Mobile Auto Glass Replacement FAQs in Denver

Mobile auto glass replacement in Denver, Colorado, is becoming the preferred auto glass repair method. Usually, mobile glass replacement companies can change or repair a windshield or any auto glass in your car in about an hour, in the comfort of your house. This time-saving benefit of mobile auto glass repair has many car owners in Denver choosing to work with Complete Auto Glass.

Your windshield glass can sustain damage for several reasons. It could be a small rock hitting the glass on the highway, a piece of debris flying across the road, or hail damage suffered during a storm. Auto glass is also called “safety glass.” Safety glass has two pieces of glass with laminated plastic in between. This layering prevents the glass from shattering into larger pieces; instead, the glass breaks into small pieces to minimize danger to passengers.

Auto glass companies use the same procedures used by many car manufacturers, and in many cases, they can replace the glass with original manufacturer-approved glass. Mobile auto glass repair companies in Denver, like Complete Auto Glass, can deal with your insurance directly and have great deals for self-pay customers.

Let’s dive into the most popular questions about mobile auto glass replacement in Denver, Colorado.

3 Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Denver, Colorado

  1. Can my windshield be repaired?
  2. What’s the cost of replacing a windshield in Denver?
  3. Does my windshield need calibration?

Can My Windshield Be Repaired?

Yes, a windshield can be repaired when the chip or crack is small enough and is not at a pressure point (usually on the edges and corners of the windshield). A glass replacement is always recommended if the chip penetrates the inner plastic layer of the windshield.

A crack on your windshield can also be repaired based on the diameter of the damage. Usually, if a crack fits beneath a dollar bill, it can be fixed. However, remember that the crack’s location will also determine the repair ability.

Most chipped or cracked windshields are repaired by injecting a transparent resin into the damaged part of the glass to stop the fracture or cracks from expanding. Next, the resin is cured and polished to produce a smooth and clear finish.

Experts recommend you repair your windshield glass as soon as you notice it. If left untreated, the windshield crack can expand with temperature variations. Everyday stress to the vehicle, such as going through potholes, bumps, or rough roads, can significantly increase the damage to the windshield glass.

Always speak to a professional if you suspect a crack or chip on your windshield. At Complete Auto Glass, we provide free inspections for windshields.

What is the Cost of Replacing a Windshield in Denver?

The cost for replacing a windshield glass in Denver varies depending on the vehicle’s year, make, model, and if the replacement auto glass is original or aftermarket. Denver’s windshield replacement costs from $250 to $450 on average.

Special glass for luxury models or special features such as rain sensors might cause the price to rise. The price is mainly based on the replacement part rather than labor costs, which remain constant no matter what vehicle the glass technician is working on. It is always a good idea to call several windshield glass providers and compare pricing and availability. The beauty of the mobile windshield replacement is that it will be done at your location.

While talking about costs, it is essential to determine who pays for it. Depending on your insurance policy, some full-coverage auto policies can cover the repair or replacement of your windshield. The responsible party or insurance will usually cover the cost of auto glass repair in Denver if you are affected by a car accident. Did you know we offer auto glass insurance claim assistance in Denver at Complete Auto Glass? However, if your windshield is damaged by a rock while driving on the highway, usually the payment is out of pocket.

Does My New Windshield Need Calibration?

Most newer vehicles require calibration since they come with Advanced Driver Safety Systems (ADAS); this system makes your car safer to drive. Some of the features in ADAS include lane departure warnings, forward collision detection, or simply rain sensors.

Windshield calibration works by adjusting or realigning all windshield parts. In order to replace a windshield, all ADAS parts must be removed and reinstalled, thus needing recalibration every time this procedure is performed. For example, even the slightest change in the camera angle can affect the vehicle’s viewing area. After the calibration is completed, all ADAS systems are tested for safety and proper functionality. If any of these features malfunctions, it can result in an accident.

The calibration process typically takes place at the same time as replacing the windshield. After installing a new windshield, it’s always advised to wait between 20-30 minutes to allow the adhesive to cure. Calibration starts with the camera aiming process; a technician works with the vehicle’s computer and optimizes the alignment and aiming of the camera to factory standards. Some vehicles may require to be driven in order to recalibrate the cameras, thus extending the calibration time.

In most cases, the calibration process can take up to 45 minutes, and adding the windshield replacement time brings the process to about two hours to be completed.

Mobile Auto Glass Replacement and Repair in Denver, Colorado

Complete Auto Glass is proud to be Denver’s premier mobile auto glass repair and replacement provider. With over 15 years of experience repairing auto glass in the Denver metro area, we have been helping car owners like you get back on the road quickly and stress-free. From offering our mobile auto glass service at no added fee to assisting with filing your auto insurance claim, we are committed to giving you an experience centered on customer service.

Our affordable pricing and convenient service are available for windshield replacements and all auto glass repair and replacement. With additional senior and military discounted pricing, we continue to give back to the community we strive to keep driving forward with a clear view.

Reach out today to learn more about how our team can make repairing or replacing your windshield hassle-free.