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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Glass Replacement Company

If you need repairs for your windshield or side windows, it’s time to find an auto glass repair shop. In the hunt for the repair services that you need, you’ll likely find that there are many options available in your area, as well as throughout the state of Colorado. So, which glass replacement company is the right choice for you?


Before hiring an auto glass replacement company for your car glass needs, ask them these five questions. 

Do you use federally-approved materials?

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards have guidelines in place to ensure that auto glass is as safe as possible for drivers and their passengers. Specifically, the ANSI Z 26.1 standard is designed to:


  • Prevent injuries resulting from collisions with glass surfaces 
  • Prevent drivers and passengers from being thrown through automobile windows in collisions
  • Ensure driver visibility with a minimum level of transparency in automobile windows


Federal guidelines also cover glazing materials for auto glass. The laminated windshield and side windows include glazing materials that must pass glazing tests to gain federal approval. Glazing standards ensure proper visibility for drivers by requiring all glass manufacturers to pass explicit glazing tests.


By selecting an auto glass company that complies with federal safety standards, you can keep yourself and your passengers safe in case of a collision. 

What warranties do you offer?

An auto glass repair warranty can ensure that your glass stays in great condition into the future. A warranty provides added security for the quality of an auto glass repair job, so it’s certainly worth asking about. 


Auto glass warranties assure that any repaired cracks or chips in your auto glass won’t spread. Poorly repaired cracks or chips have the tendency to grow, often due to cold weather. With Colorado’s chilly winter months, you want to make sure that your auto glass is prepared for low temperatures. An auto glass warranty can provide you with that assurance. 


If a chip or crack spreads after an auto glass repair, and that repair was warrantied, you’ll need to head back to the same repair shop. With most warranties, you’ll need to bring your car into the repair shop quickly, typically within a week or ten days. Then, an auto glass repair technician will re-repair the glass. 

How long will I need to wait to drive after repairs?

In auto glass repairs, adhesives are applied to the glass. The adhesive must be left to cure completely before you can safely drive your vehicle. Curing time usually takes around three hours, after which you can drive your car as usual. But, you should be careful not to slam doors or put any strain on the glass for about two days after the repair. 


While these times are pretty standard among auto glass repair companies, it’s still always a good idea to ask and clarify. You don’t want to be caught off-guard without a vehicle when you have somewhere to be. 

Is mobile glass repair available?

For car owners with hectic schedules or long commutes (or both), finding time to visit an auto glass repair shop may feel impossible. For these car owners especially, mobile glass repair is an excellent option. But, all car owners – busy schedule or otherwise – can benefit from the convenience of mobile glass repair in Colorado


With mobile glass repair, an auto glass technician will travel to your location and perform the repairs onsite. The technician will assess the damage, talk to you about your options, and proceed with the repair process. Modern glass repair technology is remarkably advanced, making mobile repair stations possible. 


Mobile glass repair will allow you to continue to work at the office or watch the kids at home while your car glass is fixed. That means no more waiting at the repair shop for hour after hour. 

Are you certified?

Choosing a certified auto glass repair shop with trained technicians can make sure that you receive proper repairs. Improperly repaired glass often experiences further problems down the road, so it’s important to select a reliable repair shop for the job. Certified auto glass repair providers offer higher quality services with trained, knowledgeable technicians.