Does Auto Insurance cover Auto Glass Repair and Replacement?

September 4, 2022

Your vehicle has glass all around, the windshield being one of your car’s most critical safety features. It protects you from the wind at high speeds and debris from the road. Your insurance may cover repair costs if you find yourself with a damaged windshield or broken auto glass. Our Complete Auto Glass team can help you through the auto glass repair auto insurance claim process in the Thornton, Colorado, area.

The glass in your vehicle is composed of two different types of glass. Tempered glass, chemically treated and heated commonly used in the side windows, and laminated glass, which is composed of glass and plastic. Due to its durability and safety features, laminated glass is the preferred type of vehicle glass for the windshield. Some new windshields also include extra safety features such as cameras that can trigger a sudden stop if you get too close to another car when driving. These sensors help keep you in the driving line and activate wipers automatically when raining as well.

With so many advantages and safety features, keeping your windshield and auto glass working properly at all times is essential. In some states, it is unlawful to drive with a broken or cracked windshield. Driving with a cracked windshield in Thornton, CO, is not prohibited; however, driving with an obstructed view is illegal. With that in mind, let’s explore windshield repair and replacement in Thornton a bit more.

What is Auto Glass?

Your car glass comes in various types; these include the windshield, side door windows, vent windows, quarter glass, rear windshield, and sunroof glass. Depending on its function, the glass is tempered or laminated. Usually, the front and rear windshields are laminated while the remaining glass is tempered. Vehicle manufacturers use these techniques to increase the safety of your vehicle.

Most auto glass is used not only for visibility but also for keeping the car’s structure together. It is essential to repair a cracked windshield or replace auto glass in Thornton quickly to maintain the vehicle’s structural integrity. A structurally sound car is safer if you come across stray wildlife, hit a pothole, or are involved in an accident.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is typically used only on windshields. Laminated glass has several layers of glass with an inner layer of plastic or PVB. The main advantage of laminated glass is that if it breaks, the broken pieces will stick to the layer of plastic instead of falling. This safety feature is essential in reducing injury in high-impact crashes.

Laminated glass tends to be a bit expensive due to its durability and complexity; it comes with soundproofing qualities and is very, very strong. Thus used in one of the most important parts of the vehicle, the windshield.

Tempered Glass

This type of safety glass gains strength from using chemicals and heat. A unique procedure of heating and then quickly cooling the glass that results in tempered glass. It is drawn across a certain distance before being squeezed and pushed down simultaneously. Because of the heating procedure, tempered glass is up to five times stronger than other glass types.

Tempered glass has the ability to bend and resist without shattering. This type of glass also breaks into small round pieces, making it very safe to use on vehicles.

How are Cracks and Chips in Windshields Repaired?

Cracks and chips on the windshield are repaired by injecting a small amount of transparent resin in the affected area; this helps prevent the spread of the damage. In addition, the area is then cured and polished for a clear finish.

Keep in mind that the piece must be replaced if the chip or crack is directly in your field of vision (obstruction of view) or on the windshield’s edges (structurally unsound).

How are Windshields Replaced?

Windshield glass replacement in Thornton, CO, is very straightforward and standardized. Two technicians usually do the procedure for safety reasons. First, the damaged windshield glass is removed carefully. The edges are then cleaned, and the adhesive excess is removed, leaving it ready to apply a new adhesive sealant to it.

Next, the windshield glass is cleaned and prepared. At this time, two technicians work together by placing the windshield glass carefully on your vehicle with special tools and suction cups.

After the installation, many vehicles with modern features will need calibration. After the calibration is completed, protective tape is placed on the windshield to ensure that the glass sets in the right place.

Finally, after 30 minutes to one hour, the vehicle is drivable again. It is important not to wash the vehicle for at least 48 hours to allow the adhesive to cure properly.

Will Auto Insurance Cover Auto Glass Repair or Replacement Costs?

Most auto glass repairs and replacements are covered by auto insurance if you have a comprehensive policy or choose the auto glass protection add-on at the time of purchase. Comprehensive insurance covers the repair of small ships and cracks and replacing any glass on the vehicle. Some even include the recalibration of your ADAS system if it’s in place.

Depending on the damage and who is at fault, a collision policy may cover it. However, you might be responsible for the deductible. In addition, some insurance companies offer specific auto glass policies, thus decreasing or eliminating the need to pay a deductible. Suppose a collision or another motorist causes glass damage. If that happens, the other driver’s liability insurance could cover the vehicle’s glass repairs in Thornton or windshield replacement. Ask your auto insurance provider to learn more about your plan.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Thornton, Colorado

When you need to repair or replace auto glass in Thornton, Colorado, Complete Auto Glass offers 100% guaranteed, free mobile service. Reach out today for quality, fast, affordable auto glass repair in Thornton and the Denver metro area. We can even help you submit your auto glass repair or replacement insurance claim!