through it. But thanks to Complete Auto, it looks great again!

Whether the job needed done is small or large, they always get it done RIGHT and FAST. Their work is fantastic.

Alex was super helpful. We talked over the phone and he’s the one who gave me the quote. One of our company work vans needed a window replaced. I appreciated the fact that they were mindful to be as quick and accommodating as possible. The customer service is great and they know what they’re doing. So, yeah! They definitely deserve my recommendation.

I come here for major and minor window problems. I know I can count on them because of the quality work they’ve already done for me.

Rob has great customer service! He was fantastic with everything and was willing to help me find the best rate I could get… I will for sure tell people about them!

I had a couple of windows broken and Complete Auto Glass’s price seemed to be the best. They did the job while I was at work, so I didn’t have to have it be done on my time. It took them about an hour and a half to 2 hours and then they were finished.

Very friendly and was able to get a fantastic price for my son’s car. Even when I ordered the wrong part, they were willing to reschedule with no hassle or extra fees and returned to do the job in a couple days. All parties I spoke with were professional, caring, and very easy to work with. I will use them for all our auto glass needs! Thank you!

Okay, so this is my third windshield to be installed in my 8-year-old SUV. This was the first time using Complete Auto Glass. Hassle free, gave me two choices in aftermarket glass or OEM quality type glass. Explained the differences, never had that option with the big glass companies. Set up time, dude came out, did the job in less than an hour. He was nice, explained the adhesive they used and what my warranty was on the glass. He also cleaned up and took the old glass without charging me a disposal fee. So, let’s break down why I’ll call them again. Cheaper, Options in glass, Good customer service, Tech was nice and knew his stuff, Good Warranty, No charge for cleanup and disposal of old glass!

Everything with Complete Auto Glass went smoothly. They helped me replace my front windshield with great care. Their products are of high quality. The installation was quick and efficient. The process was handled very professionally and courteously. The prices are good as well and the job was finished in a timely manner. I’d definitely recommend them.

Complete Auto Glass handles all glass removal, installation, and replacement for us. They’re always great about being here, getting the work done on time, and getting the job done. We’ve been with them for 5+ years. They give good service and take care of their customers.

Complete Auto Glass replaced a back rear passenger window on my wife’s car and they did such a good job, I called back the next day for them to replace her windshield as well. The folks are nice on the phone as well as in person. They did a really good job and their prices are really good too.

Complete Auto Glass gave me a good deal on my windows that were messed up by the previous owner. He also did my back window that was shattered and had my car back the very next day. I was satisfied with the window tinting and their fast service.

Complete Auto Glass did a tremendous job replacing my window. They were friendly, honest, and able to finish the work in a very timely manner. I was impressed with how quickly and efficiently they did. I’d definitely recommend them.

My window stopped working after a recent cold snap/snow storm. The glass was frozen, and wouldn’t move when I tried to roll it down. A few minutes later, the window fell into the door, and would not come back up. I thought that the car might need a new motor or regulator, but wasn’t really sure. When I called and spoke with Caesar, he offered to look for the part at a salvage yard. He was able to locate the part for me and scheduled a pick up for the next day. I brought the car by the shop in the meantime, and the tech looked at the issue for me.