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The Wonders of Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Complete Auto Glass offers the option of mobile auto glass repair. Thanks to today’s technology and equipment we can offer the convenience of repairing your windshield at your home, work, or wherever your car is located. This has many benefits and one of them is primarily the fact that if your glass is damaged enough, it might be difficult to drive and even dangerous. 


Mobile auto glass repair works because it is mobile. That is, it comes to you. And while there are factors that can determine the safety of doing the work outside, your expert car technician can let you know and inform you of your options. If the weather is not one of extreme cold or heat, your car can likely be looked at on the spot. Depending on where the damage is—front windshield, side, or back—the process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. 


Drying Time. One convenience, for example, is having your windshield repaired at your place of work. Repairing your car window early in the morning gives the adhesive all day to drive before you have to drive it again. This allows you to avoid going into the shop and losing a day of work. Depending on the kind of damage sustained by your window your car may have to be stationary anywhere from one hour to a couple of hours in order to be safe to drive. 


Safety. As mentioned above, one of the main reasons why the mobile option is a popular one, is the fact that you don’t have to drive your car in unsafe conditions in order to get it to the shop. At the same time, you don’t put yourself or others in danger. 


Time frame. If you call for our mobile service, you will receive an approximate time of arrival. This helps you plan your dad and be prepared for when we arrive. 


Today’s technology has allowed the needed equipment to be very versatile and mobile. It allows for whole repair stations to travel and so everything the techs need is there in front of them. 


All of Complete Auto Glass repairs are guaranteed labor. We are confident in our work and in our specialized techs. This is why we urge you to take care of your auto glass asap and avoid any hassles or unnecessary problems. A bad installation can cause a number of bad mistakes.