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The Future is Here: New Auto Glass Technology for 2020

glass technology

New developments in windshield glass are stronger, lighter, and provide protection against the sun. They may soon even allow you to display images and digital tools on your windshield like a smartphone.

The world of glass technology is evolving. Read on to keep up to date on the latest, most exciting developments.

Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass was inspired by the technology used to make smartphone glass. It includes innovations that allow it to withstand the rigors of intense outdoor environments, including the hottest and coldest temperatures.

It is also highly resistant to impacts. Even while traveling at 70 mph Gorilla glass is only half as likely to crack as typical auto glass.

Not only is Gorilla Glass stronger overall, it achieves that strength while also weighing three times less than the glass of a usual windshield. Its amazing performance can even let your car go farther on less gas and emit fewer harmful gases.

Gorilla glass allows for superior clarity for a sharper image. Manufacturers find it to be especially easy to shape. That means that you’ll enjoy a windshield that matches your car’s needs better than ever before.

Silver-Embedded Thermally Flexible Glass Technology

Traditional car glass provides little protection against the cold. On top of that, it can actively make the heat worse. Typical glass turns your car cabin into a traveling greenhouse that can heat up to uncomfortable and even dangerous temperatures.

VW created a new glass with a power temperature control solution. A layer of silver embedded inside your car’s glass can invisibly repel the sun’s rays, leaving your car far cooler in the sunlight.

During the winter, it can make your snow and ice removal much easier as well. The future of glass will let your car handle every environment much better.

Panoramic Windshields

Tesla’s Model X is the best car in the world for providing the fullest view of your surroundings through a huge windshield. Advancements in the strength and clarity of auto glass technology are paving the way for us all to enjoy unfettered views of the environment while we drive.

This better visibility is a wonderful feature that not only helps keep us safe. It also provides us and our passengers with a beautiful window into the sights around us and the sky above us.

Windshield Projection Technology

Soon, your car may be able to act as a giant, traveling smartphone. There are some concerns about distracting drivers, but actually, displaying the information from your car’s dashboard on the windshield instead can allow drivers to keep track of essential information without looking away from the road.

Advancements may soon allow you to send text messages and make phone calls without ever taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

The Future of Autoglass

We hope you found something helpful in this review of modern glass technology. To learn more about car windshield glass or find someone who can provide it, check out our other pages.