Need The Auto Glass On Your Vehicle Repaired or Replaced?

Our customers are always looking for ways to make their vehicles safer and more attractive. To help you out, here’s a quick overview of some of the most popular requests we receive at Complete Auto Glass in Thornton, Colorado.

Common Auto Glass Services

Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement is the top auto glass repair request we receive at Complete Auto Glass. We have seen many windshield replacements due to accidents, vandalism, hail damage, and even broken windows. If your windshield was damaged by hail, you might not realize it until you get home. Once inside, you notice small cracks in the windshield. These cracks are caused by the pressure of the hail striking the window. When the hail strikes the window, it causes the glass to expand and contract rapidly. This rapid expansion and contraction cause the glass to break. You should call us immediately if you suspect any cracks in your windshield.

Auto Glass Replacement

If you notice any cracks or chips in your side window, then you need to have them replaced immediately. Cracks and chips in your side window could lead to severe damage if left untreated. A cracked or chipped window can cause water to enter the car, resulting in rusting and corrosion. Water can also enter the vehicle’s cabin, causing mold and mildew.

Having your side windows replaced is necessary for safety reasons. When your side windows crack or chip, you risk being hit by flying debris. Even minor pieces of gravel can shatter your window and cause injury. Windshield replacements are also recommended if you live in a region where snow and ice build-up on your windows. Having a broken window can make it challenging to clear away the buildup.

Most insurance policies cover the cost of replacing your side windows. However, check with your agent before making any purchases.

Rear Window Glass Replacement

The rear window of your car is the back-most window of your vehicle. If you have ever been involved in a collision, you know how much damage can occur to the back side of your car. Rear window auto glass replacement is the repair of any cracks or chips in the rear window glass.

We use special adhesive tape instead of traditional putty when replacing your rear window auto glass. We apply the tape directly to the damaged area of the window and then remove the old glass. Next, we clean off the window’s surface where the tape is applied and apply a protective coating. Finally, we install the new auto glass.

If your rear window is cracked or broken, it could cause serious problems if not repaired properly. A crack in the glass may allow water to enter your vehicle’s interior. Also, if the glass breaks, shards of glass could fly out at high speeds causing injury to anyone nearby.

You should schedule rear window auto glass replacement as soon as possible after discovering any cracks or chips in your rear window glass. You want to ensure the problem is fixed before it worsens.

Specialty Auto Glass

There are many different types of specialty windows out there. Some people call it custom glass; some refer to it as a one-off, while others say it’s unique, rare, or exotic. But regardless of what you want to call it, we know it’s important to you. After all, it’s your vehicle. So, let us help you find the perfect fit.

We work with hundreds of manufacturers across North America to bring you quality products at competitive prices. And because we work directly with our vendors, we can offer you great deals on high-quality, specialty windshields, side windows, rear windows, and much more.

We usually find just about any glass you need under the specialty category. We can provide you with the exact type of product you need for automotive, commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

So, whether you’re looking for specialty windshields, side/quarter windows, sunroofs, or anything else, give us a call today.

Vent Glass & Quarter Auto Glass

The vent window is the one you see in the rearview mirror. It’s located in the center console above the glove box. If there are no vents installed, it’s usually covered up by a plastic cover. The vent is part of the quarter glass panel in some vehicles, while others have separate pieces.

If you want to know what size vent you have, here’s how:

  • Look inside the driver’s side door jamb and find the gap where the windshield meets the door frame. This is where the vent sits.
  • Measure the width of the gap and multiply that number times 0.25 inches. This gives you the approximate size of the vent.
  • For example, if the gap measures 3/4 inch wide, the vent is approximately 2 inches wide.

Types of Glass for Car Windows

Tempered glass is more robust than regular window glass because it contains layers of different materials. Tempered glass is usually installed behind the front windshield and side windows. Laminated glass is cheaper than tempered glass and is typically found inside car windows. It consists of multiple sheets of glass bonded together. When you hit something hard enough, laminar glass breaks into small pieces rather than shattering. Laminar glass is often found in rear windows and sometimes even in sunroofs.

Tempered Auto Glass

Tempered glass is used extensively throughout automotive interiors because it provides safety features such as protection against flying debris. Tempered glass is produced by rapidly heating and cooling glass panels. Once the glass reaches a certain temperature, it cools down quickly and hardens. To prevent shattering, the process must continue until the glass is cooled enough to maintain strength.

Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass, making it ideal for use in doors and windows. It is also resistant to breaking apart when struck by objects. However, cracks occur during normal usage and can eventually become large enough to allow water and moisture inside.

When a window or door contains a crack, it becomes susceptible to damage caused by weather elements. For example, rain can seep through the crack and drip onto the passenger seat. If the windshield isn’t cleaned regularly, it could fog up due to condensation.

Contact our experts at Complete Auto Glass immediately if you notice a broken piece of tempered glass. We’ll inspect your auto glass and determine if we should repair or replace the entire glass panel.

Laminated Auto Glass

Windshield glass is made from laminates, which are layered pieces of glass held together by a plastic film called polyvinyl butyal (PVB). The word “laminate” refers to the number of layers in a particular glass product. For example, 3M makes a three-layer laminate with a thin PVB film sandwiched between two layers of glass.

Although it’s breakable, laminated glass is made to survive incredibly impactful events such as car accidents. When a vehicle hits another object, the force of the collision causes the glass to shatter into small pieces. These tiny fragments fly outwards like shrapnel, creating what is known as a ballistic windshield.

The most common way to prevent injury during an accident is to use safety glass. Safety glass doesn’t contain a PVB layer; instead, it uses tempered glass. Tempered glass breaks into smaller pieces upon impact, preventing serious injuries. However, safety glass isn’t completely safe because it allows some particles to penetrate.

What Is the Difference Between the Windscreen Glass and the Glass Used for Windows?

Windscreens are made up of three layers. There’s the outermost layer of polyvinylbutyral (PVB), followed by two layers of tempered glass. This makes windscreens much sturdier than regular window panes. And unlike normal glass, windscreens are manufactured by fusing several pieces of glass into one piece. Because of this, windscreens can withstand extreme force without breaking.

If you’re ever involved in a car crash, chances are good that the impact will cause the vehicle’s roof to collapse onto the passenger compartment. If that happens, the airbag won’t deploy, and the occupants could die. But thanks to the windscreen, the driver and passengers are protected.

Windshields are designed to resist penetration by projectiles such as bullets and shrapnel. A bullet fired at a windshield breaks through the glass, while shards of the broken windshield remain intact. Even if the entire windshield is damaged, the glass doesn’t shatter as it does in most accidents. Instead, it keeps the roof from collapsing.

The difference between the windshield glass and the glass used for windows is that the latter is bonded with PVB, which gives it strength. However, PVB isn’t very flexible and can crack if subjected to excessive pressure.

Damaged Windshield in Thornton, CO?

If you’re driving around Thornton, Colorado, and notice a crack in your windshield, it could mean something serious is wrong. A cracked windshield can let water into your car and cause damage to your interior. You don’t want that, especially if you are a driver in the Thornton area. At Complete Auto Glass, we know what needs to be done to fix your windshield and ensure safety. Our technicians are highly trained and certified to handle all auto glass replacements and repairs. We’ll even give you a free estimate when you schedule your appointment. Don’t wait until you see a crack spreading in your windshield; contact us today to schedule an appointment.