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When to Replace Windshield: 5 Signs That It’s Time

More than ever before in history, people rely on their cars to get from one place to another. In fact, many people spend more time in their cars than they do in their homes or with their families. That’s why automotive maintenance is so important. And one of the most overlooked parts of keeping a […]

Auto Glass Repair: Beyond the Windshield

Laminated safety glass has been used in vehicles since 1927. It is created by fusing clear plastic film between layers of glass. This film holds onto broken glass, making it safer for the car’s occupants. Unfortunately, many modern cars aren’t using laminated glass for things like sunroofs or side windows. Instead, they used tempered glass. […]

Does Car Insurance Cover My Car Window Replacement?

Are you unlucky enough to have had your car window cracked with a rock or destroyed in an accident? If so, you might wonder if your insurance company will cover car window replacement or at least a basic repair. Ultimately, it comes down to what level of coverage you have and what caused the damage. In […]

Repair or Replace? How to Determine If You Need a Windshield Replacement

You swear it was just a tiny nick in your windshield this morning. Now, a crack has begun to snake its way across the glass. Try as you might, you can’t ignore the broken windshield. And you shouldn’t neglect to fix it, either — cracked glass can make an accident even more dangerous. All that’s left […]

Vent Glass, Quarter Glass, Sliders? A Guide to Car Window Types

Do you remember when you were in high school and sitting in driver’s education class? All the parts of the car and traffic laws you had to memorize, potentially without even the aid of the Internet? It was a nightmare! But now, things have gotten more specific and complex. Take your car window for example. […]

Top 5 Tips to Prevent Windshield Scratches

Your car is one of the biggest investments. That’s why you work hard to take care of it.  Windshield scratches aren’t just tacky looking, they car also become a safety hazard. After all, you need to be able to see clearly when you’re driving. Windshield glass can be scratched fairly easily. Fortunately, there are ways […]

3 Helpful Tips for Finding a Reliable Auto Glass Repair Shop

More than 6 million car accidents occur each year in the United States. Luckily, most of them aren’t fatal.  When accidents occur one of the first things that become damaged in the vehicle is the windows. Getting glass repair can help get you back on the roads to a safer path. You can easily avoid […]

Who Invented Windshield Wipers? The Surprising History of This Invention

Imagine the modern vehicle without windshield wipers for a moment. During heavy rain or fast-falling snow, it’d be nearly impossible to drive. If you chanced it, the trip certainly wouldn’t be a safe one. Most people living today can’t imagine a world with windshield wipers. There was a time where these useful inventions didn’t exist, […]

Can Weather Affect Cracks in Windshield? What You Need to Know

There are all sorts of things that can potentially put a crack in your windshield, and some may surprise you. It’s easy to assume that someone who cracks their windshield is responsible for the damage, but that’s not usually the case. Road debris, small pebbles, and rapid changes in temperature can all contribute to windshield […]