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Every Day Tips For Taking Care of Your Windshield

As you know, your front windshield provides important support for your entire vehicle. The windshield is there to provide structural support for your car and to protect you in case of a roll-over. While the front windshield is designed to be tough, it is still susceptible to damage. There are a few precautions you can […]

Dealing with Rear Window Replacement & Damage in Hail Alley

Colorado is a thriving state, with 5.6 million people and a surging population since 2000. It is home to great beauty, a diverse population,  the majestic Rocky Mountains—Mt. Elbert, Sierra Blanca, and more—and four very defined seasons. It is in the colder months, of course, that Colorado forms part of the famous Hail Alley, where […]

How Your Vehicle’s Auto Glass Makes A Difference

The glass used on the windows of cars and trucks is different than the glass used for other purposes such as your home’s windows and those on storefronts. It’s thicker, especially on the windshields. Side and rear windows are marginally different, but auto glass is much more different than the panes in your home windows […]

Don’t Let That Car Window Chip or Crack Put You at Risk

It finally happened. Your car fell victim to one of the most common things that can happen: your windshield, back windshield, side car window, etc., got hit. There’s a chip or crack that is staring at you everyday when you go anywhere. But instead of finding reliable car window repair, you keep putting it on […]

Do I Need a New Windshield?

You driving on the freeway, almost home and to that nice cold drink and your comfy chair when you hear a tap on your windshield. A small object, maybe a rock or a piece of hard debris has hit your window. Now you have a chip. Besides causing a definite bump in your day, you […]

Mobile Auto Glass Repair

You running out the door, already late to work and of course, the freeway is packed. Then it happens, a mix of bad luck, frustration and speed collide together to create damage to your windshield. This is the last thing you need on an already difficult day, but there is a way to fix the […]

Different Types of Auto Glass Repair

Whether it is a broken passenger side window from a break-in or a long ugly crack across your windshield, having broken auto glass can be completely unsightly. It is also a nuisance that you have to deal with. However, the truth of the matter is, auto glass repair is actually not as bad of a […]

Do I Need Windshield Replacement?

All too often people in Denver drive their car with dangerous cracks on their windshield. The truth of the matter is, if a crack is repairable the minor repair is much less costly than a windshield replacement. However, if a replacement is required, driving around with a crack too big to repair can be risky. […]

Prevent Auto Break Ins

Having your car broken into is a bad experience on so many levels. The whole thing is a breach upon your privacy and personal safety. Having your valuables stolen can be heartbreaking especially when the items are not replaceable. Worst of all, even after the loss and trauma, you still have to get your window […]

Windshield Chip Repair to Prevent Cracks

We all have been there. You are driving down the freeway and a rock flies at your window. The next thing you know there is a huge chip on your windshield. Accidents happen and can wreak havoc. The only thing that can make this problem worse is not taking care of it right away. However, […]