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Will Replacing My Windshield Be Expensive?

If your windshield has been damaged and needs replacement, you may be nervous about the cost. But, to start driving your car safely again, you need to have the windshield replaced as soon as possible. 


Many factors impact the total cost of a windshield replacement. But, with the help of an auto glass repair expert, you can ensure that you get a great deal. So, let’s cover what you can expect when paying for a windshield replacement. 

What Determines The Cost of Windshield Replacement?

The cost of your windshield replacement from can vary depending on a few key factors, including:

Vehicle Type

The manufacturer and model of your can will influence the total price of the windshield replacement. Auto repair shops work on higher volumes of common car types, such as Hondas and Toyotas. So, they’ll often keep those windshield models on location, selling them at budget-friendly prices. 


On the other hand, luxury cars like Cadillacs and Mercedes-Benz aren’t as common. So, if you own this type of car, the auto repair shop will likely have to make a special order for the windshield that you need. This rack up the total cost of your windshield replacement. 

Sensors and Windshield Wipers

Some types of vehicles feature sensors on the windshield glass. The sensors can also increase the price of a windshield replacement, especially if your windshield has multiple sensors. Windshield wipers vary between car models as well and often cause fluctuations in repair costs. 

Glass Type

The type of glass used for your windshield replacement will undoubtedly impact its cost. A trusted auto glass replacement provider will let you know the options available to you from the start.


Three main glass varieties can be used for a windshield replacement, including:

Aftermarket Glass

Aftermarket glass is your most affordable option for a windshield replacement. Instead of coming from the original equipment manufacturer, aftermarket glass is made by separate companies. But, aftermarket companies aren’t directly contracted with original manufacturers. So, aftermarket glass features very similar, but not identical, specifications to the glass from the original manufacturer (OEM).

OEM Glass

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass is, as we mentioned above, glass from the original manufacturer. This type of windshield will be the same as the one that came with your car when it was brand-new. OEM glass is generally the most expensive option for windshield replacements. 

Dealer Glass

Dealer glass is constructed by the original equipment manufacturer for your car. However, dealer glass is different from OEM glass because you’ll buy it straight from your dealership. To sell this type of glass, the dealership must have official authorization from the car manufacturer to service their vehicles.  

Extent of Damage

The degree of damage is a large factor in windshield replacement pricing. If your windshield is only moderately cracked, it could be fixed with a quick repair job. But, major windshield damage will require a full replacement. 

Area of Damage

A front windshield replacement will generally cost more than a rear windshield replacement. This is because rear windshield replacement doesn’t typically involve wiper construction. 

Added Expenses

Certain vehicles have special additions that will increase the cost of a windshield replacement. For example, special moldings included in the windshield will come at an added cost. Rain and condensation sensors are other special features that can tack on extra fees. Additionally, heated windshields will cost significantly more to replace than regular windshields. 

Car Insurance For Windshield Replacement

Cost With Insurance

Oftentimes, windshield replacements are covered by car insurance companies. Both the extent and cause of damage can impact whether or not your windshield replacement is covered by insurance. 


Generally speaking, you’ll need comprehensive coverage for a full windshield replacement to be covered by auto insurance. But, if your windshield is only cracked and the crack is less than half a foot in length, most auto insurance plans will cover the repair. 

Cost Without Insurance

If your auto insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for windshield replacement, you’ll need to cover the cost on your own. Windshield replacements usually cost between $100 and $400. The average cost is about $200. Note that for luxury cars, a windshield replacement can cost over $1,000.