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Windshield Care 101: A Step-By-Step Guide for Caring for Your New Windshield

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So you just got a new windshield. You can’t wait to have the old one replaced and take your car for a spin. However, before you get on the road, you might want to know a few windshield replacement tips.

Windshield care is not rocket science, but it also isn’t as easy as it sounds. There’s more to windshield care than just cleaning it regularly. How well you take care of your windshield will determine how long it will take to get your windshield replaced again.

This piece is an elaborate guide on how to take care of your windshield properly for longevity and optimal functionality.

How to Take Care of Your New Windshield

Windshield care is something most car-owners overlook. While you certainly don’t need to give your windshield too much attention, you have to be extra cautious when it comes to a new windshield.

Installing a windshield takes no more than one hour. However, that doesn’t mean you can immediately get on the road. Here are a few tips to keep in mind next time you get a new windshield:-

Wait At Least an Hour to Start Driving

You shouldn’t get on the road immediately after windshield installation. Wait at least an hour before you drive your car again. Urethane needs an hour or two to dry completely. The whole drying process may take up to seven hours.

However, an hour is enough for driving. Remember to schedule for this drying time when you replace your windshield.

Leave One Window Open

When the air inside your car gets warmer, it expands. This expanded air puts pressure on your fresh windshield.

Leaving a window open for 24 hours reduces the pressure on the inside of the windshield.

Don’t Wash the Car for a Day

You might want to hold back on the cleanliness for a while. Avoid the carwash and don’t even wash the car yourself for that matter.

Avoid driving through car washes, especially. The pressure jets may damage your seal. So wait at least a day before cleaning your car.

Drive Carefully and Gently Close the Doors

Drive carefully because the tiniest bump may loosen the windshield seal. Avoid driving on rugged terrain or driving over bumps and potholes.

Also, close the door gently. Slamming the door may cause unnecessary pressure changes. These changes in pressure may weaken the molding.

Leave the Adhesive Tape for a Day

We can’t deny, the adhesive tape makes your windshield look a bit ugly. However, wait at least 24 hours before removing the tape. It will hold the new windshield firmly before the molding cures properly. After 24 hours you can get rid of the tape.

Key Takeaways

Hopefully, you now understand what it takes to maintain your new windshield. The first 24 hours after installation are usually the most important.

Remember to drive carefully, not wash the vehicle, and open one window for at least an entire day.

If you need professional windshield replacement, then give us a call today.